Cobbles & Red Wine - Sarah’s Paris Marathon Plan: Sub 3:35



  • Yippee well done on your PB sounds like a real effort to get there too. Brilliant running.

  • Congratulations on smashing your PB, you must be so happy....I had better get my skates (or running shoes) on as your closing in on my PB quickly!

    I didnt realise that a sauna could have that effect on you, but I guess when I've run abroad after being in the heat I can sometimes be quite sluggish despite the 3 -4 litres of water.

    Was the inca trail a race? I would love to do the one in Peru!

    What does your blister look like? Has it burst or is it intact? Any discharge? Redness? Pain in surrounding skin?
  • Afternoon Sarah Asics!

    Thank you! image I was so, so pleased to knock a few more seconds off and to finally get into the 20s ... it looks as though my secondary aim for 2013 (to get a sub-20 5k) is actually looking a bit more likely!

    Also ... I may finally chase Sarah Osborne downimage

  • Afternoon Sarah Osborne!

    Hee hee ... you've still got 5 seconds leeway, lady! No getting quicker, now!!image

    I hadn't realised about the sauna either, but it was a horrible evening trying to do that evening session. It should have been reasonably comfortable but it was horrendous.

    Yes - the Inca Trail was a trail race - apparently lots of mud and hills ... and now floods! I think there are llamas in some of the fields you pass which is how it got it's name. I'd love to do the Inca Trail too - my little sis has and it's definitely on my List too!

    The blister itself has burst and it doesn't have any discharge, but the toe is reddish purple and shiny - not good! And there's a white rim aorund the lower part of the toenail. It's not comfortable to walk at the moment.

    And here ... just to gross you out... (and no I'm not talking about the revollting nail varnish!!)




  • the toe looks ok compared to the nail varnish choice! May be worth seeing a chiropodist - it does look infected and slightly swollen. I've had blister problems of late and have used compeed blister patches which have protected the area well.

  • re your diary I wont comment on things like kebab with chips but I think you should be drinking a lot more water/squash/fruit juice especially with the volume of coffee!

  • Defiantly not changing my marathon target , if I can enjoy the run more and still come in at 3:30 then I will be more than happy , especially for my first marathon. Well done on your pb at the parkrun , excellent!! I did 15 this morning @ between 8 and 8.4 min/ mile , nice and comfortable and again no niggles , yippee!!!!!
  • Jeez... just when I'm catching you and Ady up with 5k times, you both go and absolutely smash your PBs!! No fair!image

    Well done - hope you've still got a huge smile on your face.

    Re the blister, I had some really bad blisters training for my first half and also had really bad tendonitis so I saw a physio and he gave me a load of blister patches and, as Steve Marathon Coach says, they really, really helped. Literally from the point of limping around and not seeing how I could even break into a jog to being able to run pain free... Big tip was to tape them in place with surgical tape to stop them moving off the blister when you're running. He gave me Second Skin squares but I'm sure there are loads on the market.

    Well done again!

  • Today's run involved a cyclist trying to run me down twice, the loss of a favourite buff and an ambulance ... I'll be on later with the full post.

    Goal: 13 miles at 8 - 8:30 min/mile

    Actual: 13.76 miles at 8 min/mile (part one), 7:55 min/mile (part two) ....


  • Huge well done on the new 5K PB!

  • Ambulance - I hope not for you!!!

    PB - well done! image

    RunnyRunRun wrote (see)

    Week 8, Day 4


    Goal: 5 x 1 mile repeats at 7 – 7.30 min/mile (8 mile total)

    Actual: 3 x 1 mile repeats at 6:45 min/mile (7 mile total)


    I was looking forward to this session. I’d had a busy day but this was a session I was confident about. I’d hit well within this pace running 5 miles in a Santa outfit on Christmas day … 3 hours after Christmas dinner so I was pretty sure that I could fly around the track and enjoy this one.

