Paris marathon 2013 here we go! A.W's Sub 3 attempt!



  • I know what you mean KR, I'm still adjusting to the XC running. I've always enjoyed off road running, but never raced on the country until this year.

  • Todays Food Diary!

    8am - Special k (50g) & Dorset Cereal Berries & Cherries (20g) with skimmed milk. Mug of coffee with skimmed milk.

    10.15am - Training. (8.5 miles - 6 x 1000m reps)

    11.45am - Rice pudding. (half a big tin)

    2.15pm - Rice pudding (half a big tin), 2 pieces of toast and jam. Cup of tea with skimmed milk.

    4.30pm - Graze summer berry flapjack and small handful of dried fruit and nuts. Glass of water.

    6pm - Small handful of dried fruit and nuts. Glass of water.

    7.30pm - butter bean, borlotti bean and vegetable stew, basmati rice with a little bit of cheese on top. Large glass of water.

  • excellent session - if weather ok you are definitely in shape to go for a 10k pb,

    I really struggled in 5 x a mile tonight - only the last 400m of last rep was any good!

    I agree re gels - you need to keep them just for the key long training sessions and races and if you use too much, the benefit is diluted and your body relies too much on them.

  • What 10k are you doing Sunday AW, have you got a plan on how you want to run it pace wise?

    Saving the best till last Steve on your reps! Did you run them split like you mentioned the other day - easy on bends fast on straights etc? On the subject of gels, when and how many would you take one a 20 mile run? Does it depend on how you do the run? For example, if you were incorporating say 6 miles at the end at MP, when would you take one?

    I wasn't looking forward to my 3 x 2 mile reps tonight, but managed to get them done in 13.14, 13.05 & 12.51.

  • well done KR - yes mile reps were varied: first one: 400m hard, 200m float, 400m hard, 200m float, second one was accelerating each lap, third one was 100m steady 300m hard x 3, fourth one was 50m steady, 150m hard x 8 and fifth one was 1200m relaxed, 400m hard. For a 20 mile steady training run, if I took one, I would only take one at around 14 miles or if it was 20 with last 6M hard would take it about 12. I haven't taken one in training yet but will if I go further and feel I need a faster run and need a boost. While I'm running eight minute miles in training, I shouldn't need them.

  • I'm at the Maxifuel Winter 10k KR, its at Eton Dorney Lake. Its flat, but open, so weather conditions may be a factor. And with the snow and ice flying about too who knows what it will be like under foot!!! Will wait and see what the day brings before making a plan on how I run.

    It must keep it interesting for you Steve varying your paces like that over a 1600 rep?


  • Quiet day for me and not much to report. Run was easy enough, 7 miles done in 53.44 - 7.40m/m pace. Didn't fancy it much as it was so cold, hands were numb even with gloves on!

    Hoping it warms up a touch for the weekend!

  • DS2DS2 ✭✭✭

    Going really well AW. Been a bit busy at work this week so no chance to post but been following progress.

    It was very cold this morning for my 12 miler as well. I wanted to run faster just to keep warm. My hair actually froze! It was really foggy and, therefore, damp so once the temperature got to it at minus 2 it just froze. I couldn't believe it when I looked in the mirror - totally white hair. looked just like my Dad!image

    KR - well done on getting the long reps done. How did you find them? Was that the intended pace and were they on road or track?

    AW - let's hope the snow stays away. It should be cool and bright with not too much wind so could be ideal. Good luck!

  • Good solid run today AW - save the energy for the weekend. Hopefully it's just cold and not icy.

    I did a 12 today and after very slow first mile - averaged a slightly more respectable 7:30 for last 10 but it was flatter - along besides river -  than previous runs and fairly good conditions though cold.

  • Nice 7 miler AW and lookng comforrtable doing 7 miles in 53 minutes. Just been looking at the weather for Windsor at the weekend and it looks like snow most of Frirday & into Saturday! Hope it's okay to still run on Sunday.

    Wondered where you'd been DS2. That's a good midweek 12 miler. What sort of weekly mileage are you up to at the moment? Frozen hair sounds funny - any pics? Did my reps round the perimeter and through a local park. Perfect route as all traffic free and no stopping for traffic or cross roads. Worked out a 1 mile loop and did it twice for each rep.

    I think the conditions are okay at the moment Steve as most of the recent snow has melted, so just crisp air.

