Cobbles & Red Wine - Sarah’s Paris Marathon Plan: Sub 3:35



  • Hi Sarah,

    Like DS wanted to wish you all the best of luck for Sunday. Sure you will nail the result as your training has gone really well. Looking forward to hearing the report and blog image

    Are you going to do Boston next year if the time is in?


    Good luck Runny, though as I like to say, luck is not a factor, especially with all the training you've put in. Can't wait to hear how you do - I bet you will get a spectacular time.

    I've really enjoyed your thread.



  • Afternoon Bacon Steve!

    Thank you for your message! ONE more sleep now! Well, hopefully anyway depending on how many hours my bouncy 3 year old decides I need. According to her bedtime is a shorter way to say “Bouncing On the Bed While Undressing and Flinging Toys Around”. Well ... one more dark bit anyway! image

    I think I’ll be on the decaf coffee on the way over ... so not sure how that’s going to work. Is ‘decaf’ the same in French? It’ll be fab to see you and everyone again and we’ll definitely have to all have a goodbye – and celebratory - drink on the Sunday evening!

     ... So how is this working? You’re not running but you’re looking after the wine for us? I can’t help feeling a little bit suspicious about this ... I’ll be most upset if I turn up and the bottles have run dry ... hmmmm image

    Although knowing that I’ve got to get there before you finish the wine will hopefully make me run a bit quicker on the last 6.2 miles!

  • Afternoon Derrick!

    Glad you’re getting some good crosstraining in on the bike without any problems and I hope the physio appointment goes well on Thursday!

    Don’t say you’ll 'miss it'! The thread isn’t being closed down!! – we’ll just have to change the title from ‘Sarah’s Paris Marathon’ to ‘How did everyone’s races go?!’ I want to hear all about how you get on in your marathon and want to know how everyone’s elses marathons go too!! Please keep updating ... all these stories don’t end here! image

  • Afternoon Mamafox!

    Fab to hear from you! Thank you! I really, really hope I nail the time. I’ve just got to remember that the marathon is the fun bit after all the training. I get a medal at the end of THIS long run! image

    Glad you’ve enjoyed the journey and the adventures (didn’t realise long runs could be quite so eventful!) ... it doesn’t end here though! Please, please stay in touch and come say hi on Dreaming of Footpaths ... would be really great to hear from you and hear how your running is going too.

  • Afternoon Steve Marathon Coach!

    Phew – glad the 7 miles was ok. I felt an absolute fraud for cutting the run short, but was worried about damaging the knee if it was a real problem ... luckily there haven’t been any problems since. I’ve enjoyed my long runs – even the eventful ones! – so am trying not to get too nervous (although I AM!) and am focusing on the marathon being my reward for all the hard work!

    Glad I’m not the only one thinking about food when I run then! I haven’t done it this time but when I was training for Liverpool Marathon last Autumn there was a pub at about mile 13 that sold ice creams so I used to stop for one if the weather was hot! Perfect complement to a long training run! image

  • Afternoon Angela,

    Eeek!! Don’t jinx me! I DEFINITELY don’t want my next long run to be eventful! Interesting, fun, hard work, reward, PB, Sub 3:35, Boston PB – yes ... eventful no!

    Sounds as though your run was definitely a bit full of adventure! Hope you’re ok! Can’t believe those other runners didn’t stop!! That’s terrible!! In my last 2 long races (before Asics 26.2) runners went down in the final miles in front of me and I stopped for them – can’t quite understand why people wouldn’t ... don’t they want people to help them if something happpened?!

  • Afternoon Sarah O!

    Thank you Sarah! I think you’re going to smash your London target ... no worries there – Miss Speedypants! Will have a good catch up at TR24 (I’ll be going slowly so will time to chat! image and I’ll be able to keep more of an eye on your RW thread after Paris too!

  • Afternoon PC91!

    Well, it hasn’t been so far ... but for you I’ll do my motor noises as I rev up on the Paris start line! image

    I think Ady and I will hopefully come in at about the same time (me maybe 5 mins behind for 3:35) but if he sprints past me on the final 100m I will NOT be impressed! image But ... he WILL have a cracking new PB so that’d be worth it! We’ve chatted about running it together but I’m not sure how well it would work as it’s difficult running your OWN long run (if that makes sense) without feeling you have to match your speeds to a friend’s. Ady’s a lot more experienced in marathon running than me (I think this is his 15th while it’ll be my 2nd) and I would feel a sense of responsibility that I would be holding him back if I start finding it tough going.