    The plan was a 2 mile warm up around the town and then back to the track to start the session. The warm up was fine and although the night was chilly, it wasn’t any colder than it had been for the last few days.

    I started the session and struggled to keep my pace steady. I’d taken my jacket off for the first set as I tend to get very warm when I’m running – I prefer to run in a vest and capris if possible … even in February! – but I was getting very cold and feeling unusually fatigued. The first 4 laps were completed in just under a 7 min/mile but this wasn’t particularly comfortable.

    I spent the 2 minute break between repeats putting my jacket back on as I was struggling to keep warm and my fingers felt swollen. I completed the second set and again struggled to keep the pace and I couldn’t clench my fists as I was getting too cold.

    There was something wrong here. I decided that I would try to complete the third mile repeat and call it a day. I’m all for pushing through, but it felt like there was nothing in the tank and the only thing that I would manage if I did the full 5 sets would be an injury and increasingly inconsistent laps. I don’t tend to give up but I felt there would be nothing to be gained here. There’s a difference between normal running pain and what I was feeling here. My body was saying “this is enough”.


    Possible reasons for the struggle:

    • I’d been in a sauna at lunchtime trialling a new gym and it could have been dehydration … although I’d had 2 glasses of apple juice and 2 enormous mugs of tea.
    • We’d been training at work and I hadn’t had time to eat before the session and it had been over 6 hours since lunchtime … although it had been an enormous lunch.
    • I wasn’t dressed properly for the cold weather … although I wasn’t dressed differently than usual.
    • I was coming down with a cold – my 3 year old has a hacking cough and a high temperature at the moment … although no symptoms have since materialised. 
    • I’m putting it down to a combination of the factors above. Also I have to have a difficult session every now and then … if every session went completely to plan what would be the point of hard work and practise?



    2 mile warm up

    3 x 1 miles on the track at 6:45 min/miles

    2 mile cool down


    I would put this mostly down to sauna and not eating 6 hours before running. You  always tend to eat your dinner, then run.  6 hours is a longer time for blood sugar to become low especially if not used to it!

  • Hi RRR

    Congrats on the new Parkrun PB image  But why did you drive to Poole to do it? 

    Bit worried about the preview for your Sunday run with an ambulance involved followed by an internet silence.  A bit too like a TV drama cliffhanger for my liking!

    My parkrun was a bit of mess. I was going to go with my wife and start at the back with her (she speedwalks rather than runs) as had been suggested.  However she came down with a heavy cold on Friday so didn't fancy it. I turned up late and didn't make my way through the throng of runners to the back of the field. In fact I started nearer the front than normal! Hence I set off too fast (again), ran a fast (for me) 1st lap, a slow 2nd and hung in on the 3rd. Result was a new PB by 1 second but not a pleasurable experience!


  • When you get a chance to write up yesterday's run dont forget to get in about your sister getting a PB too...image

    Hope the toddler's better now x

  • Definitely sounded like an interesting run yesterday... you don't do boring, do you RRR?

    Well done on the new PB as well Choccy - how far and fast??

  • Hi RrR, I must admit I've been refreshing the forum all day waiting for your description of Sunday's run! I hope all is ok!, image looking forward to a story!
  • Hi excited to hear about yesterdays run.

    only 5 sweating!

    Toe looks a little cellulitic (infected) and might need antibiotics if its not getting better/gets any worse. Not keen on the pink nail varnish, but then again I dont wear pink socks and tops...def your signature colour! Im more of a blue/green Steves Garmin!

    Well if you ever fancy doing the inca trail in Peru let me know as I would be up for it (as chris doesnt fancy it)!
  • Bit of a late congrats on your parkrun PB!!!! Fab effort!

    Been laid up ill for a couple of days so only just catching up with everything!

  • Got home to late , tired , hungry and drained , I should be doing a 7 mile run with 5 mile at half marathon pace . I'm going to give it a miss , don't want to put my body under too much stress and risk getting injured , what do you think Steve ?
  • Derrick

    maybe wise to miss a hard session but sometimes good to get out and do something easy just to get a few miles in.


    any news RRR?

