Paris marathon 2013 here we go! A.W's Sub 3 attempt!



  • Lydd Half entered!

  • DS2DS2 ✭✭✭

    Well done AW. I will probably join you there although it will be at a MP effort (Approx 1:35-1:36 pace) rather than racing and will tag a couple of miles each side for a warm up/down.


  • Plan for Bramley is to run MP throughout, relaxed with a smile

    You will confuse people by using a race for a farlek, but it sounds like fun

  • I think 13 on road may be too far for the day before 22 unless you have made a full recovery and only if you can run 4 miles slowish  warm up at no faster than 8 minute miles, then 6 miles of fartlek- averaging around 6:30 (but some of it at sub 6 pace), then 3 miles warm down at 8 minute miles which require a lot of disclipline and confuse an awful lot of people!

    That's a very fast training run Choisty -   presume you are aiming for just over 2 hours to 2:03 at Bramley?

  • Steve, the plan is 2:00, as at london I'm planning to 6:00 throughout, if I'm on target I will sprint the last 100m to get 1:59:59...scarey thing is that is only 8mins quicker than Sundays long run.

    I do think the plan to do the session at dorney will freak people out, coul dbe worth watching if nothing else, it is what youtube is designed for

  • Sub 2:00 for a 20M is quite impressive. Judging by your training sessions, it is something you can achieve. The other good thing is that you will have plenty of time to recover before London. There are few 20M races in March but I have decided not to do one as it doesn't give you much time to recover for a marathon in April.

  • I have a 20M race at the beginning of March, I'm not sure I could manage it at MP and then get the rest of my training done well the week before and after. Not sure what Steve has planned for me in that race yet.

    I think a fartlek a Dorney could be a bit of fun, like you say would get some strange and confused looks, but really its no different to using it as a MP effort!? Your right though, probably best to get it done outside of a race situation so I don't get sucked into running too hard for too long!!!

    Steve....... I'm going to swap things about this week if ok, I don't feel up to 10x800's today, still not fully over my illness, and as its an important session would rather do it Thursday when hopefully feeling 100%. Feel ok today, just tired still, I think if anything just an easier run would be better.

  • Yes agree an easy run was the better option today - make sure you feel ok before doing a hard session.

    re the 20 - racing or even 20 at marathon pace is probably too much of a risk.

    Dorney will be a good test of the control and running the first few miles slow (if you can)  should stop you being competitive later as you won't be amongst runners of a similar ability to you.

  • Glad you're feeling better.

  • At last! Finally caught up with this thread!

    I to am after a sub 3 at london this year and I must say that A W looks on course to break that barrier easily!

    Its all about gaining confidence. As the last 10kof a marathon is more about mental strength. Structured mp runs hold the key for me pesnally and I like to train up to 18 at mp. My marathon pb I gained last year is 3hr 05 but as my 53 years is now working hard against me any small tips I can gain from this thread will hopefully help me in my quest! My next race is the bourton-on-the-water 10k followed the week after with the bath half after gaining qualifying time last year with a sub 1 hr 25. So fingers crossed although I am not that confident in any fast times.
  • Hope you are improving to recover AW.

    Hi Rennie. Bourton is a fast 10k course. re long runs at marathon pace - to me the difficulty is to balance it and not let it affect too much other changing as a running a very long way at a fastish pace takes a long time to recover but I like to have one very long run at or close to marathon pace but I only seem to be able to do that nowadays in a 20 mile race and at least one half marathon at faster than race pace. Bath is also a fast course.

    I did a really poor track session last night - 8 x 1000m - first and last were ok but six inbetween contained some of my worse reps ever and some were 10-15 seconds down on my goal pace though strangely last one was well inside.

    Felt ok today today as managed 13 miles in total today with main part of run 10 miles at exactly 7:30s and last 4 miles were all 7:17 or 7:18 which is unusually quick for a training run for me.  

  • At least you finished with a rep you were happy with Steve, I'm always happier when I finish well even if what I've done before is not up to scratch!

    Think I'm back on track and pretty much 100% again.

    Had a very busy day today catching up on work after taking Monday off through being ill. Busy at home too as my other half is away also busy with work, she's actually in Paris so I asked her to have a quick run round the marathon corse to let me know what to expect!!!

    Managed to squeeze my run in just! Felt ok, was maybe a little harder work than it should have been, but will hopefully be back to complete normality tomorrow for the 10 x 800's session from Tuesday!

  • Glad you are 100% again AW and good luck with your reps tomorrow.

    8 x 1000 reps is another tough track session Steve. What sort of recovery did you have? I did 6 x 1000 reps with 200m walk/jog recovery last night at the track and legs felt a bit heavy. Pleased with the times of 3.38, 3.39, 3.34, 3.37, 3.39, 3.37.

  • Good consistent session for you KR - unlike me - 22 seconds difference between my seventh and eighth!

    We did them starting every 5 minutes - anyone running slower than 4:20-4:30 did a alternate 600. I did a similar average as you when I did six back in january with a longer recovery and was similar on 1 and 2 last night to you and faster on last one but a lot slower overall and my 3rd to seventh rep were probably only about HM pace.