    Went for a steady 7 miler tonight with a few quickish miles (6.40 pace) in the middle. A bit quicker than planned (48.10) but felt comfortable. Looking at the local weather from Friday onwards, it doesn't look like there will be much fast stuff to do for a few days round here - snow will be back!

  • DS2DS2 ✭✭✭

    AW - I hope the weather behaves. With the form your in and the flat nature of the course I'm looking forward to reading your report of a PB.

    Steve - sounds like a solid run. I quite like this weather (as long as the snow stays away). It's easier to get the right clothing than it was with all that mild rainy stuff we had over Christmas.

    Hi KR - No pics I'm afraid. I had driven to a park to do the run to avoid the foggy lanes around where I live and just wanted to get home and shower!. About 55 miles a week now. First time since 1994 at this level. Feeling ok and pretty fresh and srtill 16 weeks to go!

  • Good midweek 12 DS2 and for Steve. And a nice pacey section in your 7 miler KR.

    DS2 - Looks like your back to some normality after being ill, all be it now busy with work instead!!!

    Not looking great for my 10k on Sunday, had an email from the organisers saying they hope it goes ahead and are preparing, but keep an eye on emails in case it gets cancelled!!! Looking at the forecast it looks like snow at Dorney tomorrow and in to part of Saturday, guess I just have to hope its not too heavy or misses Dorney!! Everything's crossed it goes ahead and conditions under foot are ok, I actually feel in good shape and really looking forward to racing!

    Got 5 miles done today in an average of 6.50 a mile with a middle two miles at HM pace in 6.10. I felt good tonight, and quick. I dont usually like to train in the evening, but had a nice run.

    Having to hold myself back a bit this week, I'm a bit itchy to do more mielage!

  • Steve - Looking less and less likely my 10k will happen, or be raceable!!! Is there a contingency plan? I've found another 10k on Sat 2nd Feb, but that's the week before my half marathon?

    What do you think?

  • I'm doing a 10k on Feb 2 - the problem for you is that you are easing down this week and for the half-marathon and will mean some switching around. Ideally, if you can do a long run instead this weekend, which might be difficult in the snow, then you could do the 10k on February 2 but you can't really afford to ease down for it as much as you have done this week

  • Hi Steve - Just had confirmation that the 10k at Dorney on Sunday is cancelled! So, what do we do now?

    Happy to go with whatever you say? Can do extra mielage over both days this weekend if you want? And can re schedule for another 10k if you think its worth it on whatever weekend you think best?
  • Shame about the 10k being cancelled AW and being in good form, wouldn't have been ideal conditions if it still went ahead. I'm actually looking forward to some snowy runs this weekend, probably XC on the long one Sunday image.

  • AW hopefully the weather will be better in 2 weeks - maybe enter the 10km and do a long slow run of 2 hours  this weekend.

  • Ok, so I've entered the 10k for Saturday 2nd Feb. Lets hope things have cleared up by then! 

    Instead I will head out and do a long run on Sunday. Can I do a bit longer tomorrow too as I'm not racing Steve? Maybe 8 or 10 miles?

    The pavements are not too bad for the most part around here, might be different come tomorrow if it freezes hard, but don't think it will be too much of a problem getting my runs done.

  • Today's food diary.

    7.30am - 3 slices of homemade wholemeal toast and strawberry jam. Skinny cappuccino.

    11.30am - Special K and Dorset cereal mix and skimmed milk. 1 slice toast and strawberry jam. 30g Dried mango. Coffee with skimmed milk.

    3pm - Apple and small piece of cheese, handful nuts and dried fruit, Graze oat bakes. Fun size Twix.

    5.30pm - Bit of Brie and blue cheese (about 40g).

    7pm - North African stew (butternut squash and chickpea), steamed spring greens and kale. Glass of water.

    8.30pm - Muller Light yogurt. Glass of water.

  • yes do 8-10 miles slow tomorrow if you want.

  • Hi Steve, what's your opinion on the weather/snow and the impact on training? It looks like the snow will be around for at least a week and normal routes on pavements/running track will be compromised. What's the best way to adapt the training schedule to accommodate this?

    Was thinking to go off road Saturday & Sunda (which I'm looking forward to), but what about next week when it's dark as I do mst of my weekly runs at night?

    North African Stew sounds interesting Alex especially with the Kale, where do you get that from?.Cooking a Chicken curry tomorrow night with Butternut squash & chicken (and Garam masala) - very tasty. What 10k have you entered - is it local?

