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  • What baffles me is how I survived my early years when, on Sunday, the only shops that were open were the newsagents and the garden centre. Even in December!!
  • Why people are stripping supermarket shelves of food? These days they are only shut for a day, you won't starve!

    Oh and ps if it is the end of the world tomorrow, duh it's the end you won't need food!
  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    How can my class of 17/18 yr olds ask me: 'Is Greece in Europe?' - It later emerged that they knew Greece used the Euro as they had been there on holiday.

  • Oh dear Keir......thats a bad oneimage

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    It's baffling me how it can rain so much, so often in this country like it is now, yet we still have problems with supplying water to our homes at times.

    It is baffling until you realise that the water supply and urban planning in this country is mismanaged. There would more than enough water to go around and no need for drought orders if we stopped paving over the southeast of England and then built a big pipe to it from the Welsh hills.

    didn't they do that for birmingham centuries ago....

    I think they should do it and charge the south east a fortune..............At the moment Wales has the second highest water charges in the country..........and we get all the sodding rainimage

  • I blame all the leeks.



  • We three Keir's of orient are... wrote (see)

    How can my class of 17/18 yr olds ask me: 'Is Greece in Europe?' - It later emerged that they knew Greece used the Euro as they had been there on holiday.

    Did they mean physically in Europe, or in the EU?

    Andorra is not in the EU, but does use Euros.

  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    Both. image


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    Martenkay wrote (see)

    I think she wants him to live and die now as the boy she knows and recognises rather than take the risk that he could live for some considerable time incapacitated by the "possible side effects".

    Some might think that selfish of her others' might think she should give the boy the chance of there possibly being little or no side effects.

    At the end of the day society tends to leave the child in the care and responsibility of the mother whatever the outcome. Should the mother therefore not have the say how SHE wants matters to proceed?


    She got to put her case in front of a judge, which is fair, it means she had her say,  but ultimately the doctors know best. 

    The father is also in favour of the op.


    I can understand the mother being worried about side effects of the treatment but that's where the doctors should be explaining what the risks are, what the side effects are and what they can do in order counteract them.
    Ok, infertility would be the biggest problem but how does she know that her young child is going to grow up to want children, besides there's always adoption.
    The effects on his growth and problems with puberty can be addressed by giving growth hormones and testosterone injections.
    If the father and her had weighed everything up and decided that the chances of a successful outcome to the treatment was so low and that the young child's quality of life would be poor then I can understand the decision.
    If the chances of the treatment being successful were high then not giving the child the chance would be mad.


  • I think if the quality of life and chances of a successful outcome are poor then you can refuse treatment - or a parent can on a child's behalf - and the doctors will respect your wishes.

    I think a good outcome was predicted in this case, hence the court case. I know at least one child was removed from the care of Jehovah's Witness parents who were refusing life-saving treatment.

    No child will be allowed to die if treatment can save it, only if it is unlikely that it will.

  • What's baffling me? how come my LED electricity saving light bulbs say on the box "will last 25 years" yet I get a 12 month guarantee.

    I can't wait for it to pack in because I'm going to take both bulb and box back to Tesco. The drawback is if it goes in 24 and a half years I will be in my 70s and probably won't care by then.

  • why people pay £25 to get in a club thats normally £5 just because its NYE

  • I'm baffled as to why people put on Facebook that they are off out to get hammered tonight, then the next day expect sympathy for their hangover.

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