Cobbles & Red Wine - Sarah’s Paris Marathon Plan: Sub 3:35



  • Morning Mike!

    That"s really sound advice - thank you. Maintain my focus ... the rest will follow. will that n the start line.

  • Morning Malcs

    20 foot creme egg? i wish! (chasing THAT down would make me run quicker!!) Your post made me laugh ... I'll have to remember my Mr Stay Puft Creme Egg at mile 26!!

    Thank you so much for your lovely 2nd post too. I read your creme egg post out to Mr RRR to make him laugh and was telling how you kept me sane(ish!) at bootcamp and how nice everyone was. It`s great because this hasn't been MY journey to Paris, it has been EVERYONE'S journey ... and thats how it should be. 

    The training has been very intense but I've always had everyone here to keep me focused, keep me entertained and cheer me up again when i did something stupid like fall in a ditch... image

  • PC -PC - ✭✭✭
    Early bird!
  • Eeek PC91!

    Dont fall down the stairs!! Not now when you're so close!!

    Roads blocked?! Doesn't sound good! Has there been much flooding?

  • Morning Derrick

    Phew!! Calf sorted out with perfect timing then!! Glad your 5 went well! 

    Yes ... just want to get there and run now!!

  • Morning Sarah O!

    Flight?! You reckon my ENORMOUS isutcase would get through the weight restrictions?! Seriously if the plane went down I reckon I"d be able to hold out for quite a long time ... and hold off the Donner party! Plus go for runs with the huge amounts of kit ive brought!


    We"re eurostar-ing it ... and i hear there's a buffet car ...!

  • PC -PC - ✭✭✭
    No flooding, just stupid drivers, French drivers! If there is one rain drop, it's chaos. Sunshine forecasted for the weekend. Only road block foreseen will be the 40000 pedestrians on the Champs Elysee peventing me from achieving a sub 3h15. Perhaps I'll bring my bike.
  • Have a great weekend and enjoy the race, Sarah.  Hope you smash it!

  • Good luck Sarah. Been following your journey and sure you'll do really well, exceeding your original goal easily. Weather in Paris looking good for Sunday too. Enjoy the race and the celebration after. I'm doing London so still two and a bit weeks to go.


  • RRR

    Taper madness - your posts have been BRILLANT!

    Have a great weekend!

    To everyone else running - hoping all your wishes come true! Here's to lots of pb's this weekend.
  • here here Ruth!
  • Euro tunnel/star is great isnt it. I just like the fact that you can take bottled things with you!

    Good luck in the morning. Hope you are well carbo loaded and you sleep well tonight.
  • TR24

    Just wondering if anyone on here fancies joining our team for TR24/Thunder run which is on the 27th/28th of July.

    We have entered a team of 7 but so far only have 6 runners. The weekend involves running for 24 hours as a team, doing a 10k lap. If there are 7 of us this would be roughly 3 laps each, although one of our team members only wants to do 2 due to the mammoth cycle she is doing the following week. We will be camping over and have a tent etc already organised.

    I havent done it before but Ive heard some very good reports about it...any takers?
  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Wow, wow, wow!

    Fantastic news Steve. 

    Sarah - I am so pleased for you. Everyone knew you had it in you to beat your target but you absolutely destroyed it! You must be ecstatic. Enjoy the party tonight. Save me a creme egg!

    And Steve - that must make you extremely proud too. Both Sarah and A.W. clearing their targets comfortably. Well done to you too!

  • Brilliant run Sarah. So pleased for you. Bring on Boston!!!
  • Yes of course - very pleased but obviously they

    did all the hard work in training and the race. Firmly believe if you do all the necessary long runs , get in good half-marathon shape and do the right speedwork and pacing sessions and stay fit and healthy then get nutrition right and pace it well and are mentally strong and get luck with the weather then you should reach your targets! Weather was perfect today and both paced it brilliantly and both have had a superb training campaign.
  • They have been model students Steve and really deserve what they got. It seems so simple when you put it that way!
  • Yippeeee! You're going to Boston! Massive congratulations!
  • Huge congratulations sarah, I'm over the moon for you. You've worked so hard and totally deserved it....Boston here you come : )

    Might change the 8-10 miles I had planned for next sun to 7 now!x
  • Hooray!! Can finally get on the thread!! image)

    Thank you so much, guys!! I am absolutely over the moon!! Perfect weather, fantastic supporters and everyone has been AMAZING!! Poor Steve Marathon Coach having to read all of my waffle on my training runs to actually find out my times too! Patience of a saint!! image

    Compression gear on now, 1st creme egg down, 1st beer drunk ... !!
  • Congratulations Sarah! image

    You deserve every bit of your success.  I'm looking forward to your race report to round up an entertaining and enlightening thread.  As soon as you've come down from cloud nine image

  • Hi Sarah, I'm with Ten. Can't wait for the report!!!!

    That is a stunning time - you have to be delighted!

  • Well done RRR (Sarah)!

    Great result and well inside your target, so enjoy the celebrations......

  • Huge congratulations Sarah so well done. Worth all the late night runs it's taken a massive effort and committment to get all the training it but you've done it and you can savour this moment along with the creme egg!!!

  • You so deserve this result! I am so pleased for you. Enjoy tonight!!!
  • Brilliant!
  • PC -PC - ✭✭✭
    I joked with Ady because I thought you would be on his tail. Following everyone's training, the times were predictable but still required the effort to achieve them however your time is unbelievable. I was a bit down when i finished, I could only remember your surname so looked up your result which really cheered me up. I thought you would hold back to ensure the BQ time. Bloody mindlessness!!!! I wish I did put money on you. Congratulations, amazing run.
  • Fantastic news , I've been out for a 15 miler , looks like I've recovered just in time for VLM , no niggles image , I'm hoping I get a time near yours .
  • Well done Sarah

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