Paris marathon 2013 here we go! A.W's Sub 3 attempt!

So the first day of the official start to my Asics Target 26.2 training schedule for my sub 3 attempt at the Paris marathon has arrived! Very, very, very excited!

Yesterday had a brilliant day at the Asics store on Oxford street in London getting kitted out in all the latest gear, it was like being a kid in a sweet store! Gait analysis was interesting, found my running style has changed a substantial amount from when I first started running properly over 10 years ago. It makes sense really, all the years of training has strengthened my body and the support I once needed from orthotics is no longer required, my body is doing the job now! I will however proceed carefully, I'm not going to jump off the deep end and stop using them all the time.

I then had a good chat with Steve about my running and the schedule that awaits me for the next 16 weeks.

So kitted out in some of my new gear I set off today for my first run of the schedule, just an easy 5 miles for today, left the watch at home and just ran comfortable! Lets hope the next few months are as easy and straight forward as today!



  • Hey. Good luck with the training. Very jealous of your trip to the Asics store and all the extras you got yesterday. Do you get to share the training schedule or is it too personalised? I am also doing the Paris Marathon so will follow your training with interest....

  • AW good luck and keep the smile going.  Steve will make sure that it isn't easy, but is straight forward for you, he is a great coach

  • Good luck with thte training AW. As Choisty said, Steve is a great coach and I haev a lot of faith in him for how he has helped me this year. Train hard and enjoy!


  • Good luck with the training A.W. I'll be reading with great interest!

    Really pleased you had a great day yesterday (only just a little bit envious!!!image)

    Like Stan it would be great to see the schedule if you are allowed. I'm torn between P&D 55-70 or following the RW schedules. Be interesting to see how Steve's plan for you looks against the others. I half fancy follwoing yours but 5 weeks in arrears (Halstead marathon on 12 May for me) and a little slower!image

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Best of luck Alex! 

  • Hi guys,

    Yep, we can post all about the schedule, its obviously tailored to my goals, paces and races I have planned to a certain extent but its there for you to follow and use if you want to.

    So far I have the first month of the schedule, was planning on posting it up week by week so everyone can see what I have planned for the week ahead. Will get this weeks up here later on! 


  • May well suit me Alex. If you post at the beginning of each week I'll have six weeks up front if I don't start until 5 weeks time!

    What's the plan tomorrow?

  • Ok, so this is my first week!

    Week one:
    Mon: Dec 17th: Rest or 5M easy
    Dec 18th: 4 x 2km in 7:30-7:45 with 2:15 rest/jog (start every 10 mins): 8M in total
    Dec 19th: 6M easy
    Dec 20th: 6M with middle 2 miles at 6:45s
    Dec 21st: 5M jog or rest
    Dec 22nd: Parkrun 5km - 5M in total
    Dec 23rd: 10M slow in 80 mins
    week total: 40M

  • Evening Alex!

    Great meeting you yesterday!! Good luck with your training and I'll be following your progress!

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Good luck AW, I'm sure you'll do us PB hunters proud.image I'll pop in occasionally, but I think your training schedule is written in another language!!image

  • RS78RS78 ✭✭✭

    What is your peak mileage for the schedule out of interest mate?

    Did Asics give you a pair of those DS Racers? I've got a pair of them and they'd be great for a marathon - the only gripe being if its wet your feet will get wet what with the little holes in the bottom of the shoe!


  • Hey thanks jen, will do my best!

    Hi RS, hows the injury coming along? I only have the first few weeks of the schedule at the moment. However, from speaking with Steve yesterday I think its likely to be around the 70 mile mark.

    I haven't decided on what to do about the shoes yet, just got some Cumulus yesterday as an everyday mileage shoe. I'm going to go back in the new year and try out a few of their lighter ones. I tried the sky speed while I was there which was ok. I was asking about the ds racer, but they were steering me away from it a bit saying it was too lightweight for a marathon?

  • Good luck AW, I'm sure if you work hard the PB will be yours

  • RS78RS78 ✭✭✭


    AW - yeah its coming along, settling down again. Test run thurs or friday on treadmill but im ticking over nicely with what I'm doing at the moment so not worried about rushing it.

    70-75 is probably what I'll peak at I reckon. I'm training around full time Uni study so don't want to be too knackered for study as they're long old days. More relaxed appraoch and more focus on quality rather than quantity this time, been guilty of running junk miles in the past and following a schedule blindly. As long as I get in something fast, a 13-15 medium long run and a long sunday run the rest (park run, half paced tempo runs, recovery runs etc) can all be slotted around the main stuff.

    Re shoes - I guess it depends on what you've run in or rather raced in before? Some people struggle in lighter shoes and get problems with achilles/calfs so essentially they're right in a sense. No point wearing something so light that you don't make it round. Something midway like the Skyspeed might work though. To be fair it's not going to be the main factor in what gets you the pb anyway so its not worth worrying about too much!

    All sounds good for you!


  • Good luck mate, great meeting you yesterday.

