Cobbles & Red Wine - Sarah’s Paris Marathon Plan: Sub 3:35



  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Very well done Sarah.  Great result and you must be thrilled.  Well done to Steve MC too!  Enjoy.

  • mamafoxmamafox ✭✭✭

    Wooooooooo!!!! Brilliant!!!!!! Fantastic time - well done you! You must be bouncing.. I am!! A well deserved result after all the hours of training you have put in - and of course that famous bloody mindedness has played a part too. Looking forward to hearing ALL about it! image

  • Sarah- many congrats, fantastic time!image
  • Hi Sarah

    I met you in the start pen yesterday. Huge congrats! You must be thrilled!

    I sneaked in at 3:59:42 which is exactly what I wanted - a sub 4 given the problems with my back.

    Fabulous day and great to meet you image


    What a fantastic result! Can't wait to read the full story...

    I had a feeling that you would come in some way faster than 3.30 - you are so fast! Brilliant, inspirational stuff.


  • Crikey! That's ripping up the streets of Paris! Great effort Sarah. Well done!

  • I know I've said it on Twitter, but well done!!!
  • Congrats to you well done, great work to you and steve.
  • Many congratualtions Sarah - nice to meet and chat to you after the finish in the Avenue Foche. Great effort on reaching your target!

  • Evening!!

    I'm desperate to get onto the thread and chat to you properly ... But accessing Internet from a dongle on laptop - desperately slow!! Have given up and writing this from phone! So blame autocorrect for random words!! image

    Will get on and give you a proper write up tomorrow and will try and get on in lunchtime at work!! So sorry for delay ... Have SO much to tell you!! Pickpockets, sprinting in high heels and being squirted by firefighters!!!

    ... And a negative split!! image
  • ...cant wait to hear all about your weekend. Hope youve been recovering well.
  • PC -PC - ✭✭✭
    Is "sprinting in high heels" Steve's little secret? Tell us more!
  • Afternoon Tenjiso

    Had a fantastic weekend! Thank you for your good luck wishes – they worked!! image)

    I promise I will pop the race report up as soon as possible!! It was an eventful and amazing weekend and I’ve totally fallen in love with Paris!

    p.s. STILL on Cloud 9 !! image

  • Afternoon JoggingBookKeeper!

    Thank you!! You were right! Weather was absolutely fantastic in Paris on Sunday ... couldn’t believe that 2 weeks previously we’d had snow in England! Was practically BBQ weather!!

    We celebrated afterwards but I was definitely flagging ... could quite happily have fallen asleep in my chair! I sound like a right old dear now! Good luck for London!! How has the training gone?

  • Afternoon Ruth!

    Thank you!! I was  SO well behaved – running around looking for potatoes and avoiding wheat like the plague! Was also munching on popcorn over the weekend!!

    I took a picture for you of the jacket potato I had in a cafe (on the Friday before)... it was the size of my HEAD!! Think I must have looked hungry ...!!

  • Afternoon Sarah O!

    Yes – the Eurostar was so easy!! Also was a couple of hours enforced relaxation ... perfect for when you’re tapering ... or exhausted from running a marathon and celebrating unil late (um ... kind of late) the night before!! image

    Woo hoo!! Bring on Boston!! image What did you decide with your 8 – 10 miles? Did you change it in the end?

    Yes – I’m recovering well thanks! Crossed the finish line and slowed down and my arse started seizing up but thankfully all recovered now and everything felt fine Monday, but then DOMS has struck in my calves so it seems like I won’t get off as lightly as I thought I might after all! image

  • Afternoon Marathon Coach Steve!

    Thanks for updating the time for me!! I think I was far too excited for my fingers to have worked the keys on my phone. I probably would have written down 8:35 by mistake or something and disappointed everyone! image

  • Afternoon Malcs!

    Thank you!! I am so, so pleased with the time ... but definitely NOT saving any crème eggs for you!! Mine, all mine!! The ones I took with me were gone in fairly quick succession!! image

    Have to say, I didn’t expect to be 10 mins under target ... maybe 5 but not 10!!!

  • Afternoon DS2!!

    Thank you!! I’ve been looking at the Boston website this morning  ... and set up a reminder in my calendar to submit entry! image (Does a happy dance)

    I’m really pleased with the time – I knew that all going well I should be able to sneak in at around 3:30, but didn’t expect to do as well as I did or to feel quite as comfortable as I did ... although the last mile wasn’t a lot of fun!! image (Maybe because I was visualising all the crème eggs lined up waiting for me!!)

