Cobbles & Red Wine - Sarah’s Paris Marathon Plan: Sub 3:35



  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭

    Great session, and splits I can only dream of.  Well done!

  • DS2DS2 ✭✭✭

    Bloody hell RRR - I thought you had run 10 miles at that pace. Impressive nonetheless.

  • Hi RRR,

    Yes, I was in the customs line (for 2 and a half hours!!) when they finally announced it was cancelled image  50% of the people there were there for the marathon - some only for a long weekend.  At least I had other stuff to do- lots of friends and family in the states, so we had an engagement party on what would have been marathon day... and I did do a lap of central park on marathon morning- it was pretty cool- so many would be marathon runners out, and even supporters handing out water etc.  I got a picture by the finish line anyway.

    He was originally planning to propose at the finish of the marathon, but once he got the ring, was too excited and did it 'properly' around september.

    btw, I've been checking out your blog- very inspirational, so I've now started my own.. 'thelongroadtoboston' . . . so thanks for that- hopefully I'll achieve that goal in a few years image 



  • RunnyRunRun wrote (see)

    Morning Sarah Osborne!!

    I HOPE I can run on ice cream (Looks at Ruth for confirmation) … I could definitely add a tub of chocolate ice cream into my training plan. What do you reckon Ruth … is one tub a day overdoing it?image

    I’ll try the bananas in the porridge … I need to get rid of the sugar really. I love bananas. One of my twitter running buddies gave me a recipe for banana pancakes – they are AWESOME!! image

    The speedwork is pretty new to me … I’m really enjoying adding it in and doing the build up runs! Although after Ady’s comment the other day I’m thinking about trying at least one in the daytime!! What’s your favourite speed session?

    Im going to have to try the banana pancake now image

    I like doing speed sessions similar to yours yesterday. I have always tended to do them once a week. Id never done any of the tempo sessions until two weeks ago. I have enjoyed them, but I prefer the shorter, faster intervals! Whats a build up race again (is it what it says on the tin....pick up speed throughout the run)?

    Just wanted to clarify the session you did yesterday....was it almost like doing 1.5 min fast (roughly) with one min recovery to make the 2 min 30, or was there 2 min 30 recovery inbetween each rep?

  • Hello RRR, thought I'd just drop in and see how you're doing... good interval sesh there - that should have boosted your confidence no end.image What's your long run up to now?

    Looking at your food diary though, I can't help wondering 'where are the carbs?!' You say you get all your carbs from veggies but actually, they contain very little in the way of carbs because most of their content is water.  (carrots are 90% water, lettuce leaves 96%). Like Ruth's suggestions of quinoa and cous cous - could also try some beans of different varieties and pearl barley...

  • Hi sam....I always thought fruit and veg counted as carbs aswell. I have been using myfitnesspal app on my phone and that seems to include them as carbs also. If they dont count i prob only have about 20% carbs in my diet....think I had better get some quinoea and cous cous too!

    Just wondering...I normally eat my lunch at 13:00-14:00 and then run after work at about 20:00...would this count as running on an empty stomach and gycogen deplete?

    many thanks

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    RRR - wow, amazing speed session! Don't worry, I shall do the vomiting, fainting and falling off the cliff on your behalf! image 

    I'll start with the vomiting, easy enough at the mention of quinoa - it's freakin' disgusting! Like eating frogspawn (at a guess, I have never tried frogspawn). Maybe it's just because I'm a bloke because I'm not a great cous cous fan either. I just don't like food that looks like it's already been chewed for meimage

    Sam mentioned pearl barley - now that I do like! In fact I love the stuff - can't get enough of it. It's a bit more man sized than your cous cous and frogspawn so that may be the reason.

  • RunnyRunRun wrote (see)

    Morning Andy!

    Well ... I tend to use my Twitter alias for practically everything ... but when I first started running and coming onto RW forums and asking silly questions I didn’t want work to know how often I was on here so I changed my usual username just in case they checked!! You realise I’ve just dropped myself in it admitting that? Busted!!image

    You’ll have to ask Steve Marathon Coach and Ruth McKean about a training diet that includes crème eggs and chocolate coins.... I’M only eating them so my boyfriend doesn’t feel obliged to eat them. I’m doing it for his sakeimage (She says stuffing other people’s chocolate coins into her mouth ...)

