Paris marathon 2013 here we go! A.W's Sub 3 attempt!



  • Apologies for not keeping up with the thread AW, internet has been taking a back seat lately. What's the race tomorrow? 

  • AW is doing Wokingham which is good fast, course.

    Good news re foot AW - tomorrow will be a test for it though.

    well done Andy on your parkrun - shows how fit you are.

    I did a moderate 5.5 mile cross-country today - just about managed sub-40 10k pace on course on Wimbledon Common which was mostly fast but one very muddy section of a few minutes and one testing hill on each each lap where I was awful on both reach time. First went to Ladies league where think our club won comfortably and due to engineering works had to cycle about 20 miles, some of it very hard which probably didn't help my cross-country but was good duathlon training!

  • Good luck tomorrow.

  • Thanks all for the support!

    Well run at the parkrun AndyV. You must be in good shape to run a PB despite all the issues!

    Hi CC2, hope your running is going well? Hope Wokinghams as fast as everyone says!

    You get lots of XC races in Steve, I'm still not sold on XC running! This was my first year of running them and struggled a bit in 2 out of the 3 I did.

  • Carb Loading!

    So here is my days carb loading! Feeling quite full!

    7.30am - Mini Weetabix with chocolate bits (60g) with 200ml skimmed milk. Glass of apple juice, mug of coffee with skimmed milk. Peach.

    11am - Natural Valley granola bar. Pint of orange juice mixed with water.

    1.30pm - 1 large wholemeal roll with prawns (145g) and extra light mayo. 1 large wholemeal roll with peanut butter and strawberry jam. 

    3.30pm - 2 slices of Malt Loaf. Pint of orange squash.

    6.30pm - Half a 12' anchovy and olive pizza. Spaghetti with meatballs and tomato sauce. 2 glasses of slimline tonic water. (we ate out in Wokingham)

    9.30pm - Half a tin of low fat rice pudding. Cup of decaf coffee. (eating this now!)

  • Good luck today AW, looking forward to reading the report!

  • Unfortunately its bad news for me from Wokingham. I've woken up this morning and am not well and have taken the decision to not start the race.

    I have a bad stomach, feeling sick, chesty cough and am sniffing lots and generally don't feel great. I considered still running, but feel if I did I would probably not run well and in the process make myself worse and risk missing training through being ill longer.

    I'm really dissapointed and have a little voice in my head shouting at me to run, but at the same time I'm also confident I've made the right decision.

  • Sorry to hear about that. As you said, I think you made the right decision. Hopefully, you will be back on the road in few days.
  • Sorry to hear you're not well. The good news is the foot should be much better for it as it will capitailse on that improvement. It's all about that marathon.

  • Shame about feeling ill AW and not starting at Wokingham. But from a positive note, you won't be stressing your foot racing 13.1 miles and as Sarah says, it's all about the marathon. I think it is quite obvious you are in good form. I DNS on a half in Decemeber after a week of feleing ill. Woke up on the day like you still feeling rough and knew I wouldn't get anything out of the race. Hope your recover well for this weeks training.

    Well done on your excellent Parkrun PB AndyV!!

  • yes right decision. hope you feel better asap.

  • It's a tough decision I know, I had to pull out of the GNR last year on race morning. No   sense in making yourself worse though. 

  • AW - that's a shame because you are clearly in PB shape - but the only PB that matters is the Sub 3 in Paris, so it has to be the right decision.

    As KR has already said it provides a good opportunity for the foot to fix properly!

    Awful weather out there today anyhow so that's a nother bonus. Did 18 myself with 10 at PMP and it rained the whole time, also, cold and windy. Glad to get it done and dusted though!

  • I think when you just don't feel great or not 100%, you should do but just not expect much but when ill like AW clearly was then best to just rest up and hopefully clear he virus rather than make it worse and risk seriously getting run down.

    I did 22 today for best weekly total for 3 years. slow first 2 then just about managed sub 8s to 21 but felt awful in 22nd but to be expected after quite a busy saturday

  • AW

    Hope feeling better soon. Right decision not to run, you would only have ran and felt disappointed if did not run as you wished.


  • Just caught up with the thread... been a bit down with my running over the past week and have been concentrating on other things..

    Great 10k pb last week AW!  Brilliant.  Sorry you had to blow out Wokingham today, but sounds as if it was the sensible thing to do.  I ran there today, and was relatively pleased, hence a look at runnersworld tonight!   Given my recent form, I thought I'd do well to break 1.32 (my pb is 1.29.30).  Anyway, I managed 1.29.57 which exceeded expectations and was pretty steady all the way round.  Splits: 6.51, 6.59, 6.48, 6.51, 6.50, 6.55, 6.49, 6.53, 6.54, 6.58, 6.58, 6.56, 6.47, 5.56.  Recovered very quickly afterwards and certainly don't feel as if I ran a half today.  Obviously took it too easy(!) and will try a bit harder at Fleet next month.

    Funny game this running.  Think I've been a bit tired recently and haven't been resting enough.  Although I still feel like I'm 18, the truth is I'm nearly 52 and need to be a bit more sensible. Easy week this week has certainly rejuvinated me and now ready to attack the rest of February!  (with some rests!).

    Good to hear your foot isn't getting worse.  I didn't like the sound of the injections either (but I know nothing about these things!)