    Eeek! Glad you’re getting all prepared too! You’ll have to let me know how you find the expo and whether there are any good bits I need to look out for! It’s all getting a bit close now, isn’t it!!

  • Afternoon DS2,

    Thank you! Hopefully all the coughs, colds and illness have been left in the previous weeks and I will be race ready on Sunday! I’m feeling really quite excited now ... the nerves are getting left behind and I want to RUN!!

    That’s lovely. I’m hoping that I’ll make and keep some wonderful memories in Paris. I’ve got a picture I’ve picked up from somewhere of a reflection of the Eiffel Tower in some spilled wine. I’m hoping to make my own version. AFTER the marathon, of course! image

  • Afternoon Clive!

    Thank you so much! I’ll try to keep the report succinct ... but you know how over-excited I get when I’ve got a big race ... so expect to need 2 cups of coffee and a snooze halfway through the post!! image

    If I get the qualifier, then I will be off to Boston next year!! EEEk!!

  • Afternoon Buffy!

    Thank you! I am going to try my hardest to nail that Boston Qualifier. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

    Glad you’ve enjoyed the thread – it’s been fun hasn’t it? Although like I said to someone ... this isn’t the end. We all want to know how everyone else’s races have gone too ... and I’m absolutely positive that my running adventures haven’t finished. I’m sure there are more floods to fall over in, cyclists to be saved and PBs to be chased.

    You’ll be more than welcome at Dreaming At Footpaths ... come and say hi and if you fancy writing a guest post ... then please do! image

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Hi Sarah,   just wanted to pop in and wish you the very best of luck for the weekend.  I'm sure you're going to do really well, Steve MC knows his stuff and you've done really well on the training.  Go smash that target girl! image

  • Hi Minni!

    Thank you so much!! I'll try my very hardest ... promise! And don't let that Sarah O slack off - I want some company at Boston next year! image

  • Week 16, Day 3

    Goal: 4m at 8:30 min/miles

    Actual: 4m at 8:11 min/miles


    I admit it ... I went a little bit too quickly on this one. But it was just so GREAT to be able to run without feeling like hell. Without feeling like my head was inside a bucket which was stuffed with cotton wool. I wouldn’t say I’m a graceful runner, but my zombie-lurching style running of the last couple of weeks seem to have departed (along with an appetite for brains, groaning and tattered clothing) and I finally feel a bit more like the me-runner I was before the coughing, hacking, bogeys and sinusitis all started.

    Phew. Just in time ....!


    Distance: 4.02 miles

    Time: 32:45

    Average pace: 8.11 min/miles

  • Week 16, Day 34

    Goal: 3m slow with strides

    Actual: 3m slow with um... bouncing.


    This run was on a treadmill. But there was a good reason why ... my running jacket, buff and gloves were already all packed in my (enormous) suitcase all ready for Paris!! I may have gone a little overboard with the packing. I’m so worried about forgetting something, I’ve brought everything just in case. And I’m wondering how I’m going to fit the foam roller in. There may be small issues with doorways. And trains. And me moving it.

    I wasn’t sure how to add strides into a treadmill run without falling off the treadmill so I changed my cadence to compensate for this while keeping the speed the same. It was the equivalent to a fartlek but using the speed of the music to change my cadence.

    I’m lucky I removed the Happy Hardcore music from my iPod otherwise I may have damaged myself trying to run in time to that. Imagine Irish dancing. On a treadmill. But with someone completely uncoordinated attempting it. Or maybe picture this ... a squid attempting a Mexican wave.

    Yep. That was me.  

    Distance: 3.25 miles

    Time: 26 ish

  • I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m a hypochondriac ...


    Poor Bacon Steve has been suffering with his knee on the First Timers Asics 26.2 thread and while I sympathise greatly, I didn’t draw any parallels when my knee started playing up last week ...


    I’ve just read Sam Murphy’s comment about her developing plantar fasciitus 2 weeks before London Marathon one year and now my right heel hurts ...


    I read earlier about Mel (Busy Lifestyle in Asics 26.2) having an infected toenail so I’m expecting several of mine to drop off any day now. They’re all looking a bit suspiciously healthy at the moment but that’s probably only to lull me into a false sense of security. Even my problem toenail (which would be a rebellious teenager of a toenail if ever there was one) is looking almost normal in a manky kind of a way.


    I’ve realised that I’ve become one of those irritating hypochondriacs. You’ve got a sore throat? Mine is sore too ... AND I’ve got a cough (coughs irritatingly). You’ve got measles? Me too. Mine may LOOK drawn on (hides red pen) but that’s only because they’re bigger and more sore than yours. And mine come off in the bath. I’ve got so paranoid about falling ill - again - before the marathon that every little twinge is a potential disaster and I really, really am doing everything I can to avoid catching anything else.  