    Ooh nice one getting your shoes half price!! Which trainers did you go for in the end? New trainer pics, new trainer pics!!

    We ROCKED parkrun last weekend! image So ... next weekend you’re planning on knocking another 3.5 minutes off???!

    I tend to use my own name on here and on Twitter (OK it doesn't have 14 at the end of it image ) but good point re work monitoring IT usage. We've just merged with another firm and I don't know what their internet surveillance is like!!

    I've got some new Asics GT1170s.  I'm been running in them since last May and done about 400 miles in them. I went to a specialist running shop in Harrogate over Christmas and they thought I'd be good for at least another 100 miles in them.  However when I saw they were half price I couldn't resist!  

    Yes back at Parkrun tomorrow. If I can improve my pacing I'm hopeful of a new PB but doubt if I'll take 3 & a half minutes off it though!!

    Great speed session - you really rocked thatimage




  • New to this session RRR,

    i,M DOING VLM....... My target is 3:30 and my session looks very simaliar to yours.

    Well done  on the speed session........ keep it up.


  • Evening Tenjiso!

    Thanks! DS2 has spotted my typo though … lap splits NOT mile splits!! Whoops … a bit misleading there!

    Got any more night runs in recently? I still can't get hold of an Alpkit headtorch!

  • Evening DS2,

    Whoops!! Just spotted the typo – lap splits NOT mile splits!! I wish it was mile splits!! I’d have that sub-20 5k in the bag!image

    How’s your Halstead training going?

  • Evening Angela!

    Oh how frustrating to be that close… It must have been pretty cool to have your engagement party there though. Any plans to head back to New York for the marathon again?

  • Evening Sarah Osborne!

    The banana pancake is AMAZING!! 1 banana and 2 eggs, whisk it up really well (a motorised whisk recommended and get it smooth as you can), pop it in the frying pan and ta-da!! (Jazz hands!!)

    There’s a bit of a debate as whether to add sugar or salt but I add salt to the top of mine although I keep meaning to try peanut butter on them too. They are DELICIOUS!! And no wheat so RunningForChocolate can’t moan at me when I’m in Dorset!!

    The session yesterday was 400m and each lap took about 90 seconds so I had about a minute recovery. Set off and then the 2nd lap was at 2 mins 30, the 3rd at 5 mins, 4th 7 mins 30 … I double checked the intervals with Steve too …

    Yep - a build up run is a run that gets faster. I upped the pace every mile (on the lap timer) and tried to keep the changes quite even. Lots of room for improvement though for me! They're quite good fun although Ady says they're easier in the daylight!

  • Evening SamMurphyRuns!

    Great to hear from you! Yes, definitely got a confidence boost from the session last night. I didn’t know my legs went that speed! image

    Carbs? Aren’t they evil?image At Ruth’s suggestions yesterday I went shopping today and now have sweet potatoes and cous cous in the cupboard. I couldn’t find any quinoa … resorted to asking one of the chaps in the supermarket but he just gave me a funny look and showed me the cous cous again …!

    Does anyone know where to get quinoa from? Please don't say Asda - I might get the same chap again ...

  • Evening Malcs!

    Hee hee! No falling off cliffs please! … Although feel free to vomit and faint at the mention of quinoa and cous cous should you feel the urge! Preferably not on my – not quite so sparkly now – new white Asics though, please!image

    One of the fab running girls on Twitter earlier posted a pic of the freeze-dried food she was trialling – now that looked not only pre-chewed but pre-digested. Urgh!

    Pearl barley doesn’t sound too bad. How would you eat it? Please Malcs … no ‘open mouth, chew’ type comments … do I add it to things or boil it or something?

  • Evening Andy!

