Cobbles & Red Wine - Sarah’s Paris Marathon Plan: Sub 3:35



  • Evening DS2!

    Lovely to hear from you! Yes … I’m hoping this cold will be short-lived! Headed out for a short run this evening and although it was ridiculously slow it wasn’t as horrendous as when I ran with the cold last time so hopefully it’ll be well gone by the time Paris comes around!

    Thanks for your words for support. I get ‘Missed-Run-Guilt’ every time I miss a run and have to tell myself that one or two don’t matter … especially if running them with a cold will make things worse!!

    The pink socks haven’t been out recently … although I still seem to be wearing a crazy amount of mis-matched neon.

  • Evening Steve Marathon Coach,

    I don’t normally watch tv and seeing some of the rubbish that is on in the daytime has only confirmed my suspicions that I’m missing absolutely nothing! Sorry to hear you’re not getting the runs in with work and the cold. Poland is gorgeous though – hope you’re getting a chance to see a bit of it outside of work!

    Went out for a very slow 4 miles earlier. It wasn't as bad as running with the last cold but it confirmed that I was right not to go out for the long run yesterday. I'll look to jump back into the schedule tomorrow though. Can't believe it's week 15 out of 16 already.

  • Evening Buffy!

    Fab to hear from you! Yes … I reckon a radiation suit is DEFINITELY the way forward. Just leave me a small hole so I can drink coffee through a straw and I’ll be fine!

    Well done on your Wilmslow time – that’s amazing especially considering the weather has been absolutely horrendous!! I know you said you don’t trust the calculators, but I do quite like this one: as it looks at 4 different formulae to suggest a race pace and time.

    You’re not much different to my half-marathon time last year (1:39) and I did 3:45 so reckon that could be on the cards. What would you like to aim for? I gave myself 3 goals to aim for, for Liverpool marathon and I’ve done the same for Paris:

    Dream goal:

    Realistic goal:

    Acceptable goal:

  • Feeling any better today RRR?

  • Afternoon DS2

    Still feeling rubbish. Fell asleep in training earlier at work so thoroughly in disgrace. Waiting for a sports massage at the moment. Goin to see how I feel before trying tonight's session. (Sulk, sulk, grump)

    Hopefully physio won't use her elbows too much ...
  • hopefully being unwell now will mean you will be 100% healthy for Paris, If you do session don't try and run at the speeds you would attempt if you were healthy - just ease through it if you do but doesn't matter too much if you miss.


    Hi there! thanks for brill calaculator which I have already bookmarked as I am addicted to data. How frustrating that you are ill again - but at least you'll be fully recovered for the race and all the work has gone in. I take echinacea for colds.

    Not sure what is realistic for me - I suppose 3.45 as I got 3.50 last year (missed a GFA by 8 seconds!) would love a 3.40 ish - but I'm not going for a 3.34 like the calculators say as I think that would end in misery.

    What about you? I expect you are capable of a really impressive time since you've trained so well...

    PS I could not give coffee up - not even for a marathon  - so I am very impressed with your iron will. 


  • One for Steve , I've just done a speed session , 1 mile warm up 5 ,1000m @7m/mile , it felt really comfortable but on my last lap my left calf just clamped up , it hurts slightly and now I've just iced up , got any advice , should I rest a day or two , stretch or not, don't need this , I'm running really good at minute.
  • Evening Marathon Coach Steve,

    Yes that’s my thinking! Get all of the bugs out of the way now so I can rock Paris!

    I had my sports massage earlier and decided against running. I’m not 100% and don’t want to drag this cold out. I’m going to get a couple of early nights in and just keep wrapped up and medicated!! The training is going so well that I don’t want to jeopardise it by running when I shouldn’t … I’d be gutted to miss my marathon target because I did something stupid now!

  • Evening Buffy!

    Glad you like the calculator … it’s fab isn’t it! I hate details and spreadsheets … except when they’re full of my running data – then I can’t get enough of them! I’ve found the calculator fairly good although it reckoned last year that I shouldn’t have been able to get my half marathon time from my 5k time … just goes to show there’s a bit of wiggle room!

    Oh how irritating about missing the GFA by 8 seconds – argh!! Well you’ll have to nail it this year and then I’ll see you at London next year as we’ll both have a GFA!! (Fingers most firmly crossed!!)

    I’m just going to stick to the 7:55 – 8 min/mile pace this marathon and try to nail this Boston Qualifier. I don’t want to try to go any faster and have the wheels fall off and end up dragging in on the sweeper lorry …! If I feel strong in the last few miles (does that HAPPEN in a marathon ever?!) then I might up the pace then but I’m going to stay as consistent as possible for this one.

  • Evening Derrick,

    Hope it eases off. Keep us updated...

  • Tough mudder.... Isn't that that crazy one with fire etc? Isn't it really expensive too?

    I think I'll try to find some of these XC that are 3 times shorter than Orion 15, that marathon coach Steve talks of, though I had always thought XC was a winter sport?
  • Got.up.this morning and had to limp down stairs , not a good sign , I spayed some deepheat on it and put a compression strap on , let's see if it eases of through the day , it looks a certainty that I'll be having a rest day was a steady one as well , I enjoy them ones , well I enjoy them all but it just more therapeutic.
  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    RRR - just looking in to check no bizzare calamities have hit you this week. Not locked in car park...check. Not chased by wildfowl...check. No run ins with cyclists...check. So nothing bizarre but damn, something completely mundane - those pesky cold germs have got you! Can't believe you've been struck twice in one training campaign. 

