Paris marathon 2013 here we go! A.W's Sub 3 attempt!



  • AW re Parkrun Saturday. It's quite short so I don't see a problem if you feel you want to, go fast, in doing so. I would recommend not to go flat out from the start though and try and hold something back and see if you can run a faster second half.

    To test pace judgement and control perhaps try building the pace up each kilometre ie approx 3:55, 3:50, 3:45, 3:40, 3:35 which is 18:45 or 5 seconds faster per kilometre gives 18:20?

  • A.W - have you done Cambridge parkrun before, if so what is the course like?

    I like the idea of progressive parkruns, always a good feeling to be passing people in the final km where you're feeling strong and they're hanging onimage

  • Thanks parkrunfan.

    Ok Steve, will give the progressive splits a go! will try and run the first at 3.50 and go from there. It would be nice to get a PB if weather/course allows.

    Not sure about the course at Cambridge Hilly, I know its flat, but I think the paths are gravel. Given the amount of rain over the last few days I'm not sure how it will be under foot!? Looking at past events at Cambridge there seems to be some quick times, so we will see!

  • good luck - yes looks fast course but looks like times were on average 45 seconds down last week.

  • If it was anything like here last week we had some nasty ice about!  We're off Congleton parkrun this morning.  Love Saturday morning and parkruns!  Hope you have a good run A.W

    Do you do parkruns often Steve?

  • RS78RS78 ✭✭✭


    One thing I'm definitely doing for London is 10m marathon pace tempo efforts. Never done that pre marathon day before. MP is a pace is a bit of a funny one on the day I've found. I ran 6.01 for my pb in Notts half and I'd say I feel much more comfortable racing half pace than I ever have at marathon pace.

    A few 10m tempo efforts even up to 12m should hopefully make things feel easier or more familiar for the race itself.

  • How did Park Run go Alex??

  • Indeed, how was parkrun? Mine was soggy and windy and I had to work rather hard for HM pace but 5k effort image. I'm also blaming the Santa hat for slowing me down. That and the fact I've hardly run at all for the past two weeks. 

  • Hi Alex.  Congratulations on the place.  Think I'll follow your progress, if that's okay.   I'm in for London.  I did 3.06.30 last year and would love to do 2.59.59 this year but I don't think that's likely.  My half pb is 1.29.33 and my 5k 19.18, so looking very inadequate next to you!  I followed Knight Rider 12 months ago and found his thread helped keep me motivated during the long winter months and the advice from Steve was excellent.  

    My recent running form suggests I've been playing to much golf recently so hence an identity switch to my alto ego!    My parkrun this morning was slowest for two years image   chs...


  • I suggested 18:45 for Alex and it seems he did 18:44 but don't know if he followed the possible pace guidelines!

    Hilly I've done 67 parkruns and did Hilly Fields for first time today - was 2nd in 21 minutes - lots of excuses - was very muddy and waterlogged and slippery in places and lived up to it's name as quite hilly and then had to do the club hill session right after so otherwise might have been a few seconds quicker!

  • Hi Golfer - yes need to improve that half time a bit and your 5k time suggests you could with your obvious good endurance with that half marathon to marathon conversion.

  • Hi Everyone,

    Sorry for the late update today, been a very busy day from start to finish!

    10 mile MP tempo efforts sounds like a lot of hard work RS78!!!

    CC2 - my parkrun was much the same, see below!

    Hi golfer, good to have you along for the ride, Don't worry about the parkrun, not a great day for them!

    So my parkrun today as Steve has said was 18.44 in 12th. The course was very wet, very muddy and very slippery, much like everyone else's! So all in all the time I think was reasonable considering conditions! I felt in control the whole time and was strong from start to finish, haven't looked back at my splits but think they were pretty even. I felt like I was running within my limits, so finished feeling like I could have carried on.

    10 miles tomorrow, think I may be swimming not running looking at the rain outside!

