Runners diet and training help

Hi all I'm not new to the world of running, just been out of it competitively for a few years. I turned to bodybuilding and powerlifting training for 5 years. I still ran every other day for 3/4 miles. Trouble is I'm now 205lbs at 5 foot 11. I run about an 8:30 mile pace over and up to 6 miles. I need to lose this muscle bulk and weight as I used to run an 18 minute 5 km but I was 12 stone. I'm really struggling with energy levels when I try to diet and recovery seems to take ages. So I increase my calories a bit and all is well. But I'm not losing weight. What is going on? My maintainance is about 3200kcals training 5 days a week, 3 runs 2 strength training sessions. My diet is pretty good, no junk or empty calories. I can post diet if needed. I never used to have this problem, weight used to fall off me, could run every day as well never had issues. Is it a case of dropping all weight training and lowering protein as its sapping my energy having this muscle bulk.


  • No expert here - more a do as I say rather than do as I do! Have a look at a chap called Tom Venuto and his book the Body Fat Solution. His book concentrates on diet, cardio and weight training (with the big emphasis on diet). 

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