Cobbles & Red Wine - Sarah’s Paris Marathon Plan: Sub 3:35



  • I've always enjoyed my Christmas day's the new years day one I would be more worried about!
  • Sarah - I'm thinking about trying to find a Christmas day parkrun (if any city is doing one not on a Saturday) and adding another couple of miles onto it. MIght be nice to get out and away from the sprout fug. (Urgh sprouts!) image

    I reckon if I can manage a 5k around Dublin after my sister's Hen Do, New Years Day should be a breeze ... !

  • well done on the session though some think doing it on a treadmill doesn't count and you may have to do again after getting home after the xmas party!

    xmas park runs here:

  • Steve - Well ... I can give it a go after the Christmas party but it won't be speedy and may be a little bit wobbly ... image

    Thanks for the Parkrun link - it looks like there IS a Christmas day parkrun near me after all! Might as well work up an appetite for the turkey!

  • yes seriously not a good idea to repeat tomorrow and rain will probably continue anyway. In some weather conditions understand best to run on a treadmill than in ice, snow, strong winds and downpours etc though generally I do think it's not quite the same as running in the real world. However, I only have managed about 4 proper  treadmill runs in last 40 years so it's not my specialist subject  

  • Out of necessity I have trained for quite a  few marathons almost excusively on treadmills, I don't see that it really makes any difference, your still running. Having said all that I would still rather run outdoors

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    I find treadmill running much tougher than outside. I'd have struggled with those two middle miles.
  • Ingrid Kristiansen set a world record 2:21 at the London Marathon in 1985, after doing most of her training (during the Norwegian winter) on a treadmill.

    I've never understood why, but I find some sessions harder on the treadmill than outdoors.  Not just mentally (averting boredom), but physically harder.  Perhaps it's because I'm in my garage, where there is very little air flow?  edit: I see Minnie agrees!

    I know I'm in a minority, but I actually like training on a treadie image (except long runs, I admit).

  • I saw Minni kissing Santa Claus wrote (see)
    I find treadmill running much tougher than outside. I'd have struggled with those two middle miles.

    I like the feeling I get after those tough miles on a treadmill - knowing I refused to give in to the temptation of simply pressing a button to reduce speed. image

  • I also find tready running harder than running outdoors, suspect its a) because I'm bored b) sweat more c) lack visual stimulation (well sometimesimage)

  • The visual stimulation in a Gym can be a motivator, Dave.  Sadly, there's none of that in my garage (unless you have a paint can fetish).  Although, at least I can listen to podcasts without a background of "pumping" tunes image.

  • Once in Royal Dubai Dave city wrote (see)

    I also find tready running harder than running outdoors, suspect its a) because I'm bored b) sweat more c) lack visual stimulation (well sometimesimage)

    I can agree with all three of those image plus it just seems harder!

  • Steve - Thanks for feedback. I will make sure I now get the majority of my sessions done outside. Unless it’s really snowy or icy. I tried to do fast intervals outside when it snowed last year and I felt like a cartoon character with my legs spinning and not getting anywhere. Probably amusing to watch though!

    Also, I understand that I need to start practising pace judgement.

    Dubai Dave – You ran almost exclusively on treadmills? Including long runs? Eeek! What is the furthest you’ve run on one? And how did you survive the temptation ... the ‘off’ button is tantalisingly close!

    Do you really think you sweat more on a treadmill? Because of no airflow to dry the skin?

    Minni – I do too - even with a really good audiobook. I get really bored whereas outside there’s plenty to distract me. And I'm very distractable!! This session wasn’t too bad though because the different speeds were quite short intervals so I could count down to the next speed change without getting too bored.

    Tenjiso – I don’t know why but it always feels faster on a treadmill ... well the session last night did anyway. Like you say, it might be that the air quality isn’t so good in a garage?  I definitely felt like I was going quicker than the numbers suggested!  

    Although I agree that it’s nice to be able to hear an audiobook without having a background ofthe type of dance music that usually plays in a gym!

    Andy – Definitely agree! Although it was nice to be able to programme and go last night ... very lazy I know. image

  • RRR - I've done a lot of treadmill running and don't think it helped with my marathons at all. The interval stuff was good in some ways because you set the treadie at the right speed and ran it but it did nothing for pace judgemnet and then when I ran outside it didn't seem to translate.

    I cancelled my gym membership so that I wouldn't be tempted and I haven't regretted it one bit. Even this morning doing my recovery run in the wind and rain was still better!

    I, also, feel better for running outdoors - it just feels easier!

  • Hi RRR,

    How's the first week of training going? Still got that huge smile on your face? image

  • I haven't run on a dreadmill for years but going on a snowboarding holiday in Jan and plan on carrying on training so will have to resort to it for a while. Not sure how I feel about it.

  • I'm probably odd (yes I know you know that already) but I like using treadmills - not all the time mind you but I do at least one session a week on there - useful for simulating hills when you live somewhere flat and I prefer my intervals to be monitored!


