10k 45mins

How much training would i need to be doing a week to achieve a 45min 10K, or a 40min 10K.


  • About so much.

  • Brilliant, so helpful. How did you work that out?

  • That's as close as I could get considering you haven't given your age, sex, current fitness levels, current running performance, other weekly sporting activities etc.

  • 70 + miles per week, two speed sessions - one long one short, two hard club runs up to 10.2 miles and a long (ish) Group Run none of the LSD stuff just head down and gradually pick the pace up until you are running sub 10K goal pace. 8 miles on the Monday and Friday and a rest day on Saturday so no more than 3 miles or 20 times 20 seconds off 20 second strides.


  • http://www.fetcheveryone.com/training-analysis-preracemileage.php?race_distance=10&race_unit=km&race_hours=0&race_minutes=45&race_seconds=0&tolerance=30&analysis_weeks=10

    Easy!! (takes about 45min to calculate it otherwise I'd just tell you). image

     Oooh, it's finished. The answer is

    "Based on 1587 race results matching your criteria, the average mileage required to achieve this time is 222.54, running 3.9 training sessions per week." image

  • Cripes Grendel, if that was what it took to beat 45mins for 10k, I think a lot of us would got off this running treadmill years back image

  • (took that to get down to 34 though!!!) trying to show there is no easy way juts good old fashioned hard work!!!

  • I got under 40 min last year on a diet of around 25-30 weekly miles for about 6 weeks. I was just a recreational runner before that (10-15 miles a week, plus gym work/boxing training etc). 

    But I did a fair bit of quality training at race pace ( and quicker) in those 6 weeks........and my weight wasn't far off 11 stone (5:9 height) to begin with, so I didn't have to shed weight and had a good fitness base to start with.

    I think sex, age, current fitness and weight are the important factors. If you are 18 stone for example.....it'll be years before you crack 40 mins over 10K.

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