Treadmill shopping

Hi, Does anyone know anywhere in Scotland - preferably near Glasgow/Stirling where I can actually try out treadmills or see them on display in a store/warehouse ?


  • Decathlon sports at Glasgow fort.

  • Just a thought....   it's worth talking to your local gyms.....  they sell theirs on regularly so you can get a £5k treadie for a few hundred quid.  OK, it's been well used, but also well maintained and will be top of the range kit.  The alternative is to spend the same money on something new but that is designed for the home market (ie more fragile).


  • Oh what a shame I thought you'd worked out a new way of multi-tasking, and making the dreaded Christmas shopping much more enjoyable by combining with a run!

  • Thanks, thats a good idea about local gyms too image 

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