Paris marathon 2013 here we go! A.W's Sub 3 attempt!



  • Some good news to report from my end. I've managed my first post dodgy hammy speed session in nearly a month. No issues though took it slightly easy by doing yasso 800's!image. I suspect my taper for Brighton might have to be abit more agressive than planned.

  • Hi John,

    Good luck for Paris to you too, its not long to go now! Hope your trainings gone well, in to taper soon so all the hard stuff should be done!!!

  • Hi Rob,

    Its been a struggle this week with running, like you say I got it done though so all good! I hope your feeling better. Its normally in to taper that I get the odd cold, hopefully not this time though!


  • Hope the 14 miler went ok today KR. Your training has been going really well so a missed run won't make any difference.

  • Thanks Sarah,

    I have a physio appointment this evening just to be safe. It actually feels a bit better the last couple of days. I can actually pin point when I first felt it. It was during a run where I was wearing an old pair of trainers, it felt like I had a stone stuck in the sole and every step I could feel it bashing my foot!!

  • Thanks Nutterman,

    I am really looking forward to my day off running, but I know as soon as I get to tomorrow I will want to run!!! That's bad luck with the alarm last week, I'm hoping someone will be knocking at my door in Paris if I over sleep!

  • Today's run was 8 miles with 5 miles alternating 2 minutes each of 10k, marathon and easy paces. It went ok, still feeling a bit of an effort, but managed to hold 5.55 10k pace, 6.35-40 MP and easy pace was about 7.30-8.

    It was actually more of a struggle to slow down enough to get it down to marathon pace from 10k pace! I was pretty tired by the end of the run, so definitely in need of my rest day.

    Like I posted earlier, going to the physio this evening to get my foot checked out. Hopefully it will be nothing to worry about, it doesnt really feel like too much.

  • Congrats on getting a good speed session in Andy, was it to plan?

    How did the physio go AW? Sounds like a good session today and solid pace for the 10k parts.

    14 mile run went well as yesterday was an unintentional rest day. First 5 were steady around 7.50 pace, then did the next miles at MP, HMP, MP, 10k, Easy, MP, Easy, MP, Easy. The toughest mile was the 10k pace as by then I'd done 8 miles, but paces came out at, 7.11, 6.43, 7.08, 6.12, 7.43, 7.05, 7.50, 7.01, 7.33. Wierd that the MP miles felt a bit eaiser as the run went along? A bit disappointed with the HMP mile as was down to 6.24 pace at one stage, but more so as had a few side roads/cars people to negoiate. Total time was 1.44.26.

  • Nice session KR, I think because all the other paces are quicker in a session like that it makes MP feel really easy and comfortable which is a really nice feeling! Would like for that to be the case for 26.2 miles in 3 weeks!!!!

    Physio was ok, it was pretty much as I expected thankfully. I have metatarsalgia, which is effectively bruising on one of the metatarsal heads of my toes. I have more tape on my foot to help support the arch, as its collapsing in a bit more than the other foot and may help take some pressure off the forefoot. I have some stretched to do to increase the range of movement in that foot as its quite different from the other one. And also shall be putting some felt under the forefoot to help pad it and take a bit more pressure off. The physio thinks with the drop in mileage and the stretches it should ease, not that its a big problem now, it would just be nice to get to race day with less things to worry about!

  • Good sessions AW and KR and AV - AW good that the physio is optimistic and you got treatment

  • Rob -everyone is more susceptible to bugs after a hard effort be it a longish race or very long run. and I usually try to ensure I have protein replacement drinks etc as soon as possible after the event. I know you shouldn't necessarily need them with a good diet but I do take multi vitamins as an insurance policy but I do generally have a good diet and I have just about avoided any major illnesses so far this campaign. 

  • Nutterman

    Because of the weather of late my cycling has been reduced and I because of other events, I couldn't do my planned duathlon last weekend.

    If the opportunity arises, I would probably cycle as much as I would anyway and would only really cut out hard and long bike rides in the last seven days but I would still cycle. Obviously the taper's point is to rest the body up and it would be pointless cutting down the running and exhausting myself on the bike but it does seem to take a lot of hard cycling to take as much out of me as any sort of run!

  • Aw - Rachel has passed on my email to you.

    The hotel has small mini bars so will be a fridge but if for whatever reason your room did not have one, would you consider picking up a small UHT milk when out on the Saturday? and at least "fresh" until you open it, albeit not chilled. Cereal before bed on Saturday is a good option.

    Unlike the saturday night where I can email the restaurant to let them know exactly what you want, on the Friday is it just want is on the menu. Here is details of Friday's eating for info:

    Restaurant booked for Friday 5th April:Al  Caratello, 5 rue Audran 75018 (2 minute walk from hotel) but you are not eating until after 9pm due to logistics so will need to consider an early evening snack (so instead of supper you will have this extra snack at say 6pm)

    Feel free to have a look at reviews:

    No specific menu organized so will have to choose from menu.


