Cobbles & Red Wine - Sarah’s Paris Marathon Plan: Sub 3:35



  • Hey RRR,

    New Forest does sound good!  When is it?  Might add that to the bucket list.

    Hmm, well, I'm starting to get taper madness even though I'm not tapering until after my last 20 miler on Sunday.  Too much talking to everyone doing VLM this Sunday.  No more trips- I did East London Half Marathon on Sunday (DO NOT RECOMMEND IT) and got some nasty chaffing between my legs image  I should learn to ALWAYS wear lycra, no matter how warm...

    So ANGRY about the attacks in Boston yesterday image  luckily my cousin was planning to go to the finish line but was too lazy to go- thank god for laziness!

  • Morning CaroT!

    Thank you!! How is everything going your way? What have you got planned next?

    Chat? I think I run on hot air so the talking on the way round helps image Poor Ady – no wonder he disappeared after mile 4 ... he probably got tired of the yap-yap-yap from me!!  

    I’m sure we will cross paths again – although remembering your speed, I will probably only see your back if it’s during a race!! image

  • Morning Angela!

    New Forest marathon is 22nd September. I absolutely love that area too – will be so nice to have a run around it! Apparently the race fills up quickly so make sure you get your entry in quickly!

    Last 20 miler ...!! Then it’s the final countdown ... how exciting! How did the parkrun go on Saturday too? Wasn’t it the first in the area?

    Ouch! Chafing sounds awful – hope it heals up soon. I got some under an arm once from a seam on a top and it’s that horrible sort of soreness too. Ouch! Yep. Lycra is your friend!! image

    Oh my goodness. Boston was dreadful. So relieved your cousin didn’t go to the finish line after all.

    Can’t quite believe what has happened. Twitter is still in shock too – have a big running community on there. People are wearing running shirts today as a mark of respect. I’ve got my pink asics one on in the office. No one seems to have any proper information.

  • Hmm, 22nd September- I was thinking Bournemouth on the 6th October is too close to Halstead, so this one even closer- might be ideal for next year though, as I probably wont do a spring marathon next year, you know, unless i get picked for Asics 26.2....

    The first parkrun in Colchester was on the 6th- went really well- 128 runners showed up- parkrun person told us that we were unlikely to get that many again for a long time since a lot of people do parkrun tourism for new runs... We got 134 last saturday!!  So there was definitely a need!  Colchester is quite a big town, and the two closest park runs in Chelmsford and Ipswich are both 20 min drive away, and not so easy to find parking.  I still haven't run a parkrun!!! hopefully I can run it the week before my marathon.

    Yeah, I have a client meeting today so couldn't wear a running shirt- especially as last time I went there in my green bearfooters (look like crocs) the day after doing a half marathon due to my mega blister!

    I made a decision to do smaller races after last year's NYC marathon cancellation and the hassle around that.  Now I can't help thinking we should start un planned marathons.  In NYC everyone just went to central park and run a marathon- organised on social media... Perhaps we should just do that from time to time, get a bunch of runners together to run a marathon- no months of build up, no media (until they hear about it), just runners agreeing to meet up somewhere and run for 26.2 miles.  I wonder if all the ancilliary companies like the timing chips, start and finish lines etc could organise themselves so quickly?




  • Afternoon Angela!

    I can recommend everyone putting in an application for Asics Target 26.2!! Such an AMAZING experience!! Wow wow wow!!

    Sounds like you’re doing really well with the parkrun ... but it sounds as though next Saturday it’s YOUR turn to run it!! A new 5k PB is beckoning...? image

    Like the idea of starting a race off via social media ... but not sure chip timing etc would be possible ... think the courses have to be really carefully measured etc? But it would be pretty cool to just set something going on Twitter and all of a sudden 50 or 100 or 200 runners all turn up in a city centre somewhere and just peg it off to a finish line! You’d have to work out how people would find their way to the finish though – you wouldn’t be able to have marshals and you’d have to word it carefully so you’re not liable in case of someone doing something silly ...!

  • Can't quite believe that apart from a run the day after Paris ... I haven't run at all! Usually I'm making excuses TO run ...!!

