Thanet 20 Mile

Anyone know when this race opens for entries?


  • I e-mailed the organisers to say we couldnt register online via RW as their website suggests.  I dont think the organisers were aware of this problem, but they are now.

    The organisers otherwise advised to register by post (entry form is on their website).

    I'll let you know what they have to say about the RW registration problem. 

  • Thanet always put on some stonkingly good and well organised races so I am sure they will get this sorted PDQ.  I bet you that, now you've flagged it, they will be all over this like the proverbial rash!!

  • And, I should add, the 20 is historically and epic race.

    Mines a pint of cider please TRAC.  ;)

  • Cheers PSC. Organisers replied immediately which was good. The RW reviews of this race are all positive. Looking forward to it. Perfect timing for my training for my first marathon - London 2013!
  • Good to hear. Good luck at both the 20 and London. image
  • Hi all - I set the race up for online entry over a week ago but as I don't subscribe to RW was not aware you couldn't enter online!  I have urgently emailed them this morning to sort the issue!

  • RW Online Registration open for business!

  • Thanks to the organisers, just entered image.

  • I am in again, God knows why! This is a great race, especially good training for anybody doing London as this course is a little bit more demanding.

  • Chesterfield Bill, how demanding is the course? I've not done this race before, is it a similar course to the Thanet marathon, without the extra 6.2 miles or is it a totally different course?

  • Sharon

    It is a different course completely. There are a couple of nasties, but they tend to be fairly "abrupt" rather than long and steady. The 20 does not go out in the Minnis Bay direction. It is a good race, I am sure you will enjoy it.

  • the course for last year's race is on ths link...

    it won't be quite the same this year, as we're going to Broadstairs first, and missing out the loops around the start. It's being measured this weekend, so I'll have it on the website in due course. It is good that it takes in the Ramsgate end of Thanet. am I going to run it - we'll have to see....

  • Thanks Chestfield Bill and Ed Heardman - that's really helpful.

  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    As CB suggests, I'll be using this as VLM preparation.

    My entry is completed and in an envelope ready to send. I just need to get to the post office to buy a large envelope stamp for the SAE.

    Can I hand in my entry at the duathlon on Sunday or do I need to buy another stamp? 

  • Keir you can hand it to me on Sunday - I'll be at registrationimage

  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    Thanks JFDI, but I decided to treat myself and put it into the post box. image

  • Nice to see you yesterday Keir and CONGRATULATIONS on your first place!!!!image

  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    Thanks JFDI. And thanks to all of your club who took the trouble to stand in the frreezing cold to direct / cheer us on. image

  • I am happy to do the tail end if one is needed
  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    image image image

  • Ed, is the new course going to be faster / slower / same?  Any idea of elevation for the course?


  • Course is exactly the same but just run the other way round.  Cliff I will pass on your offer to Andyimage

  • Thanks Sharonimage

  • I haven't done this race before, so if anyone can give me an idea on the elevation, that would be great. I know there are 2 steep hills, thanks Chesterfield Bill, but I'm just wondering how steep?


  • Hi Cliff - Andy has already had a volunteer for tail end but he is grateful for the offer.  Helen is still short of marshals if you are free?

  • Sharon

    Depends on your speed and ability I guess. I am an MV60 and I plod up one and walk up the other one.

  • Thanks Chesterfield Bill, you're right it's all relative I guess, I'll just take the course as it comes then. image

    Okay, so I just took a look at the map/course link on the website, I'm glad I always put a few hills in my long runs, that's all I'm saying. The last 2 miles look like they could be toughies!.


  • I have just had a look at the reverse route and the two worst parts of the route for me personally are now earlier than they were on the original route, which is better for me. The haul up the cliff which used to be on mile 7 is now about mile 2/3 and the long haul up from the Marina which used to be a real drain for me on mile 19 is now around 12/13. The last two miles are now NOT the toughies compared to what they used to be.

  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    Sounds like you Thaneters have turned soft image

  • Cheers Chestfield Bill. Really helpful info.
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