  • Hi steve

    I have tried to find this out..............But after last years success.......why has the format changed to using the asics schedules..............they are designed for running 2,3 or 4 days and already the talk is changing it to 5 for all the runners.....the mileage is being upped for all the runners and the long run pace seems to be fast......

    why use the schedules and then basically change everything....why not use more suitable schedules......

    for some one like me who is trying to fit in between two of the schedules for time.......I can not look at both and find a medium ground as in the past........

    And there is no way i can use the asics schedules if they are too crap for any of the 5 runners to use.......and maxing out at under 40 miles wouldn't work for me

    I'm appreiciate that whatever schedule you use you would have to fine tune this for the individual......but these major changes means that its impossible for us to take part......

    it seem so much of a mess ..........hopefully this will work for the 5 but it seems like the rest of us are being restricted in joining in this yearimage

    How do you envisage the rest of us following the schedules for our marathons


  • I hate treadmills and have respect for anyone who does training on them...i never think they are the easy option

    RRR.looks like this is going to be a good thread this year.......just think that by the time the harder longer runs come along it will be warmer and drier

  • I do quite alot of my training on a treadmill as alot of the time its my ownly option. Like what's been said above I find it far more difficult to run on a treadmill than out doors in the fresh air but sometimes it has to be done. I know I did all my first half marathon training on a treadmill and I managed 1:40 which I didn't think was bad. Also did 16 miles this year before VLM- that was painful but satisfying at the end!

    Can't believe there isn't a park run in shef Xmas day!
  • we did have a treadmill for a while...........My huby used it a lot more than me...........I would run outdoors whilst he used the treadmill whilst watching the was in the living room for a few years.........

    But now he runs outdoors all the time and the treadmill has been rplaced by a turbo and bike in teh living room.

  • Seren - you've been around the RW forums for quite a number of years and must have picked up much good advice from a range of runners and mentors of all abilities.  I'm curious as to why you would even want to consider these Asics schedules - as you say they've been ditched for all 5 runners during week 1.  Why not just explore the best practice from your years of following the threads and put together your own schedule?

  • Hey is everything going? What's your training plan like? It would be nice to get the chance to do a half together before Paris. Which one do you have scheduled in? How did you find the 9:30m/m training? Liking your write up on Store Day image

  • Sarah, drive up to Leeds - Roundhay has a parkrun on on Christmas Day!
  • I'm on Christmas diner duties to help my mum out otherwise that would have been perfect! Do you live in Leeds nykie?
  • Seren

    There are lots of schedules out there, including the various RW online ones though the runners are all following individual schedules but all can still be followed - especially those doing London as Paris is obviously two weeks ahead.

    I know some runners have said they will follow what some of the 5 will do and if they are following Sarah or Alex, I am happy to make suggestions and amendments to others schedules where appropriate if anyone wants advice.

    I used the Asics ones as very rough starting points because we were asked to and they have apparently tried them out with very good results, especially at distances up to half-marathon.  It's not quite true to say they have all been ditched in week one as I haven't yet changed anything from my initially issued first month of training to my two runners because I was happy that what was issued was appropriate for them with the individual tweaking I did to them. Minor changes may be made at a later date if athletes get fitter or they or I feel they would benefit from it.

  • when I mean ditched.....they only go for 2,3, or 4 days and everyone seems to be running more days than that......

    anyway.....I will leave it here then as I am still seems to me by publicising the runners are following these schedules it will encourage people to go to the asics website and think that the only way to run a marathon is to run 2,3 or 4 days a week and no more............and that if they put in a shorter time they can get a good marathon result in 30 hours a week.....

    and i'm suprised that RW and the coaches here are putting there support to schedules  which give the idea that you can do a marathon easily on 2 days training a wonder so many people get injured training for a marathon


    I will let RRR get on and look forward to hearing about the runs over Christmas...nothing like having to report times and speeds to the masses to stop the overindulgingimage

  • Sarah, I'm actually slightly closer to the York and Harrogate parkruns but Roundhay's hilly and in a gorgeous park, so I go there.
  • I don't think the coaches were really encouraging people to use those schedules for marathons but acknowledging they were there as requested and the changes we made for our runners indicated that I prefer more sessions and more runs and miles and indeed more speedwork. I don't believe anyone can reach their marathon potential on two or three days a week but you could probably do one and get around. Two years ago because of a toe problem, I only averaged two runs a week and was still in sub-3.shape but almost every run was tough and long and I didn't enjoy the training. .

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    RRR - how are your adrenaline levels? Have you managed to calm down after all the excitement? Well done on a great start! 

    As a fellow plateau I've been camped more on Ady's thread but don't think for a minute I'm not keeping my eye on what you're up to here. 

    Good luck for the weekend runs. I hope you will be heading out in the storms like the rest of us and not jibbing out and heading for the treadmill!image

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