Gloucester 10K

£21 for a 10K??????? Forget it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • My thoughts exactly, disgusting price. I hope they don't get the 1500+ runners they expect to get.

  • Was going to do it as it is only 10 miles up the road, won't be wasting the petrol.

  • £21? Screw that!


  • Avoid. It's the only way they'll learn.

  • Exactly. In November I ran Swindon 10K and Tewkesbury 5, both excellent races with brilliant organisation and both for £10 or less.  Nuff said.

  • not cheap mind is it?

  • I was all set to sign up too, until I saw the price. I can do 2 races for that ( so I will).
  • I pay for my running partner as well as she is on a tight income. Local races are the way to go I have found the following for the early part of this year in Gloucestershire area -  Beat the Bore (gloucester area) 7 mile off road 13/01/2013 £8 inc medal and Michinhampton 10k on 17/03/2013 £14/£16 inc medal, t-shirt and chip timed run by a great local club (cotswold all runners) did a race organised by them before xmas and was by far the best I have done for the following cost,medal,atmosphere,organisation,welcoming, after race refreshments etc.

    Also Linda Franks 5 mile road race on 27/01/2013 £6/£8 (almost athletes).

  • Why charge so much ?  I love Gloucester as my home City but this route is not the most scenic for £21 !

  • Outrageous price! Dursley Dozen it is then!

  • Thinking about this race then saw the price £21.00 way to much, for this price you should be running a half marathon  how can they justerfy thus amount.

  • Mike 59 wrote (see)

    Thinking about this race then saw the price £21.00 way to much, for this price you should be running a half marathon  how can they justerfy thus amount.

    £23 unaffiliated !

  • Looks like the organisers can only see the £ signs. I understand that must be overheads in closing roads and Policing the event but how much does this event cost in comparison to other similar events where the fee is half as much?

    I am local and would love to support this event but like many others it seems like certain road events, especially charity ones are now out of the question. Regular runners are not the target audience for these events which is why they can charge so much, but has already been stated there are many other brilliant events such as the May Hill Massacre and Dursely Dozen with superb organisation, run by runners for runners.

    Good luck to any of you who have entered, I hope you enjoy the race.


  • i saw this too and then decided against it cos of the price £21 for 10k, i paid less than that for Silverstone HM and u get a medal and t.shirt for that, our local running club do a 10k and charge £10/£12

    I'm sure that the Gloucester marathon was only about £30 ( could be wrong ) but sure it wasnt too much more and thats a marathon, roads are closed for longer and more marshalls needed

    hope they dont get many entries so they will lower the price next year

    Vicky Beat the Bore, can u enter on the day and whats the terrain like ,i'll have done XC and a parkrun the day before so dont need something too hillly lol but the medal is tempting especially for £8 

  • Beat the bore is full for the Jan run now according to their website. I am nothing to do with the club but they really are fantastic at organising events.  Would have entered myself but have a stinking cold.  I believe it is fairly flat but can be quite muddy in places. They run it again in September in the evening (website )

    I can't find anything local now for Feb either, don't fancy the dusrley dozen/may hill as I am not a massive fan of lots of hills and therefore would be slow and I don't want to come last (pathetic I know).

    I was just looking at the 10k site - amazing how our local council appear to imply that at £21/£23 this is an all inclusive price and that according to Cllr Organ  "We are pleased to see this event is coming to the City. The Gloucester 10k is a great opportunity for the community to come together and keep healthy."

  • I think that's the whole point. As Roger Mills says - it's not for regular runners. The council will be there as will local press, Points West etc. Those that like to do such things will dress up, then walk after 10 minutes. It sours races for me I'm afraid. I have memories of turning up for the Gloucester Half in the park a few years ago only to be told police cancelled it last minute and we all had to go to Newent. To be fair, I suppose you have to pay for those things these days which is why so many races are going to Airfields/GP circuits/Stately Homes. Health and Safety, which most people seem to think is a disgrace, has a lot to answer for!!

  • Woah way too expensive for a 10k event!
  • That's quite high as is Bristol 10km.  I like the big city crowds and support but find the price in local city races just keeps creeping up.  I looked at Bath Half once which turns out to be more exoensive than Bristol Half!

    I'm doing the Riverbank Rollick down in Thornbury on Sunday which is another great local race organised by runners for runers...

  • Do not worry about hills. There is no hill that can not be walked. Coming last not possible! That is my position.
    I was last man in on Sunday's Beat the Bore and can not wait for the September race.
    We were saved by the freezing temp because the mud was frozen solid! If it rained and if it was a bit warmer it would have been a muddy slog!

    I agree that £21 for 10Km is too high. The mixed terrain runs are a bit tougher, but less traffic and more enjoyable and you get to see nice scenery too.

  • Marius, last is my position and I don't want to share image.  Would have love to have done the beat the bore race but was suffering the dreaded cold so decided against entering, I will definately enter the september race.  I will have another look at the dursley dozen, would be a good training run for my HM in April.

  • I wanted to run this with my son so that would be £46, thats not going to happen

  • i'm with every one on this! was looking to do it as a training run before the silverstone HM but i paid less for that (even if your un-affiliated!!) it's a shame as it would be a yearly event locally i could do.

  • Yeah got to agree with everybody 23 bucks is going to create a low turnout !! Last year malmesbruy and calne 10km's were both

  • I have heard on the grapevine that the company organising this event may be organising a Cheltenham Half Marathon later this year.  I wonder what the costs for that will be £50 per entry

  • According to the local press there are 700 runners for Sunday's race.

  • I know this was all a long time ago, but there's a new 5k and 10k at Highnam Court near Gloucester this year, on 19th Sept 2015. 5k is £10 and 10k is £15 - ead to to find out more.

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