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Ok, so now I have a decent sizes set of boobs that need some support can i be nosey and ask what other have that work.  I'm about a 36DD.

Thinking of buying a Shock Absorber ultimate Run bra, but just because it seems like a good idea, might be rubbish.  Does anyone else have any recommendations.  Does anyone do bra's with the prongs to connect to a Garmin HRM built in so I don't have to also wear a strap for that and if so are they any good?



  • I'm a little bit smaller than you, but not much, and find the Shock absorber run very good. I just put my HR strap below it (nearer to my belly buttone rather and under the fabric) and that works.

    Took me a while to figure out how to get the bra fastened - I now fasten the top clip and put it over my head.

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    That's good to know. Darn should have got one at debenhams yesterday they are 20% off.
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  • Myself and 2 of my larger chested running buddies (30H, 34E and 32DD) all wear 2! A shock absorber and a nike victory sports bra over the top, I came up with this solution and once they tried it they never looked back.  Sounds really uncomfortable but its not, give it a go.

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  • Shock Absorber Run Bra is the best I've found for high intensity sports when things are going to be jiggling.

    You could also have a look at Less Bounce - their website has lots of advice on which sports bra is appropriate for which activity.

    Sadly I have never found a sports bra that has an attachment for Garmin HRM - I wish Garmin would do a collaboration with Shock Absorber to provide it!

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  • I have seen this one at lessbounce.... From Pure Lime, but i've no idea if it's any good as a bra as such image


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    I hope I haven't made a boob by joining in this thread or I would feel a right tit. I do like to keep abreast of such things though. Room for one more boys.....

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  • I haven't tried Lime personally, but my friend is a big fan of them (she's about your size too). Less Bounce are really good with giving proper advice over the phone (I emailed with a query and the lady that rang me back was a runner too so could advise from her own experience and not just the marketing blurb on her screen) and I think they still do free returns and re-sends if you try one but then change your mind and want to try another.

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  • Thanks Xine.

    I'll see if my local debenhams has a shock absorber run bra over xmas in my size if not i'll go with less bounce image  I think i'll get a crop top and if the shock absorber isn't enough on it's own, just try that over the top.

    I'm a bit paranoid... paid a reasonable amount of money for my boobs... don't want to waste that handiwork image

  • Booktrunk, I looked at the Lime one you linked to myself, but discounted it because it is compression style, which is only really good for A-B cups. Anything larger and you need something with cups.

    I used to wear compression tops, until I saw video of myself at the end of a race. It didn't feel like there was so much swinging, but the evidence said otherwise. Not pretty!

    If you have just had an operation, as your post above suggests, then I guess you need to be extra careful about causing ligament damage, and the double approach might work well, especially at first.

    I don't know if you live near a Sweatshop, but they do a free bra fitting and advice service. I haven't tried it but it might be useful, especially if you are not completely sure what size you are now. Lots of people wear the wrong size you know. I was wearing a 38B until I got fitted for wedding underwear and she said I was actually a 36D. And sports bras can measure up slightly differently to normal ones too.

    Hope you find the one that suits you and enjoy your investment.

  • Thanks Jane,

    I'll have a hunt around my nearest sweatshop is a few miles away, and last time i went in there were only male staff, heh, not sure if I fancy a blokey measuring me up for a bra image .... might be fun!!

    Regarding size.. I got with the M&S online sizing guide which seems pretty accurate as a starting point image 

    Yeah, i'm a bit over the top paranoid about looking after them.  But, I really don't want to damage anything, and my surgeon was a bit ohh not sure about running but i've read lots of others have been out 4 to 6 weeks after surgery, so I will try to get sorted over Xmas and go for it just before or after the new year, but I think i'll start off with a shock absorber run bra the website was good seems that you need it nice n tight :0 and i might stick a compression top over it, better to be safe then sorry.


    Thanks for your advice everyone.  I was thinking shock absorber before hand and that seems to be a reasonable way to goimage so i'll stick with that.

  • I've tried all sorts and found that the shock absorber run one is good, also the panache are good too.  I get mine from less bounce, tried the M&S ones but felt they didn't have the same amount of support.

    Good luck.

  • I've tried all kinds of different bras and the only one that works for me is the Enell front fastener from less bounce.  Very comfy, and the best fit for me - keeps the girls as still as they'll ever be...... 

    Personally I don't like Shock Absobers - got one professionally fitted at Bravissimo, went out in it for a 9 mile run and it ripped my skin apart......very painful! Phoned Shock Absorber customer care who were great about it and refunded me in full, but will still never use them again.

    Good luck with your search.

  • I think i'm just going to do for it and get a Shock Absorber Amazon have them at £26 and i have prime so freebie next day delivery.  Now I just have to guess a size they say they should be quite tight so might go 36D decisions, decisions..... image

  • Go CazGo Caz ✭✭✭
    I bought a Shock Absorber run last year and still can't do it up without help! I had it fitted by Shock Absorber and it is too tight to fasten the top bit, put it on and then do the bottom bit, as suggested. A shame because I quite like it otherwise.
  • I wear shock absorber (B109N) as the "run" stops at a f or ff cup.

    I can't stress enough the importance of trying on the bra before you buy it. Different brand bras in the alleged same size all fit differently.

    Bravissimo and Debenhams have a range of sports bras. Try them on and pogo around the changing room to see gauge their support.
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    I will do thanks. I just need to be patient and wait until I can get to the shopsimage
  • I have the shock absorber ones and they're the best I've ever had (used to be a 34D and they worked fine then). I think it's easiest to put them on like a normal bra and then reach behind you over your shoulders to do the top bit up, but I suppose it depends on flexibility. But whenever I'm buying sports bras I always go into the shops and jump up and down in the changing rooms to test them. I recommend John Lewis if buying in an actual shop, because they'll match Debenham's promotions anyway and tend to have quite good bra fitters around for advice.

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