Paris marathon 2013 here we go! A.W's Sub 3 attempt!



  • Hi Steve, 

    Its good that the weather forcast is looking ok! Its interesting what you say regarding the shorter races after the marathon. If you remember back at the end of January I had that 10k at Dorney Lake which was cancelled because of the snow, well they gave me a deferred entry for the 10k there next Saturday! Not sure I will be capable of racing it though 6 days after Paris!

  • Thanks CC2, 

    I'm sure they will have internet, if not there in a cafe. I'll find a way one way or another to post an update after the race.

  • Thank you AndyV,

    I hope your hamstring is improving? Hope too your week has gone well and your still on track for your marathon.

  • Good luck for Sunday. I am sure you will achieve your target. The last 6M will be hard but you have trained for it so it won't be a problem. I don't think I will see you at the start (too many runners) but I will try to catch up with you at the end.
  • Hi Alex - just dropping in to say good luck for Sunday, although you aren't going to need it. You've trained fantastically well and couldn't have prepared better.

    I'm sure you will enjoy every minute because of the confidence you will have.

    It's been a pleasure following your progress and I look forward to hearing how it went. have a great weekend!

  • Alex,

    Wanted to wish you all the best of luck for Sunday, and that you nail the sub-3 target- i'm sure you will with the training and hard work you have put in.

    Enjoy the day!!

  • AW,

    I've already wished you luck on the Sub3 thread and want to do so here too.  You've put together a great campaign with some valuable advice and guidance from Steve, Ruth, Sarah and the team and you are now easily capable of running Sub3 at the weekend.  Relax on the day and enjoy it and at least low 2.5x is within reach for you, I hope you get the result that you deserve from all your training and get to celebrate with a couple of Kronenbourgs.

    All the best!

  • Best of luck AW you've been a real inspiration on here, looking forward to reading your race report

  • BadbarkBadbark ✭✭✭

    I’ve lurked this thread from the start and just wanted to wish Alex all the best in Paris. Thanks for all the great advice from everyone. I’m aiming for a sub 3 in London and hope Alex you can go well below 3 hours as you train faster than me!image

  • Hi Denis - Thanks and good luck to you too! I will keep an eye out for you, its always nice to meet people in person after chatting to them on here.

  • Thanks DS2, its always good to have a bit of luck to help you on your way however well prepared you are!

    Its been great having everyones support and input, and its really nice to have you guys from bootcamp around still.

  • Hi Clive, same as I said to DS2, it means alot to still have the support and well wishes from you guys we met at bootcamp. I just hope I can put in a performance worthy of the support and confidence people have in me!

  • Really appreciate your well wishes LJ, its been a great journey and I've seen a huge improvement in my running over the last 4 months. You guys on the sub 3 thread have been just as important and helpful to my improvement, you all have such a wealth of experience and knowledge and the performances and times being delivered are outstanding.

    I am looking forward to the Kronenbourg part!!!

  • Thanks Tim, I will be on to post a report on Sunday at some point! Really keen to be on the train to Paris now and get the final part of this experience started!

  • Good luck to you too for London Badbark, the advice on here has been fantastic from everyone!

  • Hi Alex - just adding to the chorus of best wishes for Sunday.  Relax and enjoy and remember when the going gets tough we're all wishing you on!  Good luck!

  • So everyone, my final run here in England before Paris is done!

    3 miles with some strides, my legs didn't feel great to be fair but I'm hoping the next few days of rest should take care of that and by Sunday I should be fresh and ready.

    If I don't get chance to post before I race I just want to say a big communal thank you to everyone for being a part of this with me, its been great to have everyones opinions, help, support etc.

    I will do everything I can to achieve my goal on Sunday and put all my training to good use!

  • x - post

    Thanks Nutterman, I've done all I can do now, I'm as well prepared as I think I could be and will give it my all.

  • A.W wrote (see)

    Thank you AndyV,

    I hope your hamstring is improving? Hope too your week has gone well and your still on track for your marathon.

    Yeah doing ok thanks. Have trained ok this week and feeling c80% which is good enough considering. Brighton appears to be on.image

    I'm not as experienced as you but I have always found my last pre big race easy run abit rubbish. I'm guessing alot of it is in the head. Forget it and dwell on your quality months of training instead. Best of luck, I'll look out for you on the telly. Eurosport seem to have coverage from 7.30. 'Bon chance' to all others doing Paris this weekend also.

  • Good stuff AndyV, good luck with the last week of taper!

    I had a feeling it would be on Eurosport, think I watched it last year.

  • I have some stats from my campaign for anyone that might be interested. Might be a mile or two to add if I run Saturday.

    Total runs - 96

    Hours run - 101

    Miles - 809.7

    Average pace - 7:29

    Missed runs - 3 (2 days injured and 1 race I was ill)

    PB's - 3 (HM 1:20:11, 10k 36:58, 5k 17:49)

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    A.W - I've not really been able to follow your thread that closely and you're so freakin' fast that it would probably make me sick anywayimage. But I do want to wish you the very best of luck for Sunday. I won't get a chance to post in the morning so I'm jumping in now so I catch you before you go.

    I hope that your sparrow-esque diet has allowed you to reach your goal race weight. Your stats are incredibly impressive so you have every right to be confident of achieving your goal on Sunday.

    I can't offer you any advice and if I did it would most likely have a negative effect so I will simply say have a great trip, and an even more amazing race.

    You've worked so hard and really deserve to get that sub 3hr time. 

  • Good luck A.W! I'm sure that looking back over that training summary has filled you with confidence. You know in your own mind that you're in the shape of your life; stay focused, stick to your race plan and trust in Steve's guidance and the training that's behind you - everything else will fall into place. I'm travelling on Saturday afternoon, and will be sure to say hi if I happen to see you at the finish.

    All the best to everybody else who's running on Sunday. It's been fantastic to share your experiences along the way, and - especially as a first time marathoner - it's been incredibly beneficial for me to reap the benefit of all the great advice that's been posted on here. Good luck to you all!

  • AW

    Enjoy the whole weekend! You deserve to have a great run.

    All the best to everyone running this weekend.
  • 2:53 after 87:30 halfway - 13 minute pb
  • Well done A.W. image

  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭

    Wow!  That's fab, AW.  Congratulations and the big negative split suggests there is a great deal more to come.

  • Huge well done AW! Absolutely superb.

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    excellent well played AW, plenty in reserve too.

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Top, top result A.W. Absolutely smashed it. Tonight will be a very good night indeed! Enjoy.

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