Cobbles & Red Wine - Sarah’s Paris Marathon Plan: Sub 3:35



  • Back to the Future has a 'Synchronise watch' moment and just about any WWII film would have had one!

  • Morning Bo! - Great to hear from you! I don't think our 5k and half times are too different so might be good to see how you find this plan. Would be good to have someone else along for the ride so we debrief post run and compare sessions and aching limbs! image

    Brolish - Defintely think we should start that petition ...! Well done in getting into VLM. Are you going through the Charity route or did you get a ballot place? (Or are they actually a myth?)

    Xyloid - Think that might be it!! Reckon it might be Back to the Future!! image 

  • Sarah- I've got GFA for London. I tried the ballot a couple of times but never managed to get in and didn't fancy the charity route so waited until I got fast enough.image It will be nice to do a mara at home, all my previous ones have been abroad.

    What's the plan for today?

  • Time for all of you to realise that 10K's are a wonderful combination of speed and endurance, not only which you can race them week after week. If you lack speed then racing 10K's is the way to go.image

  • DD- which is precisely why I keep on doing them... can't force myself to enjoy them though!

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Go away DD.  image  This is a ladies thread and ladies should not have to run 10ks! image

  • DS2DS2 ✭✭✭

    Minni - do I have to go as well. I did promise RRR  that I would wear those pink fluorescent socks!image

    Anyway, I agree. They are the way to go and I do hate them. Every step of them!

  • I do enjoy them when they go well but it doesn't happen very often.image

    DS- you can stay but we want a pic showing you in those socks!

  • Seren - Mission Impossible?  Pretty sure they did it every episode.

    In any case, it's got you thinking about the theme tune.

    In case I'm wrong, this message will self-destruct in five seconds.

  • Tenjiso......thats the one..........the original TV show...........image


    Now with all this banter i have forgotten whats on RRR's schedule for todayimage

  • Training Session: Week 1, Day 2 …

    6 miles at a 9:30minute/mile pace

    Unfortunately as I can’t quite fit this one into a lunch hour AND have a shower so I’ll give you an update when I’ve done the session this evening. (I'm determined to avoid the 'STINKY Mad Runner' title)

  • Brolish – So ...First marathon on home turf!  What are you expecting to be different?

    Dubai Dave –  Bother. I had a feeling you might say something like that ... can’t I try ESPECIALLY hard on my 5ks?image

    Minni – Love it! Can I play the ‘lady’ card when Steve asks me to do a particularly tough interval session too? It’s got to be worth a shot!

    DS2 – Good diplomacy!image But hang on ...You been promising pics of your pink socks since Bootcamp ... are you just saving them for special occasions now?

    Tenjiso – ARGH! Now not only do I have those words ... but now the theme circling in my head...! There will be no room in there for work! ...

  • Ekhem... based on my previous experiences this time I'm hoping for no natural disasters, marathon cancelations. flight diversions and heat waves. That's all I'm really asking for!image

  • Brolish - I have a horrible feeling that you may just have jinxed this year's VLM ...image

  • DS2DS2 ✭✭✭

    RRR - I live with 4 women and grew up with 3 sisters as well so I have learned a little!image

    I haven't posted any pics because you have failed to deliver.......oh yes, I didn't give you an address to send them to.image

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    RunnyRunRun wrote (see)

    Brolish - I have a horrible feeling that you may just have jinxed this year's VLM ...image

    I've arranged for VLM to give Brol the wrong date to save the rest of us!

  • I saw Minni kissing Santa Claus wrote (see)
    RunnyRunRun wrote (see)

    Brolish - I have a horrible feeling that you may just have jinxed this year's VLM ...image

    I've arranged for VLM to give Brol the wrong date to save the rest of us!

    Minni- Haha and it was you who talked me into doing it. You will only have yourself to blame!imageimage 

  • and i think that VLM is the same day as Llanelli.............lets hope its not heatwave.i haet heatwave........

    luckily for RR Paris is earlierimage

  • RRR - London 2001 was one of the best experiences of my life. It even made the months of training worthwhile!

    Is your current schedule more or less than what you've been used to doing?  What, if any, are the significant differences? Does your mileage ramp up in weeks 2 -4? Have they included a Christmas Day run for you? (apologies if you've already answered these elsewhere)

    We're having an office refurb in the New Year. Me and a couple of others are campaigning for a shower to be installed. Daylight running at lunchtimes is definitely preferable in the winter months.

  • DS2 – Nice try! Don’t make us track you down ...! You promised pink socks. No going back on your word now!image Besides we all think you’ll look very fetching. Did I say fetching? I meant feminine...image

    Minni – I like it! Extra evil! Brolish will turn up on the wrong day ... and in a heatwave ... in Lycra. Don’t worry Brolish  - we’ll all turn up to laugh and point... I mean cheer you onimage

    If they don’t put the GFA bar up for ladies, hopefully I’ll be able to sneak in on a GFA in the next couple of years. Having no joy through the ballot so far ... 

    Soren – Llanelli is the same day? Well hopefully the heatwave / tsunami / fireballs will be confined to the London area then!image You’re right – Paris is on the 7th April so hopefully a little too early for heatwaves!! Fingers crossed anyway ...!

    Andy – What made it so good? Was it the atmosphere?

