3 marathons in 3 weeks.....recovery tips?

Hi there, I will be running Paris, Brighton and London in consecutive weeks during April 2013. I have run marathons before but not this close together. Other than ice baths, massages etc, does anyone have any good tips for rapid post-marathon recovery to help preparation for the next week? Many thanks


  • Don't run them flat out and they'll be no different to doing 3 long runs. It'll be more about how prepared you are before the first one.

  • +1 with lardarse

    just don't do much between each one to let the muscles recover

  • Get some good food including protein and carbs in the first hour after each.

  • Hiya Gary , I ran 3 marathons in 3 consecutive Sundays this year, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Rutland Water, and also 2 marathons in 1 week.

    I found the most important part of the recovery plan was to have post race massage immediately after crossing the finishing line, it made a huge difference. Then all the other recovery these: massage, physio, foam roller, cold bath, compression tights, yoga, pilates or Tai Chi.

    I didn't run in between marathons, except for warmup run before the race.

  • Good luck. I did 2 in a row, but ran them both hard.During  the week inbetween I focused on eating well,drinking well,  and also some light stretching.

    A few days after the first I did some very  light cross training (indoor rowing). I didn't run until the saturday, and did a whole 2.6 miles (10% of full distance - how hard can 100% be!). In The second marathon I felt reasonably good, and ran better than the first. During the week after the second I felt fine, and was disappointed not to be running that weekend!

  • I'm doing same in March, I've done 2 in a row twice before and on both occasions the second was faster and felt better than the first. I won't be planning on any recovery runs in between just stretching and walking, and certainly won't be aiming for any of them to be a PB.

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