Hydration/bottle belts

I've always run holding a water bottle but I'm getting pain in my arm.  I want to get a belt as I already run with my iphone in a SPI belt which I am used to and feel comfortable with.  I also don't want a camelbak or other rucksack because they make me hunch my shoulders no matter how hard I try not to!

Which one do i get?  My main requirements are; minimal bounce, about 500ml capacity, and I'm a UK 6-8 so unless its pretty adjustable a one size fits all isn't going to work for me.


  • I tried a couple of belts and they bugged me so I ended up buying an OMM 6L waist bag, and just carrying two or three handheld upto 500ml water bottles in this and after x distance pulling the first one out holding it till empty then stashing it back in and getting another out when i needed it.  Very comfy can hold some food nibbles if required, a nice side pouch perfect for my iphone, and an open pocket that i put jelly babies in for seriously long runsimage

  • I use one of these - it comes in a two or four bottle option. Keys, gels and mp3 player all fit in pocket. Does the job!!

  • Inov-8 race elite 3, superb bit of kit.
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