Thanet 20 Mile



  • Thanks Chesterfield Bill. As I don't know the area much, your info is much appreciated. 

  • Wow! I was under the impression it was a fast course - doesn't look that fast with that elevation! May have to review my target time...

  • What goes up must come down. That's what I keep telling myself.
  • I know that the postal entry deadline is 17 February what is the deadline if entering online through RW? Thanet's website seems to sugest its also the 17 February anyone know?
  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    I was excited to receive my number the other day, but didn't receive my number for my category in the Kent champs. I've looked through the race instructions, but no details about how we get these. Do we pick them up on the day or do I need to contact the organiser to get it sent out to me?

  • Laura both deadlines are 17 February.

    Keir if you are a V40 we have run out but the Kent organiser will have more on the day.  If you are younger then its my mistake - come and find me on the morning!

  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    V40! The cheek! I am 'only' 38 1/2!

    I'll come and find you on the day with a copy of my birth certificate!

  • JFDI Our local Royal Mail sorting machine managed to chew a corner out of the envelope and my number. The number is still perfectly visible but just in case you are wondering when I turn up, I will not have got a bit peckish and started nibbling my number!

  • image  Up to 202 entrants now!  ENTRIES CLOSE 17 Feb -get in now before its too late!!!!!

  • There will be quite a few loony bins in the area missing some of their members that day then!

  • Get your entries in today people - I don't know what time RW close the entries tomorrow and if you don't get in then you can't race!

  • I've just been on to Runners World to enter online as I knew today was the last day but can't seem to enter online - anyone know what the situation is?  Am I too late?

  • Sorry Paula - runners world have closed the online facility and entries closed today.

  • Got my number! Would love to say I'm looking forward to it, but...image


  • You must love it Pantman !

  • Never raced a 20M before, so we'll see.  Marathon pace I know - I can gear down and get it done. Half marathon pace I know too - can push that pace okay.  I reckon 20M is a tricky one to pace correctly to get the best time possible.  We'll see...

  • Why have RW shut online entries early? Thanet website says last day is today so surely you should have until midnight today to enter.
  • I have e-mailed thanet ac directly from their website advising of the issue. They were helpful and will accept my entry via post as long as it gets there by Tuesday.
  • Ive also tried to enter today online as it said online entries closed today but cant.

    Not impressed!!


  • Sorry for the mix up over onlines - I set it for today. However that is the danger of leaving entries till the last minute - the deadline is due to other commitments I have.
  • No worries and thank you for quick response on email.

    I didn't know how my knee would hold up but did the Brighton half today and all was ok.
  • Entries are now closed - final list of runners will be posted on our website later this week.

  • Can anyone please give me a heads up where the toilets are on the race route. I ask as when I done the Kent Coastal Marathon in September I asked 3 set of marshalls en route where the toilets where and no one could tell me. I realise I'm not a Thanet runner but I'm hoping someone will be able to give a me a clue, the map at the headquarters for the marathon didn't say where the the toilets where, so I'm a bit wary of waiting until the day and asking at HQ again.

  • There are toilets on the prom at the start/finish area, there are toilets at Broadstairs by the bandstand and there are toilets in the nature reserve on the way to Sandwich.

  • Thanks much appreciated JDFI Support Crew, I'm hoping not to have to make any pit stops this time round, but I thought that in September!

    Looking forward to it, not long now image.

  • Hi all, final list of entrants is now up on the website along with Kent Champs entrants.  If your name is missing then your entry unfortunately was not received in time.  If you are missing from the Kent Champs can you email the race as soon as possible.  Thank youimage

  • Hello Support Crew,

                  Is it just water in bottles at the  feed stations. Or will there be anything exciting like Jelly Babies or Gels ?? And what is your long range weather forcast showing.  Advise on what to wear would be helpful. 

                regards Max 

  • I would check out Metcheck for the weather - bear in mind it is a coastal race and therefore usually breezy.

     It is just water at the water stations - lots of the marshals usually have jelly babies.

  • Is there a plan of the route?  Trying to work out my marshal position image

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