How hard is the Lanzarote IM Course

This is supposed to be the most challenging course is it not?

In terms of what- massive hills and intense wind/ heat?

How much harder is it compared to say IM France or Austria?


  • Not done the IM course there, but it's very hilly - not necessarily massive though.

    Heat might not be an issue as the strong winds would keep you cool !

    Good luck !
  • Not necessarily thinking about it as such, was just intrigued as to how much more challenging the course was.

    I'd like t do it eventually though and I havent decided yet which will be my first.

    This really should be such a simple thing to answer but ...

    decisons decisons!

    too many events and too little time and cash!
  • not done it, but friends have, and VERY,depending on the conditions on the day

    a friend did it the last bad year ('99?), at times he was having to use the small chainring going downhill due to the headwind
  • Caspar, I'm doing it next year. Part of the attraction is that its the hardest I suppose.

    Hilly, hot and very windy apparently plus a sea swim which is obviously harder than a lake swim, although more buoyant.

    Going to La Santa for a week in March to check out the bike course. Ten of us from my club are doing it (our unnofficial club IM championship!)
  • I'm gonna wait for another month or so before making my final decisikn, but whatever I dont do it 2004 I will do in 2005!
  • Have cycled the bike course whilst at La Santa - hilly, hot and very windy at times.
    Got blown off the road at Famara!!
    I'll do it one day, but will do plenty of training out there first.

    Why not do IM France - that's a toughie, but they have made it a little easier than the first one in 02.

  • It has a rep for being one of the hardest IM courses
  • I didn't do IM Lanzarote. However, I did parts of the cycling route. Didn't enjoy cycling in Lanzarote, always windy, always hot, bad roads, always up/down, hardly any flat piece, pretty exposed (no trees etc.).
    The swim is possibly quite tough too.

    Would rather do any other IM! Good luck!
  • I have done IM Lanzarote and also used to live at La Santa (5 months) so know the island VERY well.

    Heat, hills and wind give you THE toughest IM course. Run is fairly flat and boring though... Bike course is awesome.

    Let me know if I can more specific info...
  • Blimey, I was thinking of picking this as my first ironman- on account of it being at the seaside and abroad. Still can't decide. But with all the work I have had on lately I should be able to clear my credit cards in time to blow it again on a holiday.

    So experts, what are the options- preferably europe- ish
  • options! you are joking. With every tom dick and harry doing ironman now, at least do the hardest one and know you have really conquered IM.
  • Monique-

    Glad to see you are being responsible about your credit cards - a huge problem of mine which is why I have to be a little more 'selective' in how I spend on them next year.

    Less toys and events for me

  • Come on Monique, don't be such a girl.
  • Jose.Jose. ✭✭✭
    Go for Lanzarote. The landscape is absolutely different to any other event you've taken part.

    Don't know how hard the actual race is, but talked to one of the organisers at La Santa (he's done 8 IM himself) and quoted Lanzarote as the hardest. Makes sense in my opninion as you'll have wind and hills all the cycling and running routes.

    Lanzarote's sea is considered to be very good for surfing, although i think the IM's swim is done on the part of the island with fewer waves.
  • Oooh first time in ages I have come on the forums I have been so busy, so I return to the scene of my last posting and find I am being goaded into this Lanzarote- well go on then how much and where are the entry forms?
  • and its not cheap, but thats the trouble with 'official' races.
  • Cheers Andrew. I will see if I can get a friend interested- or I may just go by myself.
  • Ha ha ha. You just couldn't resist could you.

    In all seriousness though Monique, Lanzarote doesn't sell out fast, if at all, so there's no rush to enter. None of the guys I am doing it with have entered yet even though we are all committed to training for it. I'll probably sign up in early 2004.
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