  • Good to see you're a fan of parkruns Steveimage  Did my 70th today in a similar time to you, but on a much flatter course by the sounds, but like everyone else have described in conditions that were very wet, and windy and for me 3 times around a lake. We've managed to find 2 to do on New Year's Day which should be funimage

    A.W - that's a very prominsing time especially given the conditions!  Always good to feel strong and in control.  Enjoy your 10 miles!  I'm just off with a group to do 18 and have to say not really looking forward to the howling wind that's blowing and kept me awake last night, but hopefully running on the Trans Pennine Trail should give a little protection from it!

  • great run in the conditions AW and must have been a busy day to post at 2.55am!

    I did just over 10 muddy miles today on a route that was the worst I've known in 40 years of doing but it was actually a very nice day for running . Not entirely because of the mud, it took about the time  I would have expected to have run  15 miles 30 years or so ago though suspect had I had a Garmin back in the 70 and 80s, I would have found some of  those weeks I logged as over 100 were probably low 90s! 

  • That howling gale is no fun at all. For some reason I decided today would be a good day to get the spikes out and practice XC running before the Notts County Champs. Newcastle Town Moor is currently largely under water, except for the two monster hills that were navigated 3 times each. It took 41 minutes to run 4 miles. I finished covered from chest to feet in mud, with frozen feet and looking like I'd been dragged through a number of hedges backwards, forwards and backwards again. 

  • well done SG - obviously conditions better down South. I did the National at Town Moor in 1986 and it was covered in snow and the hills were tough.

  • Snow would have been preferable! 44mph winds we've had today apparently. I can quite believe it. At least I know the hills at Wollaton Park are significantly smaller, and any boglike sections are likely to be distinctly less deep as well. As for the wind, well, I can only hope for calmer conditions! 

  • Although the winds howled through the night here once out this morning they weren't as bad as I thought - phewimage  I don't think I know any runner who enjoys training in windy conditions!  Give me rain, snow, hail, heat, but please no wind!

  • Looks like some of you have fun weather. It rained non-stop down here in Kent all day yesterday. I was meant to run a recovery run so was a little relieved that my wife had us running around everywhere and I struggled for time. Felt a but guilty but having just logged my best two back to back weeks for 18 years my body was saying take it easy anyhow. managed a solid 16.5 today though.

    Steve - I often think about how I used to just estimate distances in the old days. No cheating nowadays!!image

    A.W. Nice going yesterday in those conditions. Did you run progressive splits as Steve had suggested or was it just a case of staying upright and remaining smooth?

    Speedy - sounds not  alot of fun. We had nothing more than a strong breeze on the top of the downs. 44mph winds is not pleasant!


  • A good parkun time AW for this time of year and conditions. How did the 10 miler go today?

    That sounds like a tough parkrun for you Steve. I think a lot of Parkruns vary in terrain and hills.

    I don't mind the wind Hilly as it usually gets behind you in the end.

    Hi golfer, you have got a good marathon time from your short race times - a good sign of endurance. Do you concentrate on the longer miles more?

    Not run for 3 days as I think I cracked a rib the other night falling in through the front door after a run (laces had come undone from the rain!).

    Good miles being put in DS2 (makes me feel guilty not getting out for my long run today)

  • Nice long run there Hilly and sounds like a tough day for xc CC2!!

    My splits were pretty even DS2, it was like you say a case of staying on my feet and getting through as quick as I could!

    Sorry to say I didn't get all my 10 in today. I am at my families for xmas they live in a pretty remote part of countryside with no street lights like I'm used to in London and just didn't have time before it got too dark so only managed to fit in 6 miles. I was thinking of swapping days and doing the 10 tomorrow?


  • Hi AW - don't see a problem in doing 10 tomorrow.

    sorry to hear about possible cracked rib KR - hopefully just bruising?

  • There's a club run we do which when I started running with the club in the early 2000s was always `10 miles'.  Then Garmins came along and it's anywhere between 8.3 and 8.6!  "But it must have been 10 miles as it used to take us an hour and we ran 6m/m on club runs in those days..."image

  • Ouch KR!  BR cracked a rib a few years ago falling over a wire kind of fence that he couldn't see in the semi-dark when running.  It took a few weeks to feel ok! 

