Cobbles & Red Wine - Sarah’s Paris Marathon Plan: Sub 3:35



  • '(well 6:54 min/mile but had to round it up to 14kmh on treadmill. Honest!) ' you sound as bad as me!

    I cant believe that you can run more or less straight after eating....think i would be sick!
  • RRR good running on the build up run. It's probably easier doing a session like this on the treadmill in terms of pace as you can control it and can't go too fast. On his session outside Alex, got far too fast doing the build up run,

  • good running RRR. Not been on as just been made redundant yesterday......any jobs let me know anyone. Fit athletic type who can do anything.....image

  • Sorry to hear about your job mcs, I hope you find something else quickly.


    Ruth, I was just wondering what do you thinks about fresh Vs frozen veg. Ive always read that fresh is better but more recently I have read that frozen is better as it locks all the nutrients in during the freezing process. The article went on to say that the nutrients are lost from fresh veg as it tends to sit around in supermarkets and peoples homes for prolonged periods before it is consummed?

  • Afternoon Sarah!

    Glad I’m not the only one ‘rounding up’ the numbers! image It just seems neater that way!!

    Ooh good question about the frozen veg! The broccoli, cauliflower and carrots I eat are all frozen ... that sounds wrong. Frozen before I cook them I mean image Do you eat more fresh or frozen, Sarah?

  • Afternoon Steve,

    Thank you! It was easier to program the speeds in on the treadmill, but it was so boring! Much preferred the build up runs outside with the distractions! Much more interesting than the inside of my garage!

    Did you ever find your wristband that disappeared in the snow?

  • Afternoon MCS,

    Really sorry to hear about the job – hopefully you’ll find a fantastic new one with more pay and longer holidays!image

    Have you had any more amazing snow runs? Loved your pics the other day!

  • I tend to have fresh veg mainly but I do have some frozen veg in the house for emergencies when I've run out of the fresh stuff. I prefer the taste of the fresh veg the reason for getting it that way but I would be tempted to use more frozen veg if its better.

    How's the snow where you are? It's coming down really heavy here and settling thick in places. Hope you get to boot camp tomorrow ok. Will be thinking about you.
  • Tons of snow here. No running this am. Happy boot camp if you make it.
  • Hey!! I round up numbers as well!! I'll run around the car park a few times in order to finish on a full Mile!

    Sorry to hear about your job mcs that sucks!

  • Evening Sarah

    Emergency frozen veg? For when you need a pea in a hurry?image Hee hee! I do like fresh veg but tend to eat more frozen … for convenience really.

    Not much snow left here but a LOT of slush and a bit of ice. There was a LOT of snow and ice in Birmingham at Bootcamp today – the canal path was unusable and the track was absolutely covered! Hope you’re getting a chance to enjoy the snow and it’s not disrupting your training too much!

    Was talking about your amazing 18 miler on a treadmill today … wow! Have you got a long run scheduled tomorrow?

  • Evening MCS!

    Practically none left here … although LOADS in Birmingham which is only 35 miles up the road! Strange! Hope you’re not snowed in and get out for your lovely runs!

    You out for a long one tomorrow?

  • Evening Tigger!

    I run around the car parks too! I’ve got an almost 5 mile loop around Draycote Water near here but it’s .25 mile too short so a run down the hill and a blast around the car park and it’s a nice tidy 5 miles! image

    How’s the training for your 20 miler going?

  • Bootcamp Session

    The canal path that was originally intended for the session was covered in ice and snow ... as was the track! So this session was run around the campus on a loop that was almost exactly .75 mile long.


    400m warm up around the track. (Very, very carefully ... and avoiding the snowmen)

    Warmup lap around the .75 mile loop


    1 x .75 at marathon pace (8 min/mile)

    1 x .75 at 15 seconds quicker than marathon pace (7:45 min/mile)

    1 x .75 at 30 seconds quicker than marathon pace (7:30 min/mile)

    1 x .75 at 45 seconds quicker than marathon pace (7:15 min/mile)

    1 x .75 at quicker than 5k pace. (5:55 min/mile)


    1 x .75 cool down.


