Sheffield Half-Marathon 2013

Gonna have to pick between Sheffield and Leeds again this year!! So many weekends in the year, Leeds and Sheffield on the same day - just silly. image


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    it happened 2 years  ago      Leeds is always held on this weekendimage

  • My dad had the same problem back in the marathon days. He wanted to do 10 consecutive Sheffields but they put his tenth on the same day as London... image What's with this 'pick a date any date' style of putting on a run?! Normally you can have a good idea when the run will be year to year - like you say with Leeds.

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    my father said there has been rumors that Don Valley is to be pulled down due to costs     not sure how true that is

    next race for me is Liversedge half      i did Meltham 10k yestaday in  52 mins   i had just come out of a pulled muscle in leg   so had not raced for 8 weeks

  • Ah, very local runner! We have, ahem, 'fond' memories of the Meltham 10K! The other half is coming out of injury, not happy times. We heard that about Don Valley. Wonder where they'll move it to then... I would prefer Leeds in all honesty but habit keeps me at Sheffield!

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    I am in for Leeds    I live in Saddleworth   but come from Holmfirth   so  most of my races are in West Yorkshire      doing spen 20 for about 6 or 7th time   fastest time is 2h32    done the race every year  non stop     not sure where sheffield race will be held   

    also there was talk last year  of beinging the Huddersfield marathon coming back    but that has gone quiet aswell

  • Huddersfield marathon! Oh good grief, might be a bit bleak that one! image I just looked at Spen, if it had been a week earlier I might have gone in for it - we have Barcelona the week after so it doesn't go with the taper unfortunately. Hmmm Huddersfield or Barcelona...

  • The closure of DVS is just one of the cost-cutting proposals that they council are looing at apparently. Since RUFC have moved, the stadium are really missing the income they brought and the EIS is well used by athletes.

    It is daft having 2 HMs on the same weekend and I `d say it is short-sighted by the Sheffield organisers. They now have a much increased 10000 capacity but will get nowhere near that, partly due to the clash.

    I did Meltham in 46 mins but that was 2 years ago. Dewsbury is my first race back after injury and it`s on Sunday! image

  • The Sheff half will continue as scheduled at DVS, this announcement will not effect it.

  • Think I'll do this one again....image

  • I've also entered this again this year, the crowd support has been brilliant in recent years, a real carnival atmosphere...Just hope its not as hot as it was last year..image

    Really looking forward to it.

  • This looks quite flat from the gradient map - have I misread the info as I thought Sheffield would be quite hilly.

    It looks similar to Warrington which is uphill to halfway and then back again - looking at my garmin from the last time I did it the climb over 6.5 miles was around 80m which is less Han Sheffield. Can anyone who has done both comment?
  • Faz1967 - No, Sheffield is a pretty flat race. First half is slightly harder due to slight climb into City Centre and I remember being worried that I was going to struggle....but then at the halfway turnaround point it's happy days as you are slightly downhill for the rest of the race which resulted in my last 3 miles being my quickest! image

    I haven't entered as I was injured for Jan and Feb. Still considering giving it a go especially with it being the last one at Don Valley Stadium.

  • Faz, its flat for Sheffield. mostly flat running but there is a short sharp climb at 4mile(Commercial street) a short sharp at 4.5mile(Matilda st) a short mild climb at 5mile,(brammall lane) a short very sharp climb at 5.9mile(cemetery rd ) a 1mile long gradual rise to 7mile(ecclesall rd), a couple of short sharp upto 8mile(Moore st-division st), then a short sharp up Johnson st bridge) 12mile. All the climbs are followed by equivalent downhill stretches tho except when you get to division street you then get 4mile of beautiful descent starting sharply then levelling out a bit. the Johnston street bridge can be tough if you have overcooked the previous 12miles as can be the last mile and a bit where you gradually climb back up to don valley, enter the stadium. run around the top of the seating then leave the stadium to enter again for the last 60m on the track.

    its a fast race with the downflats but will make you work for it. this year will be my 7th Sheffield half and I have a half PB of 1:23.00
  • Sheffield, Leeds, OR Chester! They all clash now.....

    Well problem solved.....In for Hellrider!

  • Thanks for the course info ... It sounds like a good hill profile. I'm keen to do this I just need to sort out travel logistics. Plenty time yet though as I don't think it will fill ...
  • Yep, won't fill but decent (but costly) race.
  • Sheffield or Leeds which is the flattest course ? anyone help

  • Done both. Sheffield.
  • Quick question on the finish as the map/info I've had doesn't make it totally clear; do you do a loop around the outside of Don Valley Stadium and then just nip inside onto the track right at the very end?

    How far are you actually running on the track for?

    Excited for this. Anyone doing Lord Mayor's 10 next week?

  • Yes Cakes you do loop around then back in for 50mtr on the track
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    i will be there next weekend for 10k  as i am at Leeds for half    so last time at the stadium next week

  • Hi There,

    I signed up for this, but can no longer take part. Does anyone want to take my place?


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    anyone for a local marathon in 2014   got for Huddersfield  and no i am not joking     26th April  image

  • Any idea of the route for Hudd? Even hillier than  Sheffield is.

  • Good luck all running Sheffield, Egyptian Toe I hope my number brings you luck, shame I brike my foot!

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    ET    all i know is   it starts at YMCA   bit of road and trail   with 2 laps

    hope you all did well today

    i got 1h42 at Leeds  in a fast race   

  • Cheers Nelly and Compo.

    Went ok for me today. I was just doing it as training so went steady and ran home after! Got pacing a bit all over the place though TBH but atmosphere was very positive.

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    me   doing mine as a training run for chester marathon   hoping i can run the whole way this yearimage

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