I give up - I can't find it!

I've searched high and low for information on this and can't find anything. Does anyone have any info?



  • Did they not beat us the last 2 years? Mind you I have a lot planned so I'm game image

  • Not sure about 2 years ago. I thought we won convincingly but were well beat last year. At the very least we should have a decider.
  • This was not an 'official' Runners' World challenge.

    Best ask KK, though it would normally have been all set up by now and taking names. Last year KK said she forgot and I believe she is now in full time work. I do think the behind- the- scenes input by KK and especially her U.S. software guy was probably underestimated.


  • Praps we could tell em we're running to war.... they'll be along three years later..image

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