    You might not get away with the ‘Not me, guv …’ excuse if you’re using your own name! Reckon those IT guys might spot it’s you …image

    Good luck at parkrun tomorrow!! Remember we’re expecting BIG things!! No pressure (cough, cough!). Are you wearing your new trainers?

  • Evening Derrick Baldwin!

    Great to hear from you! Nice that we’ve got similar sessions – I always find it encouraging when someone’s doing similar training – shared effort! image Are you using MyAsics too?

    I didn’t get into VLM this year … no luck on the ballot as usual. Did you make it through on the ballot or are you going down the charity route?

  • Im using garmin sub 3:30 , this is it below.

    Virgin London Marathon Schedules For Your Garmin

    Its my first marathon....... I got in through the runners club ballot i was lucky

    I was unsucessful in the general ballot... Ive been running for 3 yrs 6 months . Ive done 6 half marathons including great north run plus loads of other races 5k, 10k 10miles ect:... ive got parkrun tomorrow.image

  • Hiya, no plans for NYC mara again anytime soon- the problems reported at the start and finish look like a marathon that is overstretching for profit- can u believe there were meant to be 47,000 runners this year- 10000 more than London that has a big park to start and finish in and a road system that allows efficient luggage transportation even if the runners all start at the same time- I'm keeping my eye on it, but waiting for a time when the experience might be better- perhaps an alteration of the route. You got plans to do it one day?
  • dont think I will be trying the quinoea....Malcs has put me off!
  • How much flour did you need to use for the pancakes?

    Thankyou for clarifying the intervals......I can add something like that to my schedule in a few weeks!

    I quite like the sound of the build up runs, but I guess you will have to be disciplined to do it in stages.
  • well done on the speed session - perfectly done. You have a good turn of speed and look to be getting stronger and faster too.   

  • Great speed RRR......had a tough fell route this aft 19.3 miles was out for three hours and 11 mins and had to divert to a shop for some carbs as I was getting the bonks. Muddy hills and cross country all round from my village Monsal Trail, Chatsworth, Curbar Edge Froggart Edge, Grindleford Eyam then home dead now. So much harder than road running my quads are throbbing now. Walked a couple of hills as too long and steep for my legs.

    Happy weekend and long running.
  • Evening _ _ _ !!

    How's t_icks??  Loving the banana pancakes idea will t_y that! once I hea_ about the flou_!

    Well my swimming lesson was fab can't beat £10 for an hour and half in the pool! I have homework, which I intend to do on Monday and Wednesday then another lesson on Friday.  The more you put in, the more you get out and as I'm loving both running and swimming why not! not so much looking forward to that saddle on the bike much.....

    Haven't booked my first tri yet as wanted to see how the swimming and bike go first but am looking at East Leake on the 31st March, which will be 2 weeks after my 20 mile race!  I am very excited..... understatement!

  • Evening Derrick!

    Wow! What a fab one to have as your first marathon! Apparently the atmosphere is AMAZING!! If they don’t put up the GFA for 2014 I’ll be in then!! image

    How did the parkrun go today? New PB?

  • Evening Angela,

    Wow … sounds as though there may be a few organisational problems that need to be addressed!! Eek! I’d love to do New York one day … although I’ve got Boston in my sights for next year …!! image

  • Evening Sarah Osborne!

    No flour …!! Just 1 x banana and 2 x eggs!! Just mix it REALLY well or it turns into an omelette!!image

  • Evening Steve Marathon Coach!

    Thank you for the great feedback! I was pleased that the splits were fairly even for a first try too!


  • Evening MCS!

    Wow that sounds a hard run! Bet it was rewarding though doing the distance out on the hills! Was really cold today as well. Did you take any pics? 

  • Evening Tigger!!

    No flour in those pancakes! It really is JUST one banana and 2 eggs!! They’re totally yummy too – might have pancakes for lunch tomorrow … yum!

    Swimming lesson sounds fab! Homework? As in swimming homework? What like lying on the carpet pretending to swim? Have you got cycling lessons too? When you get good, are you allowed to take the stabilisers off? I’m really excited for you, Tigger!! You SO have to enter East Leake!! No pressure, now… !!

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