Stop the Bose Pop Up's

If you are annoyed at the Bose pop up please reply on here and click on the report to moderator button at the bottom of this page - I hope they will get the message and take it off.



  • I've expressed my opinion to RW and to Bose.

  • Is it printable or only viewable after the 9pm watershed?

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Just hit delete 5 times and its gone.

  • This is ludicrous. It pops up on every page! Do Bose want us to hate them?


    It seems to have gone now though image

  • How good to be at home, on my own pc, with Adblocker installed. No sign of any pop-up.

    On the work pc yesterday it made the site unusable.

  • Oh mind must have picked up the words stop the Bose pop ups and the word Muttley in the same line and now I have the eraworm in my head from the wacky racesimage

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