  • Hiya!! Sorry to leave a comment hanging there so full of suspense!! I had a 2am dash back to Dorset on Sunday morning through the snow and encountered a cow on the road meaning another 999 call and have had a poorly 3 year old since then so haven't had a chance to nip on and update you. Will pop on the full update shortly!!

  • Evening Steve Marathon Coach

    I’ve made more of an effort to drink more squash lately as I seem to be drinking too much coffee at work so I’ll try and even that out in favour of the squash!!

    The toe is a lot better thanks – despite the nail varnish! – but I think it’ll definitely be worth getting some Compeed in so I’ll add that to the shopping list. Running the 13 miles on Sunday seems to have battered the toe into submission and it’s been fine ever since.

  • Evening Derrick,

    Sounds a good plan! Enjoy the run and still come in sub 3:30 – perfect!! Sounds like the perfect marathon! image Glad the niggles have disappeared never to return again – hopefully they’ll stay away too!

    Hope you get a good time at your half this Sunday! It’ll be great to see how you do now you’re injury free and with all of the training behind you!

    ... Just caught up on your last post! Hope you’re feeling better. Def not worth going out if you’re not 100% - I found that out on Thursday!

  • Evening Bacon Steve!

    Well considering the huge amount you smashed off your 5k PB last time, I have no doubt that you’ll be catching me, Sarah O and Ady at your next Parkrun!

    ... And I am wondering whether you’ll be overtaking me at the half marathon at Dorney Lakes on Saturday too!

    Nope ... my runs always seem to be overly eventful. I’m hoping that Paris is nice and chilled without any falls, floods or ambulances! Or escaped cows!

  • Evening CailinAgRith!

    Thank you so much!! That’s just under 10 minutes knocked off in just over 2.5 years! image The nice flat course at Poole helped though!

    How’s your training going?

  • Evening Ruth!

    Nope ambulance not for me thank goodness ... although I had to make a call to the police that morning at 2am!! Driving back to Rugby in the snow at 2:25am Sunday morning there was a cow in the middle of the road!! Dread to think what would have happened if a car had come along the road at the speed limit of 60mph and hit the cow!

    I think you’re right about the sauna and leaving too long a gap between eating. Definitely something I won’t be repeating!!


  • Evening Andy!

    Thank you for the congrats! I was in Dorset this weekend visiting my parents and Poole was the closest to their house! Couldn’t believe I had to drive 40 miles to get to the closest parkrun ... anyone fancy starting one in Yeovil? image

    Argh! That sounds like a painful PB ... but well done on your new quicker time! I can totally sympathise with the setting off too fast thing! Every, single 10k ...

  • Evening RunningForChocolate

    See – I TOLD you it would be worth going out for a run in the rain! image Plus you got to spend an extra half an hour in the pub!!

    p.s. Well done on your first 10k under an hour on Sunday!! Fantastic!!

  • Evening Angela!

    Sorry to keep you in suspense!! I had a mad drive back from Dorset at 2am involving lots of snow and an escaped cow ... then a poorly 3 year old yesterday and today so I haven’t been able to get on here as I’d hoped!

  • Evening Sarah O!

    Hee hee!! I’d hoped to catch you up on Saturday ... but maybe next timeimage This sub-20 is looking more hopeful for this year isn’t it! image

     I’m definitely not feeling the love for my pink nail varnish!! Toe’s a lot better thanks – sorry for the pic!! image It kind of gave up on me on the longish run on Sunday and hasn’t given me any grief since then!

    Definitely up for doing the Inca Trail. Definitely, definitely. Although ... I’d like to do Paris marathon first before we organise that!! image Also that 20 mile pub crawl!!

  • Evening AW!

    Thanks for the congrats! I was reall, really pleased to make it into the 20s! image

    Hope you’re feeling better now! Not man flu I hope! I hear that can be serious if not treated quickly with Lemsip and tissues ...

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