  • Hi AW.   Glad to hear you are nearly back to full health. I also missed my half marathon on Sunday as was still feeling bit under the weather but probably mistakenly decided to see what I could do without travelling off to the race (did 10 miles in 63 mins before I thought I had better stop) and whilst initially felt much better for the next 24 hours since then been struggling to shake off the last niggly bits of the cold.  

  • A.W wrote (see)

    I will see how I feel on Sunday over the first couple of miles in the half and take it from there, my PB is 1.22.27 so a first target for my is to run sub 1.22. This would also qualify me to get to the front of the pack (but behind the elites obviously) in Paris which would be nice!

    Do you know which zone you are going to be in? preferential or red?

  • Choisty - still running well!

    AW - a farlek at the weekend would be funny to watch but do what will be best for Paris as that is what counts.

    Sounds like another few days and you will be back to your best.

  • Hi Denis,

    I will be in red zone, unless I get a sub 1.22 in a half marathon before Paris. That's what I was hoping to achieve at Wokingham!!!


  • Hi Ruth,

    It would be interesting to say the least, I've never actually run a HM in any other way than 100% effort, so would be interesting to see how much control I have over my racing urges!

    I'm very keen to get my fueling strategy nailed over the next week, on Sunday I have 22M planned so will trial the GO gels and see how we go!!

    On the carb load day, it actually felt ok volume wise. How was it from your perspective? I posted my days eating Saturday evening.

  • Had a reasonable run today. Felt pretty tired before heading out, but legs were fine once running.

    Got all 10 of my 800's done (actually 0.45M as the loop I use is a little short!), First 3 felt fine then began to get a little laboured, got them done and they were consistent and at a good pace but I lacked a little bit of the zip I had before being ill.

    Splits were - 2.33, 2.31, 2.32, 2.31, 2.31, 2.30, 2.30, 2.33, 2.32, 2.33

    2.30 equates to 5.30m/m pace and 2.33 is 5.35m/m pace so very consistent effort level which I'm happy about.

  • A.W wrote (see)

    Hi Denis,

    I will be in red zone, unless I get a sub 1.22 in a half marathon before Paris. That's what I was hoping to achieve at Wokingham!!!

    It would be good if you could get a sub 1:22 from somewhere but obviously, as Steve said, you have to consider your training schedule.

    Those 800s are not only impressive but also very consistent. Well done.

  • Meant to say reps were off 1 minute recoveries.
  • KR - nice session of 1000 reps, like you my legs felt really heavy during my session. I'm not sure what my favourite reps session is, love doing 800's, 1000's and miles.

    Nutterman - sorry you missed your HM. Hope your all recovered now. That's a nice effort for 10 miles on your own when not 100%! I knew if I'd have run on Sunday it would have ended badly, the rate at which I declined was amazing. I think if I tried to run I would still be ill now, it would have knocked me back for sure.
  • Very strong consistent session AW though think you should finish past where you start to make it 800m and jog back!


    Looks like you getting back to normal.

  • not sure what the Paris start is like but surely you can go sub 1.22 off considerably less than 100% based on the mileage and sessions you have been producing

  • Superb reps AW - back to form! Sessions like these never feel easy or comfortable and if they did, you ain't trying hard enough! I think I like the 1000 & 2000m reps best. Even though I could do reps like this on the road, I find round the local park and down the track the best as it's traffic free and flat and you can keep a good consistent pace up.

  • Excellent 800's AW.  Don't think I could do one at that pace!  Very good reps last night from you as well KR!

    Looks as if I've picked up an injury and made it worse.  Started with lower back pain but has now spread to hip/ glute, hamstring and bottom of shin!   I felt fine after the half on Sunday (perhaps slight discomfort in lower back) but runs on Tuesday and Wednesday have spread problem into the leg and I think I'm going to need a few days rest (hopefully not more).  Very annoying...   Hard session last night was definitely an error...

  • Fab splits A W on your 800`s! If you compare them with yasso's then it is clear you are well inside target for marathon. I'm just off to do my 800's , all I'm hoping for is ten below 3 minutes off a two minute recovery. Maybe my work plays a factor as I'm a postman and just had a four hour walk covering approx 7 miles. Be interested if anybody thinks this has a positive or negative effect on my training? Cheers
  • Nice reps very consistent, both AW and KR. 

    Steve compared to last year your training looks so much better, just to be reping for a start

    Well on wed night I slipped and banged my knee on something hard, so 2 days of PRICE and it feels OK, but if it's not 100% the Bramley plan changes to steady 10M followed by MP 10M or Steady 10M depending on stiffness (or poss drop out if in pain).  On the bright side I became a Vet today!

  • Afternoon AW and everyone else,

    I've been following this thread for a while so thought I would finally introduce myself.

    I found the target 26.2 project great for inspiration/motivation last year and it's been really useful again, even if I am not quite up to your level Alex.

    I'm not going for a sub 3, just hoping for a sub 3.10 in Vienna to secure a London good for age entry for next year. Marathon pace does feel a little quick at the moment though, hoping it will get a bit easier over the next month.

    I've also struggled with a bit of illness since Christmas (pesky norovirus) so I know what you're going through and it took me two weeks to get back up to full speed.

    Just wanted to say keep up the good work!



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