Shin Splint Injury


I got into running about a year ago after starting to go with runs from my gym.  Ever since I have been fairly regulary going to a local Park Run or my local running club I have even been known to try some BMF trainning.

In the summer though I over did it I remember doing a 5k run then going a BMF session I felt ok after it then the next week when I done the BMF course again I had to stop due to a sharp pain in my shins.

I did not know a the time but after seeing a Physio he said I had shin splints.  Im still confused about them my GP said to stop exervise unitl the pain goes away fully.  My last Park Run end of September 2012 it feels like  a life time!

I have done a little bit of mountian biking as I dont feel it so much but i still feel like its there when im driving my car on the clutch I feel it.  Im worried its never going to heal ..everything ive read online makes it sound like  a quick fix but im not finding that.

Is there anything I can do to help it recover better?  Im going some NHS physio therapy she ues ultra sound machine on it not sure its helping though.

I did see a private Physio but I can't afford to keep seeing him every week.

Thanks in Advance

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When im better maybe ill see some of you at the Frimley Lodge Park run! 



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