Asics training starts now...!!



  • Mel, just coming on to see how you are?if you are being sick a lot/ diarrhoea then rehydration tablets can be useful followed by bland food/ what you feel you can manage. Plenty of time but you may need to eat more on Friday and Saturday if can manage. I would not worry you will be fine for sunday!
  • Hi Mel - I hope you are feeling better now. Just wanted to drop in and wish you luck for Sunday. Keep visualising crossing that finish line and enjoy every minute of it. Your girls and Martin will be so proud.

    I'm sure it is going to be emotional on many levels. Looking forward to hearing how it went next week.

  • Mel, just sticking my head in to wish you all the best. Thanks for letting me join your endeavors - it's been great to read about your training while I haven't been able to do much. I'm on holiday at the moment and am enjoying some runs on the beach, but I brought my foam roller with me and have been keeping up my physio (but perhaps not so religiously as at home) as well.

    I'm really looking forward to reading about how it all goes in Paris - not just the run, but the whole trip. I hope you enjoy the experience and have a great time.

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  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Mel - sorry I haven't been able to follow you as closely as the others. Well done on getting to the end of training in one piece. Don't I know how hard that is!

    I hope your bug is out of the system by tomorrow so you can enjoy the trip over to Paris.

    Have a really great time. Really enjoy the race (something I failed to do on my first one). Remember, so much of it is in the mind. You have so much strength to draw on from everything you've been through. I know you're going to do everyone proud.

    Very best of luck to you!

  • Enjoy the weekend, Mel.  Hope you have a great race!

  • Well....this is it......tummy bug gone.....foot better....knee better.....toe nail better.....children with respective family for dropped in cattery......tortises with friend.....last training run completed......Suitcase almost packed......(not sure I need 3 pairs of trainers and 4 different sets of running kit......)....I all i need to do now is go run a marathon......!!!.....image


  • Massive thank you to ALL of you for your words of encouragment and support throughout all this......feeling really emotional today...maybe its the fact the training has been such a focus for me since Martin has gone......and now this is it!!!.....

    Just packing a suitcase without him and going away for the first time on my own, just brings back to me what this training journey has really been about for me....

    So thank you, to each and every one of you, for helping me through these incredibly difficult few months....I really couldnt have done it without you!!.....image

  • Mel - I have been following your progress, even though I haven't posted much. I wanted to say a massive well done on getting this farimage I hope you have a great race, it will be an amazing experience. Good Luckimage

  • Mel, I've just read your post and am sending you a big hug ((( ))) I can't imagine how painful the last few months have been for you, but to have chosen to share them with us whilst undertaking the task of training for a marathon, says so much about your strength and resilience. Be proud of yourself and all you have achieved at such a difficult time. You are a true star.
  • PC -PC - ✭✭✭

    Hi image, Sending you a virtual hug. Martin will be cheering you on all the way.

    You are less chatty than the others but it's quality rather than quantity on your thread, you always find such beautiful words which reflects your personality. Running is fun and you are a World Champion is this domain, the sun will be out for you this weekend.  Take Care.

  • Mel - reading your post brought a lump to my throat. Fantastic that you are niggle and illness free.

    Your candid explaination of your emotions throughout this journey has made the thread a compelling read. We are all right behind you - try to enjoy as much as possible and we'll all raise a glass to you and Martin on Sunday evening!

    Take care!image

  • Hi Mel

    Thank you for sharing your journey it has helped me in my training so much to know that its ok to have ups and downs with a plan.

    You really are a power of strength and while I cant imagine how difficult it is to be travelling without Martin for the first time. He is there watching over and very proud. 

    I'll keep my eyes open for you on the course...enjoy and have fun. I think the my nerves will only subside after a few miles.  Sending you all the luck for your marathon adventure.





  • Mel

    I know you will have Martin right there with you for strength but there will also be many more including all of us on this forum wishing you a wonderful run on Sunday. You really are an inspiration.
  • Mel - have a great time and enjoy every minute of it and don't worry about anything - you've done really, really well - all the best my dear.

  • Anyone know Mel's time?? I know you've all ran a PB.

    What a journey Mel, I hope you enjoyed it I'm sure it's been a very emotional day but you did it and Martin will be so proud of you xxx

  • Well done Mel. I truly hope the day was everything you needed it to be. Big hug Ruth
  • PC -PC - ✭✭✭
    Hi image , congratulations on your PB, I did try to look up your time but the App doesn't accept Smiley faces. I was in the 4h pen but went for a wee and the 4h15 line went passed so I had to start with them. I had a bad day and I normally I think of my kids to pick me up however it is very difficult to control emotions, I thought of you and wondered how you were coping. I passed a couple holding hands which choked me up.

    I said Martin would be cheering you on, I should have said that he's been cheering you throughtout your training. Like your other supporters I'm proud of what you have achieved however your No 1 supporter must have been extremely proud. The sun was shining for you today. I hope you are alright and the team are looking after you.

    I walked home in 4h44 (still a PB), you must have passed me. I would have loved to say hello and cheer you on.

  • PC91

    Lovely post to Mel.

    Well done to you, a PB is a PB!

  • PC -PC - ✭✭✭
    Thanks Ruth for your advice, great help, very much appreciated.
  • Hi Mel - it was great to meet you during the marathon yesterday - I was the slightly crazed one running with a friend and saw you just before Bois de Vincennes. I hope you enjoyed the rest of your run. image

  • Yehhhh!!!!!!!......4.21!!!!..... Yippeeee..... What an amazing experience!!!..... Everyone did so well and the atmosphere was amazing!!.... Makes up for the fact I can hardly get out of bed this morning...... But not sure that was the running or the post run beer and wine!!!!.....

    I was so lucky the run went without a hitch and it felt amazing......well possibly not at 18 miles but I'm sure that's normal!!

    Thank you for all your lovely words of encouragement..... It was tough without Martin.... But he was certainly with me all the way....we did good!!!!..... Pretty emotional at times.....but that's fairly normal for me!!!!....

    Breakfast is calling..... A full detailed account will follow...... X
  • Oh my goodness Mel, that's amazing!! What a fantastic result!! Well done.....Enjoy basking in the glory. You have earned it - a truly awesome achievement x x x
  • Mel - absolutely amazing performance! You all did so fantastically well.

    Look forward to hearing the full race report!

  • Mel - brilliant - well done indeed - now bask in the warm glow of a wonderful experience and great achievement 

  • The girl done good! And as we've come to expect from Mel, she had a bloody great smile on her face too. 

    When we were doing the video yesterday, I heard RW Katie ask Mel the biggest thing she'd learned through this project. I'm not sure what Mel replied... maybe something about using gels or training to a structured plan... but I'd say that the biggest thing I'VE learned about Mel is how strong she is. To have taken this on in the first place, not long after losing Martin, and to get so stuck in with it all despite having 3 daughters and a job to contend with and then to execute the race so well, I'm sure with Martin in her thoughts at all times... Mel, you are amazing.image And whatever you set your sights on next, I have every confidence that you will pull it off.

  • Congratulations Mel.  Great time and fantastic achievement! image

  • From someone who has been following all threads this year - a HUGE congratualtions!

    Well summed up by Sam Murphy, but I wanted to add that you are an inspiration. Well done!


  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Fabulous result Mel. Really well done. You have every right to be ecstatic!

  • Inspirational indeed! I will think about your achievement when my marathon gets tough and dig deeper than ever.

    Well done to you as well Sam. Both your guys ran brilliantly and I'm sure Steve would have as well had circumstances been kinder!!!

  • I'll second everything Sam has said, Mel you are amazing so proud of you xx

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