    I hate colds - I mean I really hate them. Just hope it's a short one for you. It should be, you are as fit as anything so your body should be up to the fight. At least you are in taper so no need to worry about missing those easy runs. As Steve says, better to have it now and get it over with. 

    If there's one thing I do like about a cold it's that after it's out the system, bizarrely I always feel quite energised. So rest up well and look forward to that final build up towards the big one - which, by the way, you are going to completely destroy! 

  • Its a calf injury to be precise steve.

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Derrick - that's really bad luck, do you think you have torn it? Personally I'd put ice on it as opposed to heat. If there's a tear, no matter how big, then ice will help reduce any swelling and aid the healing process. 

  • Cheers Malc , I have iced , I would I know what kind of injury it is , I was running and I felt my calf tighten up followerd by a slight pain .
  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Derrick - I'm not a physio so I'm just going off experience and what I've been told or read. An acute injury like that, where you feel something go, is most likely to be a muscle or tendon strain. They can be accompanied by a muscle spasm which sounds like what you're describing. The fact that it was slight (as opposed to severe) pain would suggest that it was a minor strain.

    R.I.C.E. is the first thing to go for. Maybe see how it is over the next day or so. If the pain eases then you can avoid the cost of a physio visit. But ideally see a physio so you get a correct diagnosis.

  • Hi Derrick, I would agree with Malcs- sounds identical to what happened to me last year- only difference being I thought it was just tightness and proceeded to massage, deep heat, foam roll it, which made it worse, not better. RICE and see a physio to tape it for u to protect it from further injury.

    I'm 6 months after it happened and I still get tightness in the front of that leg since the calf is weaker, so don't do what I did- go get some help!

    Good luck!
  • Thankyou for the advice Malc/Angela , I've iced it twice rested and kept it elevated, it does seem to be easing down , I've tried pinpointing just where exactly it is and it seems to be at the bottom left hand side , I remember a couple of weeks ago that when I prodded it it felt like a bruise , I have booked a appointment for a massage for Saturday but until then I will use the method RICE.
  • I'm hoping after all this hard training that I'm going to be fit and well for the VLM ,
  • Hi Sarah, sorry to hear that you have picked up a cold. I hope its nothing like last time and if you have any doubts get to your doctors early to get antibiotics. Most doctors would give up antibiotics easier knowing that your doing a marathon in a few weeks time.

    Did you manage your long run at the weekend. I couldnt see a report but I was playing catch up with being away all weekend so could have easily missed it.

    Ive finally bedded my new trainers in...the turning round point was on Thursday. I decided to wear them on an 8 mile run with the club and they were surprisingly ok. After that I wore them in france and for the race on sunday and they have continued to be ok. Such a relief after my old trainers suddenly felt un-cushioned.

    I think you jinx the weather with saying that the days are getting longer and the weather nicer last week!! Only kidding.

    Hope you feel better soon.
  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Derrick, maybe that spot you felt was a bit of tightness that hasn't eased up and instead has torn under stress? 

    Sarah O is the one with the medical credentials, what do you reckon Sarah?

  • Well my calf as just about disappeared ( the ache /pain), I think I'll give it another day and do some light stretches and go to the coast for a walk , I might as well wait until I see the sports massage on Saturday . How are you Sarah have you been out running
  • Hey RRR - how are you?
  • PC -PC - ✭✭✭

    Hi RRR,

    If Ruth lets you have 1 Creme Egg over Easter than have this one.

    Hope tapering is going well.

  • Evening Angela,

    Yes Tough Mudder is the one with the fire, ice and the electric shocks. It was a good giggle and I chatted the whole way around although I kept my mouth shut during the very muddy parts! J It was good fun but I think every single person was bleeding by the end. I did it in May, although I think ‘proper’ cross country races are during the winter. Seems a bit sadistic though mixing ice and mud!

  • Evening Derrick,

    How’s the calf feeling now? Nope … no running for the last week. Have been feeling exhausted and just absolutely worn out … have antibiotics now so hopefully that’ll start making me feel a bit better.

  • Evening Malcs!

    No duck maulings, attempts on life by cyclists or weather disasters so far this week … but unfortunately also no running! Stupid sinusitis … have been prescribed antibiotics … again!! Grrr at winter weather and colds! I’m definitely hoping that I get the energised feeling afterwards that you described … at least I’ll get a nice easy taper I guess! J

    How’s the TR24 training coming along?

  • Evening Sarah O!

    Thanks Sarah. Have been to the walk-in centre today (not sure why it’s called that as I walked in … and got given an appointment time … and had to walk out and wait for an appointment later in the day!)

    Nope – no long run at the weekend. I havem’t run for a week. Have been really drained and exhausted. Hopefully I’ll start feeling better now and at least I’m in the taper rather than missing crucial long runs.

    Great to hear that your new trainers have finally bedded in and started becoming comfortable – fab news! How was France? And what was your weekend race?

    Eeek! I hope I’m not jinxing the weather … although I heard today that this Bank Holiday is supposed to be the coldest one on record.

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