  • Rob Cope wrote (see)

    AW - well done on getting out there, even if it felt tough. Enjoy your rest day tomorrow.

    I have a quick question for Steve and Ruth if that's ok, which hopefully will be helpful to everyone else on this thread...

    I always seem to get ill after a long race. I had a great HM on Sunday but then predictably have been unwell since Monday. Is there anything I can do to help stop this? I eat and drink well, but perhaps not as well as I should... In particular, I wonder if I have a zinc deficiency but it's hard to tell?

    Many thanks

    What you mean unwell? do you mean a cold, upper tract infection type unwell? If it was this type of being unwell & it always happened I would suggest trying a supplementation of zinc and vit C so if the answer to this is yes then let me know and I could discuss the doses of these and how long to do this for as I would only suggest a  few weeks of higher supplementation before these major races and then try and improve zinc & vit C from food sources and if really want add a multi vit and mineral as an insurance policy on a day to day bases.

  • Many thanks for your great answers, Steve and Ruth. I tend to focus on refuelling my carbs after a race but I've never considered protein replacement immediately after.

    Ruth - after most of my half marathons and both marathons for past four years I've suffered from fluctuating temperatures and general feeling of being very run down. I eat a lot of fresh fruit but I've never taken any other vitamin or zinc supplements. I also try to eat a lot more foods high in zinc, such as turkey, which has definitely helped to a certain degree. I'm fine during weeks/months of training and been very fit/healthy this winter, but it always hits me after a big race.

    I'm feeling a lot better today, but Monday to Thursday my temperature was all over the place.

    Thanks again.


  • Nice sessions KR and AW! Not long to go now!!

    AW, you surely deserve a good day off!!

    For me, after 10 days of lowering the mileage to almost 50% my achilles is a lot better and most niggles around the ITB area are pretty much gone (though still a bit tight). In total I missed 5 days running (and replaced 2 speed sessions with regular easy 6 mile runs and one slow long 20 mile run at the weekend)

    Last night I managed to finally put in a good progression 10 mile run with the last 10k averaging 6:20/mile pace. Felt very good after the run considering that it was my first "speed" session in 2 weeks. I will take it easy today and tomorrow and I think I will race Reading on Sunday (not all out).

    The idea is to get back up to 45-50mpw next week and the week after before starting taper weeks. I have decided not to go up to 70-75mpw as I had originally planned.

    Not sure those extra 20 miles a week are worth the risk of not making it to the start line.

  • Agree - |Yasunaga

    sometimes marathoning is about playing safe in terms of mileage and injury as it is sometimes with pacing in the race. no point doing 75 and risk getting injured or overly tired and not doing the race. Likewise in a race going for ambitious target, blowing up anf dropping out or slowing to a walk.

  • Bit of a disappointing parkrun today. I missed the start as I was about 50m away and I heard the 3, 2, 1 GO count down, so I was literally at the back and some ground to make up. Had to weave my way round about 100+ runners and think my first mile was a bit overstretched? Not sure on official time, but garmin time was 19.05 and 17th.
  • Sorry to hear that KR, doesn't set you up for a good race when your late for the start but you still got in a decent time.

    Sounds like your back on track Yasunaga?

    Hi Ruth, yes that will be fine re. Fridge and milk. Restaurant will be fine whatever I'm sure, going to keep it simple anyway, just a tomato and basil sauce for me!! Question for you Ruth, Im finding the day after having bread at an evening meal I get a bit of stomach issue when running. It feels like Im still full and heavy, could this be eating too much bread? I do probably eat quite a lot of bread if its with an evening meal.
  • A good run for me today, best run of the week so far. I decided to do a 1 mile MP and 0.5 mile HMP with 2 minute jog between.

    Pretty good run and splits were 6.30, 3.00, 6, 27, 3.01, 6.33

    I threw in a hill sprint in the middle and a couple of strides at the end, total run was 7.5 miles. Going to go on a bit of an adventure for tomorrows long run. Will catch a train out to somewhere and run home, will keep it interesting Im sure!!!
  • Gald you saw the physio happy with that, you needed it checking to make sure it wasn't a stress response. Felt pad works really well so go with that.

  • Hi Sarah,

    The pads seem to have helped. Not really felt any discomfort since seeing the physio apart from a bit now, but I have just run 23 miles!!!!

  • Great run AW! Is it your longest run yet? Are you putting in any MP miles in the long run?

    Just got home from the Reading half. Didn't want to push too hard for the first 11 miles and felt great pushing hard the final 2-3 miles. 80 minutes 26 seconds according to my Garmin.

    Aw, you start tapering this week?
  • Longest run is done now! It feels as though things will wind down a bit now, but I know there is still some hard work to come. Especially as I have 10 x 800m reps on Tuesday!!!

    Really pleased with how today's run went. I didn't feel as comfortable as I have done on a couple of my long runs, but I still felt pretty good and only really felt tired in the last half mile. As the plan was to do 23 miles with 15-20 at sub 7 pace, I wanted to make the run as continuous as possible with no stopping. As I live in London this can be very hard! So I decided I would catch the train out to Uxbridge and run along the Grand Union canal back home, I have done this run before so knew it was about 23 miles and an added bonus was it was flat!