  • Just had an epic read back as I've not been online much lately. First a bug, then some bad news on the home front, then the weather.... I've still been getting all of my runs in though. Sadly mostly on the treadmill as the pavements have been icy all week. Significant snow yesterday meant a long run was possible outdoors today, but it was slow and hard work. Tomorrow's race has been cancelled already. I foresee ice, so I'm guessing it's back to the tready. Joy! 

    Kale? Bleurgh. That stuff is vile. It's possibly the only vegetable I actively dislike. 


  • Hopefully Run Dorney 10k KR!!! If this one goes ahead, there seems to be loads of races from 5k - HM at Dorney Lake all organised by different people.

    The stew was out of a River Cottage veg cook book, it was really good, lots of good stuff in there too!

    10 miles done earlier today, took it very steady at 7.55 a mile as didn't want to slip on any of the slushy stuff. To be fair the route was pretty good, clear to the most part with just the odd bit of slush.

    Pretty dissapointed my race did'nt go ahead tomorrow, but will just have to wait a couple of weeks for the next one!

  • Sounds like you've had a rough couple of weeks CC2, I'm hoping all this white stuff doesn't last too long! It's a pain in the backside! We seem to struggle in this country with the smallest amount of snow for some reason!

  • Hi All

    AW, the race at Dorney being cancelled might by a blessing in disguise as it forces a decision. Onwards and upwards fit, healthy and injury free. 

    I've just completed my week (46.75m) with an 18 mile (8mm) LSR on a treadmill image. Fortunately the tedium was kept in bay (just) by the Big Bash cricket final on the telly followed by an ok Carl Lewis documentary. Don't mind treadmill running once a week but hopefully I won't have to do too many LSR's on one again. Dull dull dull.



  • Where possible, I hate compromising training for the weather but of course it depends on how deep snow is.

    Did a parkrun this morning and the fairly firm snow actually made it a better surface than the soft mud that was on course a few weeks ago. Still ran slowly though. ad a bike ride and then club hill session where after terrible start got into ok. There was a little bit of snow on the path but a clear gap in middle to run up but slipped a lot of snow on way down without ever quite falling over. 

     where snow is runnable, I think best to do it but forget about pace and do your best. If dangerously icy, then I suppose treadmill is better than nothing, though I am lucky in that I always seem able to run on grass close to me, however much snow has fallen and it's lit sufficiently well when i do run in dark.


  • If you can't run fast on pavements becuase of ice, then it is best to go on treadmill or find some grass loop you can use or just do what you can and hope it clears up but forecast not good for next week.

    Have a feeling my local track will be out of use this week and we will have to replace with a grass or hill session

  • Thanks for the tips Steve. Snowing here all day again, so semi clear pavements are covered again. I think I'll be sticking to my local park this week (400m away) to do some faster stuff on the grass and see how it goes.

    14 miles XC this morning - tough going but enjoyable and 46 miles for the week.

    That's a long treadmill session Andy, at least on there you can keep an even pace.

    What's next weeks training look like AW, is the snow where you are okay to keep running? If not have you got any alternative sessions planned?
  • snowed here all day so far but not too heavy and did long run that was effectively off-road even though two thirds of it wouldn't have been normally! Enjoyed running on mostly powdery snow - only slid badly on a few steep hills. Hadn't planned to go as far - 22 miles in 3 hours 15 - but halfway through run found my pocket open and no wristlet with bank card, travelcard and money and so had to retrace steps and original plans of possibly getting train back and drinks stop was no longer possible. Never found it but on plus side felt much better after 15 miles than usually do and fastest miles were easily 15 to 20 and wasn't desperate for drink or gel which would normally expect to need after 3 hours, especially day after parkrun and fairly hard hill session.

  • DS2DS2 ✭✭✭

    Steve - what a pain about the wristlet. Hope it doesn't cause too much inconvenience.

    Snow is really bad here now. No chance of running on roads or indeed driving to park where I often run so decided like KR to run XC. Luckily I can go straight out the back door onto trails through the woods. Wanted to run for two hours but the trails were badly rutted under the snow and I kept turning my ankles over so binned it after 1:35 having done 11.25 miles. Really enjoyable though. Ended week at 48  miles which was a bit down on what I intended but ok considering the snow. Bit worried about what I'm going to do this week!

    KR - what footwear do you use for these runs? I wore XC spikes but not much support but didn't think I'd get away with trail shoes.

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