Nike Triax

I had a couple of pairs of them and went ok but then switched to the now defunct Equalons. Are the latest Triax any good? I think they at 15 now. If not, any other good shoes for the over pronator?


  • ET - was searching the web for racing shoe info and came upon one of your posts regarding the Equalon.  I had the same dilema after wearing out my last pair this winter.  The Equalon was the savior for my plantar faciaitis, and I tried Brooks Trance and imdiatley started having foot pain.  Returned them. 

    70 Miles into a pair of Nike Lunar Eclipse 2 and so far so good.  They felt a little wierd and stiff in spots at first, but that's gone away.  They've been closest in "pillowiness" to the Equilons of anything I've run in, and they're lighter (3 oz. I think!).  They feel fast.  They do have a very different feel than any shoe I've run in due to thier unique construction, but I'm liking it.  Eastbay has them for $70 right now as the LE3 is just coming out.  If I still like them this much at 150 miles, I'm going to buy up a few pairs.  Good luck!

  • Thanks JC.

    I plumped for Brooks Adrenaline 12 in the end. They seem really comfy although I have had a tiny bit of PF type pain which I`ve iced. Up to about 9 miles LDR in them so far so we`ll see. I`ll bear your advice in mind.

  • I had Triax +12's as my first pair of running shoes - moved to Lunar Eclipse 2's and loved them more.  Since moved via Lunar Glide +4's to Nike Free 3.0 v4's (for most runs now) and about to try Flyknit Lunar +1's.  I still go back to the Lunar Eclipse's though when I fancy some more cushioning.

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