Bose Pop up

Anyone else experienced a plethora of pop ups today fror Bose? Incessantly annoying and turning me off RW web-site in a big way!!!



  • Contact Bose via their website and tell them what you think of them.  If enough people do, they'll stop.

  • Or install something like Adblock.  I don't get any adverts or pop ups, unless I want to see them

  • Have an add blocker / popup blocker but these are bypassing it. image

    Only if I use the front door, not if I just use the forums.

  • If I go to the home page the ad for their sports stuff is there and appears a number of times. If I link using favourites to forum no prob but pia if wanting to check out other stuff!

  • Runners World - seriously - STOP this kind of pop up advertising, it is putting me off coming on this site. I can igonore the adverts all around the side & top quite easily, but pop up's are so 2000!

  • She's gorgeous.  I now understand why it's called a pop-up advert. image

  • The runners world IT folk should be able to stop this so why have they not?   I don't think Bose hi fi qualifies as an ipod and would very silly attached to your head, apart from a very long lead needed.

    Anyway, RW please sort this




  • FFS ... I don't have Adblock on my work pc and can now see what the problem is.

    What clown thought this was a good idea?

  • Feckin' thing reappears on every page refresh.

    I'm off this site for the day. Bye!

  • I had that yesterday, drove me mad but it seems to have gone this morning. (touch wood).

  • Another disgruntled customer here, annoying in the extreme.

  • I think I'll come back when I know the coast is clear.


  • I must have it blocked.  Am I missing out on some totty then?

  • I'm not having this. If RW don't get rid of this stuff, I'm out.

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Click on the 'X' five times in succession. That gets rid of it.

  • Wow, just had it, how f*cking annoying is that image

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Has anyone tried what I suggested?

    I just logged out and back in again to check. No good, or good. The pop-up has gone for today.

  • M..o.use wrote (see)

    I think I'll come back when I know the coast is clear.


    How will you know if the coast is clear or not if youre not on here ? image

  • WOn't be hanging round until it's gone; very irritating, bye.

  • It's nearly as irritating as the runbritain headphones competition.  I didn't want headphones in the first place but now I don't want anyone to have them and want the company to go into liquidation to stop them ever using pop-up advertising again.

  • Two days in a row so blinking annoying I'm going to report my own thread to the moderator to see if they read it and do something. Go away Mr Bose

  • Very tedious, will definitely not be getting Bose, Sennheiser are better anyway.

  • I just think it needed some Xmassy muzac over the top. You know some sleigh bells and "HO HO HO HO" as well 


  • I had it yesterday, but not today. Although I did as Wilkie suggested and emailed them and told them in plain polite terms what I thought of them, putting at the end that I did not want to receive any promo emails in return.

  • Phil...I'm feeling left out as well because i haven't got a clue what everyones on about............i am only on my old laptop as computer playing up.............


    i might have wanted to buy some headphones

  • I'm using Chrome with Adblock - can't see a frigging thing from Bose at all.


  • Its Immediate Media showing their pure wankiness again !

    Any right minded web development company would have simply said "No!" we are not doing that on our website.


  • I may be buying some headphones this week.  The front runners are made by Audio Technica and AKG.  Bose ain't getting a look-in; they're all marketing hype over substance.  Sennheiser can be pretty good although my last pair turned out to be a little delicate and I was never 100% happy with the sound to be honest.  I'll let you all know how I get on.


  • Sennheiser all the way here! I do like some Bose stuff tho; and this is definitely influencing look at alternatives. if they are trying to push a brand front of mind they are making it no 1 not to buy!!!

  • bose is overated and overpriced tat for people with more money than sense

    sennheiser make the best professional headphones no question, ive used their stuff for work, sound engineering and club work for years and would never use aything else, but if you want pure audiophile sound quality then you should perhaps look elsewhere, beyerdynamic is a great place to start, especially if you want a nice flat response, AKG also make some real nice ones. 

    For portable audio i suggest everyone buys a pair of Koss PortaPro's the design is very retro, since they are the same design as their launch in 1984, but i like the looks personally, besides that though you will struggle to find anything that sounds anywhere near as good for under £120 and they cost £25, not the most durable design but if you look after them, they are a wonderful pair of headphones to just listen to music on.

    whatever you do dont buy beats though, they are utter shite. very average sound and muddy midrange, fashion brand with price tag to match.

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