  • Hope you feel better soon buddy.... Any chance of a sneaky entry into next week's Dorney Lake?!? Would be great if all five of us could meet up!

    Hope you feel better soon - it sounds like you did make the right decision to miss the run though so eyes on the prize in Paris image

  • AW - I think you are entered for the HM next week so you have the option if you feel better


     - well run Golfer

  • AW: Can't help but feel it might be a blessing in disguise with the foot. It's all about Paris, nothing else matters. To be honest in your shoes I may have (wrongly) been tempted to run and regretted it. Fair play for making the right call. Get better, onwards and upwards!

    Nice sub 90 Golfer! Solid splits. image  

    I completed a progressive (but still slow) 20m LSR this morning. 2hr 40 all in pouring rain. Still felt strongish at the end to complete my biggest ever week (51m). I'm now going to take a pretty easy week (36m) albeit with a mara paced half at Dorney on Saturday. Might see you there AW! 



  • Good sub 1.30 half Golfer, and very even splits.

    Steady 22 miler Steve and your 20 miler too AndyV. Did an 18 miler in 2.18.xx this evening which started well in 7.55 pace for the first 9 miles, then the next 5 ranged from 7.22 to 7.04 pace. The last mile was tough as it had been raining the whole time and turned to sleet. Hands were bitterly cold so had to cut short my run by 2 miles. I had to get my wife to undo my shoe laces whan I got in even though I'd had double gloves on.

  • G'day Alex, sorry not been around much recently as really busy at work, job interviews etc.

    Been catching up on the thread- great pb last week, but definately right call at weekend- running sick is not good physically or more importantly mentally as you can then sow doubts about your training and fitness etc. goal is sub 3 for Paris and all looking good.

    Will try to keep on from now on!

  • Nice 18 milers DS2 & KR, 20 miler from AndyV and 22 miler Steve, rotten day for long running!

    Well run in your HM golfer, very close to your PB and nice to go sub 1.30!

    Not sure Steve bacon, I never did the entry thing. I will look into it!

    Hi Clive, your right and if I'd have started the race I wouldn't have finished it, I went downhill very quickly!

  • I'm feeling a lot better today but still ill! Spent all of yesterday in bed, was just unbelievably tired and had terrible stomach cramps. I couldn't eat or get comfortable, was a really unpleasant day!

    Hopefully the worst is behind me now, I've taken today off work and will rest up and hopefully be fit again tomorrow.

    Steve, It would be good to catch up with the other guys at Dorney on Saturday, but is it going to be more beneficial to make sure I get a good long run done on Sunday? Or can I do both? Its been a few weeks since I've done a long run. I had to send an entry form in which I didn't do so would have to see if that was still possible if you want me to run the HM at Dorney?

  • Week 9

    Mon Feb 11th: rest or 5M easy

    Feb 12th: 10 x 800 in 2:50 starting every 4 mins (9M in total)

    Feb 13: 12M steady in 7:30-8 min miles

    Feb 14th: 8M build up run  starting at 7:30s 

    Feb 15th: 5M easy or rest

    Feb 16th: Fartlek - 9M in total

    Feb 17th: 22M slow in 8s

    week total: 65M

  • AW

    Glad you are on the mend. Take it easy.

  • I have just processed my application for the Race Your Pace Half at Dorney Lake, so the option is there if you want me to race a HM Steve! I do feel like I need the long run this weekend though, so happy to do one or the other or both if you think that would be ok!?

  • Up to you, In ideal world, I think a fast half-marathon is good in the build up but with the 10k last week and the missed half this week - there is a need to do a long run. I am doing Lydd half on March 9 which four weeks before could work for you rather than doing one this week and think entries still open or there may be a better one for you nearer.

    Other option is to do a few miles warm up and then 13 miles in 1:29 and then straight into a slow seven mile warm down but obviously you can't really do a hard race and a long run and it's possible anyway that the illness will prevent you doing yourself justice next week even if you feel slightly better.

    Personally I lean towards a long run this weekend either as planned or using Dorney to practice drinks and pacing etc an then see if you can fit a half into early March. 

  • AW, that is a shame but as everyone else has written Paris is the aim so you did the right thing.  I missed wokingham last year so take it as a good omen!

    Long run yesterday planned 18M as 7's out & MP back.  I ran it with my two training partners, but they set off like a train so I let them go at 3M when I was averaging 6:30 I let this cool to 6:45 until 9, then upped the pace to 6's for the next 9, however I misjudged the distance adding an extra 2 to finish the 20 in 2:08.  I then went home and took my 8yo daughter out for 2M which was such a joy.

    Easy week now before Bramley...yippee

  • Nice pacey 20 miler Choisty, good luck with Bramley. Whats your plan for Bramley, a MP effort for the second half or are you racing it?

    Sounds like a good plan Steve, will have a look at Lydd. I have the entry for Dorney, so any objections to me using that to do my fartlek session Saturday? Then I can do the 22 mile long run as planned Sunday?


  • Hi AW - good to see you seem to be on the mend. Nice long runs Steve, Choisty, Andy V.image

    Golfer - very nice pacing indeed. Always nice to see 89:xx on the watch!

    AW - Lydd is very, very flat! Been toying with doing it myself as part of a long run.

    Good luck with Bramley - Choisty!

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