Wed 18th December 2012


Todays lyrics:Guess who just got back today

Yesterdays lyrics:Raise your Hands by Bon Jovi

What:4M Tempo

Why: Dunno just flowed along ! Pleasing and unexpected.image

Coffee calling

back later



  • Morning.

    It's the 19th birkmyre (just in case anyone is counting). image Nice to have a run that feels like that.

    Blisters - I'm actually a fan of wind turbines, think they look quite beautiful in the landscape myself - certainly so when compared to a slag heap or nuclear power station! A suggestion if I may? Stop swimming a straight mile for a while, break the set up with short breaks so 4 x 400m off 15 seconds; 100m warm up then 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 lengths of 15 secs with 100m cool down or if you have a bit more time 2 x 1k off 1 minute. Shake it up, leave the times mile for a while and go back to it in a month or six weeks.

    What:              MLR (legs permitting)
    Why:               time and opportunity 
    Last hard:        2/12
    Last rest:        14/12 

    Didn't know yesterday's lyrics but a little more confident about today's.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    didnt know yesterdays words, but like LmH a little more confident (!) today...
    Ditto re wind turbines ( I won't say I'm a big fan, but.....) there is something quite 'playground' about a whole cluster of them.
    what - something easy
    why - legs mashed from track yesterday: 2km warm up then 3xBondarenko's (400 fast, 400 mara pace, then 300, 300, 200,200, 100,100 : 2k per set) with 800m easy between plus mile easy to finish. 7miles in total, each 2k rep in about 8mins (7.58, 7.57, 7.59 for the stat freaks)
    last hard - can you guess?
    last rest - friday

  • Morning all, still silly busy image

    Managed to get to club run last night, we did a kind of treasure hunt, my task was to run 3.5 miles and get the phone number from a phone box, carry a heavy bag to another point and then run back image

    Trail run tonight, about 6 miles in thd dark image

    Know the lyrics, great song image

    Hope everyone is ok, and have a good day
  • Lyrics...yep
    What: Find mojo
    Why: Gone AWOL
    Last Hard: Week past Sunday?
    Last rest: Yesterday
    Off up to London again this afternoon and home about 2.00am then into ork for 8...roll on Friday and break up...maybe get some stuff done then!!!

  • Morning all

    Just a normal day for me.  Not a twinge from my knee for 2 days now... but then I went 2 pain-free weeks last time, and a 10 mile run did for it.   Maybe try a short slow run tonight.

    What?  Maybe a 3 miler

    Why? Actually, that's a good question. Maybe I shouldn't.

    Last hard  - 2 wks ago

    Last rest - yesterday

    Lyrics  Yes.

    Only 5 "Father Christmasless" nights to Christmas.  Happy shopping everyone.

  • Morning!

    Lyrics: obviously I should know, but don't

    What: A Christie hospital and back (about 5k in total)
    Why: see the radiotherapy team. Asked to see the top man, and did. Have decided to have radioactive brachytherapy seeds: initial "op" for suitability on Feb 5th, then seeds implanted on Feb 15th (subject to Feb 5th). Have found making a decision about the type of treatment difficult (the alternative was removal of the prostate). Relieved I've made the decision and will just have to live with the outcome, whatever it is. So I've got about 6 weeks to get fitter!

    RW:  In your shoes I would run, but cautiously.
    Sweep:  the treasure hunt sounds fun! What a good idea! How did it work?
    LMH:  sounds good advice to Blisters...I wouldn't know what session to suggest, but I would suggest NOT doing a mile, and if it were a running situation I may well say throw away the stop watch for a month or so.
    Dustin: can't understand why your legs are mashed after that session. Man up!image

    Aussie-Scot visitor left this morning after a week: nice guy but exhausting! He's off to Scotland then back on 5th Jan before he flies to Thailand for a holiday. Alright for some!

    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
  • RW - I echo what Alehouse says - just try something short and easy every other day and build gradually whilst keeping up foam rollering/massage.

    Alehouse - you've made the best decision you can with the information available to you and taken control of the situation - it's all you can do.

    12 bimbly comfortable miles for me. Legs were up for more but I was getting a little tired (jab yesterday so still a bit below par) so decided to save something for tomorrow.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • What: probably nothing 
    (but I'll likely be picking daughters up tomorrow so won't get out for group run then)
    Why: see above
    Last Hard: see below
    Last rest: Monday
    Lyrics: as usual no

    Felt much better after yesterday's short run although I sweated through it and it felt hard

  • What:4miles slow

    Whyimageore knee.

    No tempo or LSR for me this week.

    Next: tomorrow 4mile easy.
  • Hi alehouse, was good fun, although I wasn't so sure when running with the heavy bag... It worked really well as the faster runners went the furthest and had the harder tasks, while the slower runners did shorter distances and we all finished roughly the same time... Then to the pub for a beer and buffet image
  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭

    Afternoon all

    lost a few more ounces today! lol, 2.3lbs away from the elusive 10st.

    spark, hi and hope sore knee gets better soon

    lmh, bimbly 12 sounds nice, hope you are on more par tomorrow

    oh lyrics, yes.

    tinselcelt  roll on Friday for me too

    rw, alehouse gives good advice I reckon

    what: 8 bimbly (like it lmh) miles later

    why: just in case I do get the club place!

    last hard: last nights short sharp baton relay race, did 1.16 miles in 8.59,fast for me

    last easy: sunday

    have a g ood evening all



    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    Quick post:

    What: 7.4M steady

    Why: miles to be run

    Last rest: yesterday (advice taken LMH and Chick)

    Last Hard: Monday I think

    Lyrics; Think so, if so, I think we've had them defore

    AleH - good to see you have your treatment lined up and ready to go. All the best with it.

    Back tomorrow
  • Alehouse - good to see decisions made and you can now plan ...
    At least your chosen option shouldn't interfere with Achilles/running rehab image

  • Alehouse: nervous times and difficult decisions. I'm glad that you saw the Top Dog, it makes these things easier to understand.

    Swims Like A Brick
    Sound advice from those in the know. Please feel free and uninhibited to offer criticism, Lord knows there's lots to criticise.
    My basis of training theory, such as it is, reflects the runners' approach.
    Sunday: Training session with the group & coach. This is often quite a hard set, and includes all those short/hard mixed up pyramids with a session of technique incorporated.
    Tuesday: 64, 80 or 100 lengths depending on available time
    Friday: 100, or 64 the alternate to Tuesday.
    I think that you may have a valid point, but there's another thought. I've seen it in slower runners: a lack of confidence. My CV can cope with an endurance session. My best time in the pool was when I was pretty much chased up and down the lane. Perhaps I should be satisfied plodding until it's time to nail it?

  • Evening

    LMH: Cheers re date, that decent tempo run must have frazzled my brainimage

  • I'm going to bed.
    My Plan A had a long run or at least a medium one scheduled for tomorrow. Instead...



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