    How’s the Halstead training going?

  • Afternoon Angela!

    Hooray!! Bring on Boston!! image Everything just came together really well on Sunday. Was really lucky with the weather, nutrition ... everything.

  • Afternoon Mike Sheridan!

    Thank you very much! I’ve still got a big cheesy grin now thinking about the run on Sunday!! Definitely still celebrating!! image

    ... and still grinning!!

  • Afternoon Sarah Asics!

    Definitely worth all of the late night and the snow runs!! I didn’t know what time I had for about 20 minutes after I’d crossed the line as I’d had to restart the Garmin and the finish clock wasn’t working! The tracking app also wasn’t updating on my phone so I knew I was under 3:35 but I wasn’t sure by how much!! Katie RW took a photo of me when I found out the time (I’ve got this massive blue plastic poncho on – given at the finish) and I look like a complete happy lunatic!! image

    I’m definitely enjoying being able to eat crème eggs again – I’ve got 15 stockpiled in my freezer!!

  • Afternoon Ruth McKean!

    Thank you so much!! The nutrition and fuelling strategies worked really well – thank you very much! We had a couple of dicey moments in the restaurants (one had decided to offer a reduced pasta-y menu!) but everything worked out perfectly in the end ... and crème eggs are now go, go, go!!! image

    Also ... may have had MASSIVE cup of coffee afterwards!! image

  • Afternoon MarkD!

    Thank you!! I was REALLY, REALLY pleased with my time!! image (Does ANOTHER happy dance!)

  • Afternoon PC91,

    You were right with your weather forecast! Wasn’t it perfect weather!! Couldn’t believe how crowded the course was in places though! The motorbikes videoing the runners were having a hard job trying to keep upright!! How did you find it? The course got very narrow in places!!

    Ady and I did start the marathon running together and the plan was to stay together, but the conditions were very, very crowded (I expect you found the same) and we lost each other at mile 4 then I saw him about mile 6? 10? but the Garmins were showing different paces. Mine reckoned we were doing an 8:05 min/mile which wasn’t where I needed to be so we separated there. Think it was only because I had the mile averages settings on, but I didn’t like to risk it. I was pretty sure that I had the Boston time by about halfway as I felt very comfortable. 

    Sorry you didn’t have the race you wanted. What did you think of the route? I loved how beautiful it was – and the bands on route!! According to the race guide there were 90 bands!! Did you see any good signs?

    I think the sprinting in high heels is one of Marathon Coach Steve’s training tricks! I hope I don’t get told off for giving it away!image

  • Afternoon Derrick!

    How did your 15 miler go? Glad you’re all recovered and feeling better ... just in time for taper! Perfect timing!

    One thing Marathon Coach Steve said was to break it into 2 parts – the 20 mile warm up run and the 6 mile race. I’d heard this before but it didn’t hit home until Steve said it. It was good because it was a nice comfortable 20 miler – which I’d done plenty of times in training, and I could count down the miles of this until the good bit – the bit I was allowed to speed up and race a bit! image

  • Afternoon Knight Rider!

    Thank you very much! I’m really pleased ... and can completely agree with everything you said in the Asics 26.2 thread you started in about November last year about how fantastic it was! Agree 100%!

    Meant to ask you ... think you’re in my neck of the woods so know some of the parkruns – have you tried Braunstone? Is it a good one?

  • Afternoon Minni!

    Thank you very much! I’m really, really pleased! As much by the 20 min PB and negative split as anything else! image It really helped as well when you said that you’d got your sub 3:30 marathon from a 1:38 half – really helped to give me some confidence in myself. Thank you image

  • Afternoon MamaFox!

    Thank you!! I am SO bouncing around ... still!! And it’s Wednesday! Can’t see me sitting still or stopping grinning any time soon!! image

    Bloodymindedness DEFINITELY helped. After falling in ditches, having attempts made on my life by cyclists, running in snow drifts and all those antibiotics, there was NO WAY I was going to come in after 3:30 !! image

  • Afternoon Brolish!

    Thank you very much!! I’m really, REALLY pleased with the time. But of course, I’m now plotting how to speed up even more....! So how long is it actually possible to be happy with a marathon time for until you start planning your next? image

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