Accillie tendon?

Hi all, Merry Christmas

Just wondering if any has ever had a sore achillie tendon after running?

My left leg is fine but as im about a mile into my run i feel discomfort and a little pain from my tendon area, nothing is inflamed and all feels normal just discomfort, then ill have this discomfort for about 2 days before it goes, then i think great, wait a week and it comes back


any ideas people image


  • I'd advise icing achilles on a stretch, after exercise.  When you're sitting down, ball of your foot on coffee table and drop heel for a GENTLE calf stretch.  Use an ice cube to rub up & down both sides of achilles until ice cube melts.  Keep ice moving on the skin or risk an ice burn (maybe hold ice in tissue to stop your fingers getting an ice burn too!)

    Theory is tendon has quite plastic properties, so needs to be gently & eccentrically  stretched to 'mould it' into a lengthened position.  Hence hanging heel off table - don't be tempted to push heel down - doesn't need it and may only irritate the tendon. Keep relaxed.   Do that after everytime you run for a couple of weeks and see how it goes.  Hope that helps.

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