    A.W - it wasn't the best of long runs to tell the truth as I was really plodding by the end.  I'm coming back from several months of illness and an injury (first real injury in 6 years) so I'm building back up to what I was running regularly before and it's not as easy as I wish it to be, but then that's runningimage

    My times are way off a crack at sub 3, but I have it in my  head that I still have the ability to hit a sub 3 if only I can get the training right and everything goes well on the day.  I do convert quite well, so will see how the training and how fit I can get myself by London.  I have a half marathon in Jan, where I'm not expecting much, then a 10 miles in Feb and a 10k in March.  My March I hope to see a much improved fitness.

    I did Paris Marathon in 2009, really nice experience!


  • Knight rider - not a pleasant injury! Done it a few times playing hockey but normally able to run but breathing difficult. Also, make sure you take painkillers. Otherwise you are likely to get a chest infection. I once got slaughtered by a hospital doctor for not doing just that! Talking of slaughtered, are you sure you didn't fall up the steps after the Xmas party?image

    BR - that's a great story about the '10'. Generous rounding???

    A.W. - looks like you've had a solid first week. Hard but controlled! It is difficult when in the country isn't it? No wonder so many end up with a treadie to do some miles on. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to your second week.

  • Here's Week two!

    Mon Dec 24th: 5M easy or rest

    Dec 25th: 5M brisk in 35 mins

    Dec 26th: 3M easy with strides

    Dec 27th: 10km race (9M inc wu/wd)

    Dec 28th: 5M easy or rest

    Dec 29th: 7M fartlek

    Dec 30th: 13M slow in 95 mins

    week total: 42M
  • That's a nasty one knight rider, I cracked a couple of ribs when I fell of a horse, it hurt to just breath!

    When ever I come home to run at my parents I always run these routes that I remember being 5 or 10 miles or whatever, they are always short now I have gps! Have to always bolt bits on to the end of runs!

    Hope your progress in the new year is good hilly, and by March you can get yourself in the shape you want. I always find it easier to get back to a fitness I've had after a lay off than moving on to a new level of fitness.

    So got my 10 miles done today instead, just swapped Sunday/Monday. 77 minutes so about 7.45 a mile. Calves were very tight today for some reason, so will foam roller later to try and ease them up!
  • Can't believe they have you running on Christmas Day! Will they have you running New Year's Day too? Know what you mean about adding bits onto the end of runs. Am in Norfolk at the moment have to keep doing loops to make up the mileage as too muddy to go off road.

    Can I just ask if the schedule is just running or do you cross train or do gym sessions as well?

    Well done on the park run time by the way.
  • My clubmates have the opposite problem. When I first joined no-one had GPS, but since we all started getting them we've discovered that the 'Gedling 10' is almost 11 miles and the loops we run in the country park are each at least a mile longer than we thought. Many years ago I accidentally ran my first 20 miler as the guy leading the run  thought it was 16 - 17 miles. 

    KR - Wardi (Sub-3 and occasionally Sub-3.15 threads) currently has a broken rib and is managing easy plodding with the aid of prescription painkillers. Probably worth a trip to the GP or walk in centre. 

    It's a lovely calm day today, so typically it's a rest day! I could run of course, but I have to keep reminding myself that this is my rest period and I'm already doing parkrun tomorrow and Saturday and booked in the gym on a free pass on Thursday and Friday (3 classes booked, plus I will almost certainly use the treadies while I'm there). I may be doing a tough long run on Sunday too, though I need to check out what's happening with that. 

    AW - at least you have routes you can run when you're away. I didn't take up running until I'd long since moved away from home, so I really don't know where to run in Newcastle. I end up doing really boring routes on pavements to places that I used to drive to (so I know where I'm going!) or just run on the Town Moor (home to  parkrun and the Town Moor Marathon). 

  • Looks a good week A.W. Nice mix of speed and long and slow! Be careful of that calf. Sure the foam roller will help.

    Stan - because it's so hilly around here and I've wanted to get into the habit of running even paced miles I have been driving to a local park and running a loop of 0.9 miles. Yesterday I did my long run there to avoid water/mud in the lanes which are pretty flooded. Had to do 16 laps plus a mile each way from the car! Good for mental strength though.

    Speedy - there's a good little 13 miler out of Newcastle.......... but you may need to get the bus back..............and starting on the motorway has its drawbacks....image

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