Not so happy feet

Hi folks,

Last month I ran a marathon and halfway round I developed a pain on top of my foot (felt like my laces were too tight although they weren't).  4 weeks later when I lift up my toes I get a numbing pain shoot up my foot image.  I am about to start training again for London so would like any advice. 




  • I think most people will say you should get this sorted before building up the miles again.  If 4 weeks of rest hasn't helped, I doubt increasing mileage will do much for it either.  Bone things often seem to take about 6 - 8 weeks rest so if it is a metatarsal type thing you'd be best going now - otherwise you'll be back at square one rather than hanging on for another couple of weeks perhaps.  Podiatrist might be best...

  • Could be a problem with the lower leg muscles, try checking for trigger points along the front of the shin:

    Diagram shows the areas to look and the site of referred pain (onto the top of the foot)

    If you find one it will be very sore. Short very firm massage strokes in one direction over the point, about 10 times repeated 3-4 times daily should help.

    If not, then it's something else....
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