1st time marathon training tips

Hi just wondering if anyone could give me some tips/advice for the best training to do for my first ever marathon. I started running about 2years ago but stopped to have a baby mid way so have only really started up again this last year! My current pb 5k time is 21,09 with an average of 21,40 and I recently ran the pafos half marathon (3weeks ago) in 1,40 (my second half) but this is the longest distance I have done. This was with training but not maxed out training if I'm honest. I have entered the Manchester marathon hoping to be able to do a sub 4hour but there is a little (ok big) part of me that would love to do it sub 3,50 and achieve a good for age into London 2014. With two small children and living far away from friends and family (hubby is in forces) I find it difficult to work around his shifts and working pattern so can't commit every week to any more than 3 runs (sometimes I may squeeze more in). Anyway I have been looking to do a long run (starting at 10miles building up to about 22) a faster shorter run and either yasso800's or hill runs. Can anyone offer any help or advice or am I aiming too high?


  • If you are limited to 3 runs/ week- look at shades' thread, or the FIRST trainig plans- and do some sort of cross training as well.

    If there's any way you can bring yourself closer to 4 runs / week, it will help, but don't try to do them all as hard runs, and easy midweek medium- long run can be a huge boost.

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