    Can I blame a weekend in Amsterdam and lots of meetings at work? (Trots out excuses)

  • Just kidding - ur supposed to rest for a day per mile run in the race, so don't beat urself up for not running and when u do, make sure u don't go like a bat outta hellimage
  • Afternoon Angela!

    Have been roped into a 9 miler on Sunday ... That'll wake me up!! image Have Endure 24 and thunder Run to start training for ... Need to start doing some back to back long runs!! Eek!!

    Not sure the best way to train for them though ...!
  • PC -PC - ✭✭✭

    Not sure the best way to train ?  You're the expert who we're all looking up to and waiting for guidance !  How many of the 17 Creme Eggs are left ? (If you're worried that Ruth's going to read it then lie, say 25 !! image)

    Good luck for the 9 miler, that's 9 more than I'm doing this weekend. image

  • Hiya RRR, sorry about delay in reading your post, busy old week and packing to go to London tomorrowimage Re. Thunder Run Solo target, really have no target yet, it will be a 'see how it goes' job I think! It is just one of my jaunts in order to complete 13 marathons in (20)13!

  • Evening PC91!

    Eeek! Don’t look at me … you’re going to have to grovel to Marathon Coach Steve! I’m only on my 2nd marathon!! Probably the best advice I’d be able to give is: Use the portaloo while you’ve got the chance! J

    There are about 5 crème eggs left … BUT I’ve been given a box of 12!! So am back up to 17 again!! Life is GOOD!!

    Have climbed back into training again … although not into proper marathon training yet. Did 4 miles build up yesterday and a 4 mile fartlek today and will have a slow 9 miler through the country lanes tomorrow with a friend training for her first half marathon!!

    You not back into running yet – having a well deserved rest?

  • Evening Brer Rabbit!


    Good luck for London tomorrow!! Hope everything goes perfectly to plan!!


    Fair enough with the Thunder Run plan! I’m pretty much the same … going to play it by ear and try and enjoy it as much as possible! I’m not going to kill myself doing it as I’ve got the New Forest Marathon 2 months afterwards and that’ll be my main Autumn race really.


    Wow!! 13 in 13!! What a cool target!! How are you getting on? Is everything going to plan and which have you done so far?

  • Argh!! Marathon envy!! SO want to be running at London right now!!
  • 3:30::36 , so I've been told , that was my target and I achieved it so I'm happy , the last 6 mile were a killer , I've also got two beauty blisters on my right foot .
  • Bloody brilliant Derrick!!! You always said you wanted 3:30 so you were bang on!! Well done!!

    Got a race report for us?! Have never run VLM so want to hear all about it!!

    What were the best bits? Did you hit the wall? What was the congestion like?

  • Hooray!! Pics are working again!! Anyone got any of their race pics they want to post up??

    Pics from Paris:


    Just crossed finish line ... looking knackered and clutching poncho and race tee!



    Mel walking up to the start



    At about 7.30am ... the finish line in the background ...!!



     First celebratory beer!


     Me, Ady and Mel walking to the start with the Arc D' Triomphe in the background. Would like to reassure you that the ponchos say JOGGING not dogging.


     The view of the finish line from the top of the Asics area ... such a gorgeous day!


     The sun rising over the finish line ... with the Arc D' Triomphe in the background


     Milling around at the start

  • Fab pictures!

    Had an ace day in London, 3;34..bit gutted not to go sub 3:30 but too many people to weave around. But enjoyed it immensely. No. 4 of the year done, White Peak marathon in 4 weeksimage...just a little bit different to London!

  • Evening Brer Rabbit!

    Thanks! Was watching the video of us all crossing the Paris finish line yesterday too ... was a bit emotional!! Needed a creme egg after watching that! image

    That's a cracking time in London - ESPECIALLY as that was your 4th of the year ... wow!! How are you finding knowing you've got one every month? ... and then one?

    Are you planning them in advance or just looking out for ones that really appeal? White Peak marathon ...? That sounds seriously hilly!! Where's that?

  • Lots of cheese and a video of us crossing the Paris Marathon finish line!

    We may be a slightly bit happy in this ...!!! Video link here: video

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