Pain on top of the foot in the ankle joint

I develope a pain at the top of the foot inside where it meets the left ankle joint (in the corner of the L , on top right in the middle of the joint). This comes after about 3km and then gets too painful to run. I stop and press my fingers onto the tendon area and can run for another 500m when it starts coming back. I then get a stiffness in the muscle running up the outside of the shin.  No pain after running and none while walking. This started a long while back but  happened only when I used a treadmill and now it is starting while running and I have to stop all the time. Perhasp someone can help?


  • my girlfriend had a similar pain , she wasn't stretching her calves and backs of her legs after running . Once she started stretching after each run , and sometimes just after the pain went .

  • Thanks...I noticed this pain was severe when my calf muscles were tight. Interestingly, I ran a day after this but had an early night, no alcohol and then had a breakfast and was hydrated and ran nearly double the distance with no pain. I drink a  lot of beer and it dehydrates me and it seems that when i run in the morning my muscles do not have enough fluid and my quads get weak. After not drinking beer and also having a breakfast, my legs were totally different and the pain in the foot went away. Tendons must be connected in weird ways. Thanks for your response.....I wonder if there is a thread about running after drinking the night before. 

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