    I’m wielding antibacterial hand gel like a weapon and refusing to open any public toilet door without a protective piece of loo roll. I’m smuggling so much Andrex around in case of unexpected doorhandles I’m looking like moulting Egyptian mummy. It’s not a good look.


    Also I’m getting strange looks after clawing my tongue when I realise that I’ve accepted a cup of tea from someone with a cold and I’m trying to work out the best way to purge my tongue of flu-y germs without a) offending the person who made the tea or b) spitting tea over expensive laptops, delicate instruments or industrial equipment. Customers apparently don’t appreciate drippy tea on their things.


    I’ve got a sore throat from screaming after forgetting about my anti-bac-ed hands and rubbing my eyes. I’m so nervous I’ve started biting my fingernails – another revolting germ-y habit and I’m so busy straining my neck to check there isn’t anyone with flu in a 150ft radius I’ve given myself a crick. I’ve decided that I’m probably best off just getting on with my life normally and trying to forget about germs, bacteria or other creepy things.


    So Ady (Asics 26.2 On a Plateau) and Alex (Asics 26.2 sub-3) ... I’m sorry I haven’t nipped onto your threads today, but I’m worried that if you’ve suddenly developed a niggle or a twinge that it will suddenly appear on ME ... and I don’t dare push my pre-marathon hypochondria any further ....

  • Hilarious RRR - taper madness!!!!image

  • Afternoon DS2

    I'm a mess at the moment ... nerves and more nerves! I know once I start running I'll be fine but at the moment every time I think about the marathon my stomach flips! I think having to travel the 160 miles tonight and 120 tomorrow morning isn't helping ... Once I get on the train I'll be fine. (Waves disinfectant and makes shoo-ing motions at apprentice who is coughing suspiciously close to desk)


  • PC -PC - ✭✭✭

    Quick call the doctor !  You've got Taper Madness !!! 

  • Afternoon PC91!

    I think I must have ... no other excuse for this! image Did you get to go to the expo today? What did you think?

  • Bless your wee heart - go get em girlie! imageimageimage

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    RRR - LOL - image

    I'm only laughing because I know I'd be exactly the same in your position. Just keep breathing and everything else will take care of itself.

  • Good luck RRR - we have been well entertained!

    Think about how well you feel, how strong you are and leave all the illness crap behind as you whizz along on the train.

    What you focus on is what you get - so time to focus on your race.

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭
    Mike Sheridan wrote (see)

    What you focus on is what you get 

    Is it like at the end of Ghostbusters, where they have to choose their destroyer and Ray thinks of Mr Stay Puff the marshmallow man?

    In that case everyone be on the look out for a 20ft high creme egg marching through the streets of Paris on Sunday!  

  • PC -PC - ✭✭✭
    Finished work too late. Plus there was a rain drop so all the roads are blocked. It's a lot worse when there is a snow flake.

    Whilst leaving work I was thinking about your madness, then I found myself gripped to the stair rail. Never fallen down the stairs before, it would be stupid to start now.
  • I'll keep you posted then sarah , I went out today and did 5 mile no niggles , must have cleared up ( the calf ), only 2 weeks to go now for the london marathon , really looking forward to it , I bet your buzzing aren;t you ,

  • Haha, sarah the tapering madness always gets the better of us!

    Im constantly disinfecting my desk and the door handles at work after anyone comes in with anything infectious....coughs, colds, flu, tonsillitis etc, my rooms never been so clean!

    Have a good flight tomorrow and dont let Bacon steal all the wine!!

    Thanks DS2, I will keep an eye out for you. Where abouts are you standing?
  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    RRR - I may not get a chance to post in the morning so I'll take the opportunity now to wish you the very best of luck for Paris.

    You have been an absolute superstar on the forums. It's impressive enough that you work for a living have a daughter to take care of and do all this running but your forum posting and blogging is almost a vocation in itself!

    It was great being in the same group as you at boot camp. Your enthusiasm was immense there and you have conveyed this perfectly in your thread. At times I'd thought that you'd finally gone mental but you clawed your way back to reality on enough occasions to prevent a call for the men in white coats.

    There is no doubt you are capable of the target you are pursuing. I really hope that you get it because quite honestly you've freakin' earned it. 

    Best of luck. Stay sane, keep breathing and go get the prize you so richly deserve!

  • Morning Sleepy Bear!

    Thank you!! Will do my best and run like there's a cyclist chasing me!!

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