Paris marathon 2013 here we go! A.W's Sub 3 attempt!



  • Welcome to the world of Vet's Choisty - happy birthday. You'll probably be up for a few gongs on races now you are in the Vets category? Shame about the knee, hope it's okay for Bramley 20.

    Rst should do the job Golfer, if not seek some advice.

  • Steve, I run around the Arsenal ground to do these kind of sessions and just like the fact I can start and finish at a certain entrance (they're numbered) and don't have to worry about checking my watch, I can just concentrate on the running and then hit the lap button. I find this way I've learned to judge my pace a bit better rather than checking my watch every second to see what pace I'm on.

    Agree KR, I can't do reps on the streets and road. I always go somewhere I know I can get the whole rep done without interruption.

    Hope your back fit soon golfer!! Rest is the best, but we all find it hard to do though when ill or injured!

    Thanks Rennie, it was a good pace and I was happy with the reps. They were only 720 meters, I wish I could do 10 x 800's in 2.30!! For 800's I'm in the 2.45-2.50 bracket.

    Hope the knock to the knee is ok and doesn't affect you too much for Bramley Choisty. Good luck.

    Hi Tim, thanks for stopping by!! I remember looking in to Vienna a little while ago as an option for spring before I was lucky enough to get this opportunity, it has a really good review. Hope your next months training goes well and MP gets easier for you.

  • Oh, and done my 5 miles for today! Really hard work it was for a slow pace! 

    I've decided not to go to Dorney for the HM. I think it may be a bit too congested and narrow to allow me to get a good fartlek session done, so will run it closer to home.

  • Choisty wrote (see)

     just  On the bright side I became a Vet today!

    Welcome to the Vets club Sorry to hear about your knee but I think you have taken the right decision. Good luck in Sunday.

  • That's a shame AW. I was looking forward to seeing marshalls chasing after the anti pacing rebel at the "Race your Mara Pace" Dorney event image

    Tim: Good to have another sub3.10 wannabe on board! I too am aiming for this time to gain entry for London in 2014 (doing Brighton this year). I should know abit more about how sustained 7.10's feel after tomorrow's half at Dorney.  

  • Thanks Andy, what's your current pb? I did 3.26 in Rotterdam last year.

    Managed 51 mins at the Lliswerry 8 miler a few weeks ago so think the speed is there for sub 3.10 but it's a little daunting at the moment.



  • welcome Tim. Sorry to hear about the knock Choisty but happy 40th! nb I'm sure you can still run pbs but recovery from hard sessions and niggles can take longer!

    AW probably wise missing Dorney and saving energy for the long run on Sunday

  • Golfer - think you need rest and treatment and to stay off ard surfaces when you get back.

    Rennie - I did a post round for a few months and found it actually improved my fitness but did leave me tired from the early mornings and sometimes needed a rest after the round before doing my session.

    At the time, I did think it was slowing my saturday races having to do the round before the race and was looking forward to racing better when I stopped it. However, when I did stop it, there was no improvement and actually I raced worse and it seemed it was actually like doing a four mile morning jog, which some people find can mean you have a better afternoon or evening run!


  • Thanks Steve...PB's here I come! Your point about a 4M morning jog works for me as it seems to clear the system before a hard run (although not tried it before a Marathon)

  • Denis thank you I will report back after the race

  • Tim: 3.17.51 at Brighton last year. Confident of going sub3.10 this time following a 1.27 half in the autumn.

  • Thanks steve I think it is probably beneficial for most of the time as it does have a small training effect or even a good warm up before a session!

    Speaking of which I did manage 10 x 800 ... just! Average pace was 2 55 with a 2 min rec walk so very pleased with that !

    Reading through all the threads it is clear that speedwork is a key session. Maybe I am a it guilty of not doing enough of them to develop into a stronger, faster runner. I will now try and add more speed sessions to my schedule.

    Well done alex on your session . Its strange as its only a few seconds but to improve by just a few seconds per rep takes so much bloomin effort!

    Good luck to all inolved in races this weekend!
  • Steve, sorry to ask you this but I am a bit unsure about recovery for a 10x800 session. Should it be 1 minute, 2 minutes or a 200m jog?

    Is it called a threshold session if the recovery is quite short?
  • Just catching up again, weekdays don't allow me much time for internetting these days! Glad to hear you're back up and running well AW

    I had to resort to the treadmill for intervals this week. I didn't do them on Tuesday as normal as I was supposed to be racing a 5k on Wednesday. The weather dictated otherwise. Race presumably cancelled (they still haven't updated the website!) and absolute snowbound gridlock where I work anyway. I toyed with the idea of just running slowly on the snow, but the rain started as I was still stuck in traffic and slushy pavements just seemed like an invitation to fall over. Again. So I did 8 x 1km @ 16kph off 60 seconds. That was probably a bit too slow. I run my mile reps outdoors at a faster pace I think. 

  • Nice set of 800's Rennie.

    Where abouts are you CC2? Really didn't realise there was places still that bad with the snow!? Solid 1k reps done anyway.

    Hope you've had a good run at Dorney AndyV?

  • I had a good fartlek session today. After deciding not to run the session at Dorney, I picked the most undulating route I could think of around here to make my session a bit tougher! I settled on a route which takes in Finsbury park, Muswell Hill and Alexanra Palace. For anyone who knows the area, you'll know some of those hills can be brutal!

