Adamo - race, road or century?

I have a Race version (fleabay said it was road - grrr). After half an hour or so it hurts a lot - is the road noticeably easier and worth swapping? I also saw a Century version - anyone have any experience of this luxury model, with 'Lycra'?!


  • I hate them with a vengance, I have never sat on something so uncomfortable in my life .....

    Others love them


  • They're Marmite. I use the Adamo Road, a bit more gel than the others, been good for 9+ hours, and will be on every bike I ride.
  • i use an adamo with the middle cut away thingy. to be honest it is great for me. previously anything over an hour was painful now with the probs




  • The road is reasonable comfy for me.

    My missus has one and its ok

    However the slightly more armchair like typhoon is the one she prefers
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