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  • I use the Shock Absorber Max support tops. They look like a crop top but are encapsulation style.  I just sit my HRM under my boobs but above the band.  It works perfectly well and I've never had any problems (I've run a couple of marathons like that).  I like them cos they have lots of different colours and definitely no bounce.

    As for size I find them quite tight around the band so have to buy a bigger chest size. Usually I wear 30 G but I buy 32FF.

    I can recommend Less Bounce, also Boobydoo.  I usually buy from whichever is cheapest or has free delivery ...image

  • Shock absorber run bras for me they are brilliant. As someone said earlier I have found them the cheapest on Amazon - ordered my last two from there.
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    @booktrunk - I feel your pain. I'm a 30FF and always have issues with running brad. I can recommend shock absorber (ive tried others but shock absorbed are more comfy for my figure than freya or others i tried. i'd also suggest:

    - go to a shop to get fitted. It could be that you're a different size in sports bra. It might also help to wear a 'fitted' top as well if you're self conscious.

    - I go to bravissimo and LOVE them. I cannot recommend them enough - they are thoughtful and "know" big breasts. I do not go anywhere else. I really didn't like the sweatshop approach (I've been to two different ones and had shocking service and attitudes to my size "when you lose weight (i was 10st & 5ft7) you can wear a proper one).

    - sports bra wear out.... You should look at replacing it every 3-4 months. I'm the worst offender at changing my bra but you can lengthen the life by using a bag to wash it in

    Good luck image
  • I've got a shock absorber level 3 crop top as it was being sold off at ??7.50 in debenhams today. So going to have that to go over whatever else I get if necessary just seemed to be something that at 7.50 I couldn't refuse it.
  • Gooutdoors ??24 for the running bra.

    Decided one dive smaller 36d keep them nice n snug!
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