    After a 1.5 mile easy warm up I did.......

    7 minutes at 6.37m/m, 5 minutes at 6.09m/m, 3 minutes at 5.59m/m, 2 minutes at 5.48m/m and another 5 minutes at 6.02m/m - all with 1.30-2 minutes recoveries.

    Then 3 x 200 metre hill sprints in 45 seconds, around 6.30-40m/m with 1 minute recoveries. (These were on Muswell Hill, nice and steep!)

    7 minutes at 6.32m/m, 3 minutes at 5.46m/m and 2 minutes at 5.24m/m - all with 1.30-2 minute recoveries

    Then 1.5 miles cool down. Total run length was 11 miles in 1.19.25.

  • Nottingham. It started at 11am and didn't stop until it turned to rain about 6.30am. It wasn't all that deep, but there must have been a few accidents as the traffic just wasn't moving in any direction. It was all gone by the next morning. 

  • good fartlek session AW. good range of speeds and good volume of miles too.

    Hi CC2 - don't know if you were doing a different race but I saw the Derby midweek 5k and mile happened midweek but looks like times were very slow.

  • Hi Steve, yes, that was my intention, but I couldn't get there anyway. Kirkby in Ashfield was sheer gridlock thanks to accidents on the M1, A38 and the main roads through town. I wanted a PB anyway so it wouldn't have served its purpose even if I had made it there. 

  • Hi all

    1.33:13 for me at Dorney HM today. Pretty pleased as all miles were around planned mara pace (c7.07mm) (give or take a few seconds) and my HR max'ed at 163 at mile 10 (did a few strides then) before falling back to a 158 average. Percieved effort around 6 or 7 out of 10 so pretty positive I can maintain this for a full mara. Have to admit the conditions were perfect today and was nearly tempted to go all out for a PB (sub1.27). 

    Had a massage afterwards and annoyingly post this I've now got stiff tendons (or whatever they are) between my right calf and hamstring. Still a couple of days rest and i'll  be back on the road.   

    PS Saw the Asics 26.2 crew there looking resplendent in their matching team gear!

  • Nice run AndyV. Sounds like you paced it well. Hope the tightness eases up, I'm sure a day or two rest and it'll be fine.

  • Great session today AW.  Don't know why I'm reading this thread as your running and mine are chalk and cheese!  Well done Andy today.  Sounds a good confidence booster today.

    I was in a lot of pain last night and this morning and starting to wonder if i ever wanted to run again image but fortunately today has been quite positive and the pain in my hip/ glute has eased considerably.  Think I've worked out the problem is the piriformis muscle that is aggrevating the sciatic nerve.  Walked down the stairs this morning and something clicked in my glute and I immediately felt a bit better!  Have subsequently done some piriformis stretches and realised this is tight and painful.  Seeing the physio on Monday but now thinking I may be able to run again... perhaps in the not too distant future!

  • Sounds positive Golfer
  • Hope its on the mend golfer, won't do any harm to still see the physio though??

  • Nice day for running today, pretty perfect conditions.

    So, have done my longest run so far this year! 22 miles done in 2.48.20, a fairly comfortable 7.39 m/m pace. The last mile was a bit of hard work, but on the whole a pretty decent run. Again my route was pretty undulating with a few hills involved so kept it interesting and made me work a bit in places.

    Dropped a few miles in at around 7 m/m in the second half, close to MP to keep the feeling of running that kind of pace on tired legs.

    A good week in the end after the disappointment of being ill and not starting Wokingham HM. Got all my key sessions in and finished the week on 67 miles - my biggest week so far.

    Trialed the GO gels today, and finally seems like I've found a winner and something that will work for me. No problems on the run, took a gel at 6, 11 and 16 as I plan to in Paris and seems to work fine. I think I will stick to GO gels and ditch any plans to take caffeine gels, think that's safer.

  • Great run Alex. Hopefully the disappointment of Wokingham is well and truly in the past now. Excellent weekly mileage too.

  • Bramley 20 was good today at MP finishing in 2:02 although made it .25 long. Got second vet and the three mile warm down has left me feeling bouncy again. Good running out there today
  • Great run Choisty.

  • Wow what a great run Choisty!

    Good pace and weekly mileage alex. You must be feeling more confident as your mileage and consistency builds ! Just make sure you don't push too hard and get injured! Well done!

    I managed 20 with last 10 at 7 min/mile pace so very pleased with effort as I went out last night and had a 'few' pints! For me the odd beer or glass of wine keeps me sane! Haha!
  • some good running today AW, Choisty, Rennie and yesterday for Andy and good that Golfer improving.

    well done on the 22 AW - good solid pace. I quite like the caffeine ones and don't think it would be a bad idea to give one a try in your next long run as it could give you a bigger boost. 

    I saw you were 2nd M40 Choisty but saw a very fast 1:56 for first M50!

    I did Southern cross at very muddy parliament Hill and was quite an average run with hamstring very tight and despite double tieing laces, one came undone and it took me just under a minute to undo the knot and do up again. With rushing around watching other races - high placings from group in under 13 race and women's race ended up running 6 miles before my race, and my race 15km.

    Therefore thought wasn't good idea doing as far as 20 so settled for quite hilly and muddy in places off-road 15 - lovely conditions and was great route but only averaged 8:20. made up for the lack of distance by then doing three plus hours of cycling.




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