    Your first week looks a lot tougher than mine!image

  • Oooh I like the sound of your first week... that's very easy for me to say sitting down eating a mince pie image. I'm going to see a knowledgeable running friend on Thursday to come up with a training plan for me as without any structure I fear I may actually turn into a mince pie very soon! I've done your day one so far... rest image even though I know you did an easy 5M today. I'd love to follow your plan but 70 mile peak = eek! Cheering you on all the way to Paris!! x CaroT

  • A.W wrote (see)

    Ok, so this is my first week!

    Week one:
    Mon: Dec 17th: Rest or 5M easy
    Dec 18th: 4 x 2km in 7:30-7:45 with 2:15 rest/jog (start every 10 mins): 8M in total
    Dec 19th: 6M easy
    Dec 20th: 6M with middle 2 miles at 6:45s
    Dec 21st: 5M jog or rest
    Dec 22nd: Parkrun 5km - 5M in total
    Dec 23rd: 10M slow in 80 mins
    week total: 40M

    Wow! Hats down to you! I can only dream of doing that.....for now image. One day, when I grow up, I want to be like you image

  • All the best of luck in the campaign AW. You are very lucky to have Steve as a coach as he has been excellent on the forums over the last few years.


  • Hey A,W. - that doesn't look too bad a starting week. Very similar to my level of training at present. I was expecting it to be a bit tougher. What were your initial thoughts?


  • Good luck A.W.

    Week 1 looks nice and sensible. How was the first run without the Orthotics

  • Thanks SC, I'm planning on grafting hard so lets hope so!

    RS - Sounds like a good plan, a good balance between your uni/running. At the end of the day the quality sessions are the really important ones. On the shoes, I used to run in those Nike Zoom Marathoner's, so I think the DS racer or Skyspeed should be fine. I think i'm just being a little cautious after my injury issues last year.

    Santa aka Steve - Good to meet you too, will be checking in with you soon to see how your first few weeks look.

    Carro - I like the sound of sitting eating mince pies! The first week looks good, the volume gets going in to week 3/4.

    Thanks Badbark and Sticky. I feel so lucky to have this opportunity to work with Steve.

    Hi DSanta2, hows it been going? It looks good so far, more emphasis on quality sessions from what I can see. The first couple of weeks is a bit lower in mileage than I've been doing, which is good as I think it will help me adjust to the extra quality session. By week 4 the mileage is up near 60 for the week, so it will get tougher!

    Thanks Also-ran, I've decided to start by not wearing the orthotics for one of my easy runs a week and see how it goes. No problems from yesterdays run so ok at the moment.

  • Thanks for the response A.W. Things going pretty well with me. I can see where Steve is coming from in reducing the mileage if you are going to add a session of intense running. 60 a week is more like it!

    I have great hopes for you, Alex!

  • So today's session was 4 x 2km in 7:30-7:45 with 2:15 rest/jog. I've not done any intervals this long for quite a while, it was quite a tough session, but as with all tough sessions feels really good once you've got it done!

    My splits were 7.12, 7.12, 7.12, 7.08 and did 9 miles in total. The reps were a bit quicker than planned, partly I think down to over eagerness to run them well. They did feel reasonably controlled, were consistent and wer'nt all out efforts so think the pace was probably not far off being right for the distance.

    Felt good to get the first hard session done!

  • Nice session A.W. as you say, always nice to get the first one out of the way. 2k reps are mentally quite tough aren't they. Last week I did my first interval session but did 4 x 1 mile and a bit slower than these!! looks about the right pace to me!

    Did you do them on the track or round the perimeter of the Emirates?


  • well done AW  - great for a first speed session. I did 5 x 1600 today and wasn't as fast a pace as you even though I was a lap shorter and my session I think was more than good enough for a sub-3 so even better for you.

    the training will get harder but a reasonably gentle start

  • First week looks good AW and a good session tonight. Sometimes it is hard to hold back when you are full of adrenaline. 2k reps are a great session IMHO, both mentally tough and also a good way of keeping up a decent, consistant 10k pace.

    Can you let us know what your most recent PB's / season bests are for 5k up to marathon so we can get a picture of your form.Thanks.

  • AW.that was some really consistent splits there.great start to the image


  • Thanks Steve and seren nos. Steve I just wanted to check the 16M run in week 3, the time to do it in seems a bit quick for a LSR?

    My PB's from this year are 5k - 18.28 (although I ran 18.04 in the bootcamp time trial) 10k - 37.57, HM - 1.22.31. Didn't run a marathon this year so no current time for that.

    Just an easy 6 miles today, will get it done at some point this morning. Legs feel ok after yesterdays session, just the normal tiredness!

  • AW- looking good after the intervals yesterday. Are you using Garmin connect yet? Would be good to sync so can stalk you properly image I would really like to see what the programme set up is too, albeit there is no way I'll ever be as quick

  • Morning Alex!

    Sounds like you had a good first session and wow lovely consistent splits! My first session was a gentle trot around the park at a 9 min/mile - bliss! I suspect that Steve is lulling me into a false sense of security ..!

    Enjoy your 6 miles! image

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