    It was a good session as the five of us were started at intervals with the estimated marathon finish times as a guide so we all finished together. It was good seeing the others in front and behind you ... but difficult to resist the urge not to speed up and catch the person in front of you!

    For once I actually managed to get the pacing bang on ... and resisted the urge to catch up with Ady just in front of me! The final lap was of course the fun one as I could let go and just run the lap as fast as I wanted ... couldn't quite beat Sam or Steve to the green bin though which was the finish line!

    ** I'll write up the bootcamp log tomorrow but wanted to pop the session down tonight so you could have a look! image

  • Sarah, you are doing so well. I've been lurking image and am inspired by your progress! So speedy, my legs dont (or will ever) go that fast.

  • Evening CailinAgRith!

    Fab to hear from you!

    I wouldn't have said my legs would go that speed if you'd asked me a month ago ... but then just over 2 years ago I was struggling to get under 30 minutes for a 5k ... image

    Are you training for a Spring marathon too?

  • Not a Spring Marathon, but hoping to do an Autumn oneimage Dublin in October. I love your blog and your run descriptions & pictures, very emotive - you have a flair for descriptive writing image 



  • Took 3 sessions rest , had a sports massage , had my first run this afternoon , went well . 15 mile to do tomorrow hope things go to plan injury free. How did your massage go Sarah?
  • very impressed with Sarah's session today on a not flat road circuit. She showed excellent control on first 4 and then really went for it on last one. I think 6:00 for her marathon pace rep (0.75M mile)  and then picking up to 5:52, 5:48 and 5:38 and then on the last one, she was asked to run as fast as she wanted to and she ran over a minute quicker with 4:33! 

  • Completed 15 mile today in 2 hr 15 mins , conditions could have been better. Every thing went according to plan and no niggles , well happy with that. Did some core exercises and stretches before and after, did the job
  • Good solid run Derrick - good to hear niggle free.

  • Hello!!!!!.....was lovely to catch up with you the same kit again!!!!....we just have fab taste!!!!.....Really looking forward to Dorney lakes!!!......image...old Mrs Speedy knickers....!!!!......image

  • Evening Sarah. Glad to hear that you all made it to boot camp ok. I was worried about you when I opened my curtains on saturday morning.

    I was lucky I got my long run (18 miles....outdoors) in on friday so I just had a rest day planned for yesterday. Then this morning all the snow was washed away image

    Im impressed with the pace of your last lap yesterday 5.55min/mls...thats flying, what ever you had for breakfast that morning I need it!

    I love my fruit and veg...I really do need emergency supplies just incase. I dont crave chocolate and cakes, just fruit and odd!

  • Week 6, Day 7

    Goal: 18 miles at 9 min/mile

    Actual:18 miles at 8:46 min/mile


    This was a bit of an ... eventful run. I'll update you tomorrow with pics and details!! image


  • the figures look good for the long run - look forward to hearing the story.

  • Some good pictures of you sarah in the march RW
  • Hey Sarah.......good seeing you on Saturday. Your last mile winder was very impressive indeed. I had no chance of sticking with you. 

    I'm interested to hear the ups and downs from Sundays run. It sounds like it was full of incidents!image See you at Dorney Lake in 3 weeks time. Windsor isn;t too far from where i live, so I think I'll travel there on the day all being well. If you run the Dorney Lake half like your last mile winder on Saturday I wouldn't be surprised if you weren't somewhere close to 1hr30!

  • RRR, not forgotten about you, will be on tomorrow night!

  • Evening CailinAgRith!

    Ooh I bet Dublin marathon will be amazing!! I visited Dublin a couple of years ago and loved it … doing the marathon there is definitely on my list! Is this your first? Have you run Dublin before?

    Glad you’re enjoying the run descriptions! Writing it all down is like running them again!

  • Evening Derrick!

    Glad your run went well after your massage! My massage was lovely! After all the scare stories, she was petite, quietly spoken and very gentle!

    Glad the 15 miler went well too! And niggle-free – fantastic! Which stretches were you shown?

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