    The only down side was the tow paths were quite slippy and wet after all the rain, but it didn't really affect me that much.

    The run went exactly to plan and I completed it as had been set out by Steve. The total run time was 2.48, which is about 7.21 a mile.

    Splits - 

    1. 8.00
    2. 7.45
    3. 7.25
    4. 7.19
    5. 7.15
    6. 7.14
    7. 7.27
    8. 7.19
    9. 7.32
    10. 7.12
    11. 7.17
    12. 7.24
    13. 7.19
    14. 7.34
    15. 7.24
    16. 6.34
    17. 6.34
    18. 6.38
    19. 6.31
    20. 6.44
    21. 7.55
    22. 7.42
    23. 7.31

    I think I controlled the paces well and they are pretty consistent from mile to mile. I had my last gel test today too, I had an SIS caffeine gel at 14 miles to see if I could stomach it while running at MP. I felt good, so the plan is to have normal SIS GO gels at 6, 11, 16 miles and then an SIS GO caffeine gel at 21. I found it really perked my up which I think will be good for the latter stages. I will carry 1 extra gel just in case!

  • Hi Yasunaga,

    Great run at Reading! Its nice to be able to push hard at the end, I was able to do that at Berkhamstead and was passing people all the way from about 4 miles! 

    Yes had some MP effort today, in to taper but keeping the intensity quite high I think. Will post this coming weeks training in a bit.

  • Nex week looks like this for me. The Parkrun Saturday will depend on what work I have on, may need to miss that as to run at that sort of time can be tricky.

    Mar 18th: 5 miles slow
    Mar 19th 10 x 800m in 2:50 total 8M
    Mar 20: 9 mile steady at 7:30 miles 
    Mar 21: 6 miles with 4M of marathon pace
    Mar 22: 5M easy or rest
    Mar 23: Parkrun - total 5M 
    Mar 24: 17M steady in 7:30 miles   Week total: 55M
  • Excellent run AW today and good sensible speed session yesterday.

    Looks like the speedy section of the long run looks about right.

    I had a busy weekend as went up to Sunderland for British Masters cross-country which meant very early start and long day and today did Finchley 20 as fast training run.

    Yesterday hamstring slightly tight and didn't run particularly well. Today Hamstring ok but not surprisingly didn't feel great. I ran marathon pace for first 10 but eased right back on third lap of 5 miles and slightly upped the last 5 to sub 7s. Felt old (as well as tired and slow) as first did this race 35 years ago and was almost half hour slower than I ran in 1979 and 1980 but it was good training.


  • Great running AW. Final long one in the bag! Will have to try the Sis Caffeine gels.

    Yasunga: Awesome time especially if not pushing it.

    I too was at Reading HM and bagged a new monster 92 second PB (unofficial). I made it 1:25:57 with a minute neg split.  image. Really pleased as still nowhere near 100% with the hammy and pouring rain for most of the miles. Felt like an 8/10 kind of effort at the time .

    I've learned two running lessons today as well. Firstly I was running with the same people most of the way round (as you do once you get to a certain ability) and I was the best uphill but by far the worst on the downhills. Clearly need to work on technique here. Any downhill tips Steve? Is it part to do with being a shortarse? Secondly when racing in freezing conditions I need to get a hot drink and food afterwards pronto. At 60kg I've got hardly any bodyfat and went from being fine at the finish to in all sorts of bother (white,shakes etc) alarmingly quickly. Fair play to the Sweatshop tent staff who noticed me in abit of distress and gave me a cup of tea and cliff energy bar (good!). I do find that fellow runners are ,generally, a top bunch.  


  • great halfs Andy and Yasunga .

    Andy taller runners may have very slight advantage - downhill running is just about relaxing and if you can leaning slightly forward so you lengthen stride and lessen the breaking effect. As  going uphill in a  race important not to put in any more effort because those that do may go away but will pay for the burst on the flat or when you go uphill/downhill

  • SUper time at Reading Yasunga - sub 80 minutes seems very close if you didn;t push it for the first 11.

    Brilliant half marathon PB Andy - really pleased for you and a massive chunk off it too. Take it easy in the next couple of days.

    Like the idea of taking a train out and running back AW. Those mile splits look very well controlled. I bet you felt like you were holding back?

    Another busy weekend for you Steve - don't know how you keep it up - probably a key to your consistent sucess with getting the sub 3's!

    Had a good 20 mile training run this morning and got an unofficial PB of 1.26.17, alhtough had to stop for traffic lights/crossing roads and flooded paths which kind of broke up the momentum. First 8 miles were steady pace of 7.40/7.45 then did next 5 in 7.10 - 7.00, then 1 mile steady, and 5 miles sub 7 pace and a 1 mile warm down. This was weird as mile 19 was 6.40pace and then I eased off and the last mile which felt relaxed came out at 6.58 pace?

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