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Dear Sirs,


I am running the London Marathon 2013 and I wanted to ask if you could sponsor me.  Or donate any raffle prizes or training gear for Me. 


The reason and charity I am running for is;


My page:


My Story


In 2009, Ava, our 3 week old daughter was rushed into the intensive care unit at the Bristol children’s hospital.  Ava had a Heart problem which was called a PDA, she had an operation and against the odds Ava made a full recovery.  We were overwhelmed by the support of friends and family during this difficult time and the excellent care provided by the unit.  During this time we spent many hours at her bed side and met many parents whose outcomes were not as positive. Observing the facilities and care provided from the unit motivated me to sign up for the London Marathon 2013 to raise money for the Wallace and Gromit Grand Appeal which raises money directly to fund the children’s hospital.


I hope none of you ever have to experience first hand the work of the hospital but please help us to give something back to help other sick children.


Ok, first thing is I am a runner, but I was once one of the kids who used to hide in the bush when we did long distance at school.


Now I have a place for the London Marathon it's a huge challenge, both mentally and physically.  I always said if I got a place I would run for charity. Not only to motivate me but to make a direct difference to a charity.


So I am running for the Bristol Children’s Hospital.


There are two specific projects which the money raised will go directly towards...


Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Appeal is raising £3.5 million to support the expansion of Bristol Children’s Hospital.


The Hospital is expanding to include facilities for children’s burns, neurosurgery, neurosciences and major trauma treatment services which are currently located at Frenchay Hospital, to create one of the leading multi-disciplinary children’s hospitals in the UK.


Whilst the NHS is funding £30 million for the core costs of the transfer of services, the Grand Appeal will fundraise to provide additional facilities and pioneering equipment to enable the hospital to stay at the forefront of medical treatment and one of the most advanced children’s hospitals in the UK.


The Grand Appeal has committed to raising £3.5 million for a new integrated children’s cancer unit, interactive and child-friendly artwork to reduce anxiety and a dedicated intra-operative pediatric MRI scanner which will be the first of its kind in the South of England.


The Bristol Royal Hospital for Children is a world-class centre of excellence – one of just seven children’s hospitals in the UK equipped and able to offer specialist treatment and lifesaving care to over 100,000 sick and critically ill babies and children every year.


The Hospital provides world-class care to patients from Bristol, Bath, the South West and South Wales, yet it is only thanks to the many donors from Bristol and all over the South West that we are able to continue a wide programme of investment in the Bristol Children’s Hospital.


I really appreciate all your support and thank you for any donations.


Many thanks

Simon Page


  • Are you asking for sponsorship here, or asking for opinions on the letter you are planning to send out?

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Do you have a golden bond place or is it through the ballot?
  • I'm confused.are you asking the runnersworld Team/ company for a donation.......if so I would recommend writing to them direct as they do not read the forums


     if you asking the members of the forum...........where hundreds or thousands run for charities each year..........why would they give to you a stranger whose first contribution to the forum is to ask for money rather than someone who posts helpful suggestions and gives support to other runners week in week out.

    I wish you well for the marathon and your fun raising.....but if all the people doing marathons for charities started cold calling the forums it would quickly close the forum down under the new threads

  • I was wondering if you could buy your own training gear like everyone else.
  • Best of luck with your training and fundraising. Couple of tips:

    1. Timing is crucial. Best to ask friends, family, work colleagues for money at the end of January, after pay day or nearer to when you are running (not less than a week before Christmas when everyone is skint).

    2. For raffle prizes, try twitter. Someone at work is trying to raise ??10k and has been madly tweeting celebs for donations or signed photos. Most ignore him but he is persistent and has got a fair bit.

    Hope you reach your target image
  • For raffle prizes try local businesses too! Beauty Salons, Massage therapists, Spas, Theme Parks, Restaurants etc. Again many will blank you but others will see the opportunity of extra potential clients and donate something - (tried & tested when Mrs A & I ran a dinner dance for charity)

    For donations you could also try approaching organisations such as Freemasons, Rotary/Round Table, Lions Club etc. who are certainly not adverse to puting their hands into their pockets for charity.

    Good luck!


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