Manchester Marathon 2013


I wonder if anyone can share my worry or give some advice? I completed Loch Ness Marathon 2011 successfully and was getting really in to my running therefore got places in the manchester 2012 marathon and the wilmslow half.

Both of which I had to cancel.

I was gutted to have to cancel but I simply didn't put the groundwork in. Nearly a year on - I have piled on weight, am eating and drinking whatever I want and feel rubbish.

I am the kind of person who needs a goal. I have (again) got a place for the manchester marathon 2013. I have been out for a few steady runs and have really struggled.

I guess what I am trying to ask the more experienced runners out there is whether I am out of my league to be able to get back my previous ability by april 2013?? And if so - how do I get back into it?!?!?





  • Just go and do it, no one can persuade you to do it, you must do it yourself. You didn't say what your previous ability amounted to, but no reason you can't as long as you want it
  • Indeed, it's up to you really...but if it's daunting, forget the mara, forget long runs, just trot around the block, just enough to feel the buzz and liven yourself up and anticipate the next run with pleasure.

    Let's face it, the prospect of 10,15,20 mile runs at this time of year can be a bit off-putting, so just run for fun , don't look too far ahead, build don't stretch and you may find that you get your appetite back.

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Just get out there and find a training plan and start doing it. There will be days where it is difficult but it's better to have the days when you struggle, on a training run in the dark rather than getting to the race undertrained and struggling on race day when everyone is watching. That's one thin I used to get me through my first marathon.
  • Hi Duncan I find the best way to keep motivated is to run with others. Once you start improving you will soon get the bug again good luck.

  • Duncan I have done the same as you and have an entry for Manchester . no one can do it for me so I guess I need to get my bum out the door, put in some miles and lose the weight . I will make it to the start line and hopefully that finish line too . 

  • Cheers everyone!

    I guess all in all I just need to man up & get out there!!! I've been on a couple of small 20 minute runs now and I'll just take it gradually.

    Plus have just discovered Heaton Park and it looks ideal for hill sessions!
  • Got to agree with EKGO, just go and do it, however short at first! I got into running while doing some charity events last year. I did the Liverpool half and Race The Train and am now training for my first marathon. I was very apprehensive about my first long distance run but you'll already know the feeling you get when you gradually improve and feel good about yourself and your running, from when you did this whole journey before! Just keep telling yourself it'll be easier next time out, which it will.

    See you in Manchester!!
  • Echo what Ben says about going with how you feel.  I've only started running seriously in the past few months and Manchester will be my first marathon so really looking forward to it.  Up to 10 milers now and need to pick it up.

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