    Re office showers – keep campaigning!! It has made such a difference to be able to run at lunchtime and it’s amazing how many new trails and footpaths you find around the local area! I work on a big industrial estate but within 10 minutes you can get to the most amazing woodland paths and tracks. A bit boggy this time of year but fantastic for practising Cross Country and de-whitening new trainers! image

    Training Questions

    I tend to average about 35 miles a week (although I reduced this slightly after the marathon in October for a few weeks) so at 26 miles this week will be a nice relaxed week for me. However after this, the mileage jumps by about 4-5 miles a week up to a 39 mile week at the end of week 4.

    The significant differences will be the structured runs and the speedwork. For instance tomorrow I’ve got a 4 mile run with the middle 2 miles at sub 8 minute/miles. In the past I’ve tended simply to run the whole thing a bit quicker and just to push harder if I want a quicker time rather than use structured methods of doing this. It’s going to be REALLY interesting for me to do these types of run and to see what impact they’ll have on my speed. 

    I think Steve Smythe has shown he means business by not only scheduling in a Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day run but by also giving me a New Years Day run. Ouch! If anyone wants to stand by with orange slices, a damp cloth for my brow and some dispersible aspirin in a glass of water, I will be very grateful!  ... and also very surprised!image 

  • I noticed that RRR......I am running chistmas day, boxing dat#y and the day after.......but they are traditional now.park run on christmas morning is a great way to get the family out of the house and to avoid starting on the alcohol at breakfast time image


  • Hey Sarah, we have similar runs tomorrow. I have 6 with middle 2 at 6.45. Did you have a session today?

    I know what you mean about next week, I have a Christmas day brisk 5 miles in 35 mins!! Part of its my own doing though, I booked a 10k for the day after boxing day!

  • I'm very good with a pointy stick if that's any help and making eek eek noises as I prod you along...

    LOL to the festive runs - like you wouldn't be out anyway! No sympathy here - it's the best part of the extra days off... image

  • Sarah it was my one & only experience of a big city marathon & the atmosphere & experience of it all made it a fantastic occasion.  I'm very envious of you doing Paris image

    That's a harsh schedule giving you Xmas Eve, Xmas Day & Boxing Day. Are you planning on cutting down on the festivities otr fitting the runs in around the parties etc?  I've got a 7 mile trail race on Boxing Day morning (first 3 miles uphill image) which will be enough for me.

  • Seren – I like the idea of doing a Christmas parkrun! I don’t know about getting my family out of the house on Christmas morning though … more likely leaving them fighting over the cracker toys IN the house and getting myself out for some peace and quiet!!

    Evening Alex – We do have similar runs tomorrow … but what you tactfully didn’t say is that yours is a lot quicker than mine!image One day I’ll chase you down Alex … I’m going to keep practising! (Or maybe just distract you with a mince pie and an artfully placed trip wire…image

    Hi SB! – Not sure a pointy stick is quite the encouragement I was looking for … although getting prodded with a stick might be more effective in making me get out of bed New Years Day than the offer of a cup of tea! You’ll have to phone me up and scream “Pointy Stick!!” down the phone at me and hope The Fear takes over!!image

    Evening Andy! – Well I think there are still entries left for Paris…! image Your trail run sounds good… but if the first 3 miles are uphill does that mean the final 3 are downhill?? I’m don’t tend to drink much except on special nights out so the running shouldn’t really be too affected by Christmas …

    But saying that, I’ve got an all-inclusive work do tomorrow which might be a bit messy. I’m swapping my runs around today and tomorrow to fit around the routes available in that area and the time I’ve got ... and luckily Friday is a rest day!! image

  • yes not very festive of me to put runs on those days. I always recall Daley Thompson saying he trained on christmas day because he knew his rivals would and most runners I know like running those days as it's quiet and means you can eat more later without feeling guilty but it's really not a problem at this stage of the schedule if you want those days off!

  • DS2DS2 ✭✭✭

    Don't wimp out sarah. If you do all of the runs I promise to wear pink socks!!!image

  • Evening Steve - Thanks for the offer, but I'm not missing any runs unless there's a proper reason ... sitting in front of the TV scoffing turkey probably doens't count as a real emergency!image

    ... Besides I can't miss the opportunity to dress DSanta2 up in pink socks... ! (I know he'd be peeved if he didn't get the chance!)

  • DS2DS2 ✭✭✭
    Haha RRR. Glad to hear it. I know you won't miss any and starting to regret my offer now
  • Training Session: Week 1, Day 2 …

    4 miles: 1 x mile at 8 min/mile, 2 x miles at 7:25 min/mile, 1 x mile at 8:25 min/mile.

    It’s raining. Actually ... it’s pouring. And there are puddles EVERYWHERE.

    I looked at my spangly, new Asics GT2000 trainers. I looked at my clean, new Asics running tights and top. Tonight is most definitely a night for running indoors.

    I set the treadmill to 6kmph warm up walk for 2 minutes and an incline of 1.5 and did 1 mile at an 8 minute mile (12kmph), 2 miles at 7:25 minute mile (13kmph) and 1 mile at 8:25 minute mile (11.5kmph).

    This run was scheduled for tomorrow, but I have swapped these sessions over as I have my work Christmas party tomorrow and there isn’t an easy route nearby to do a night speed session on.

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