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I have been running about 2 years and have recently slowly ramped up my meleage from about 20-30 miles per week to about 40-45 miles per week. All low intensity aerobic miles with a plan to start in the new year. Mostly off road until the recent bad weather forced me off the trails and onto the roads. Recently got back from a long run with some pain in the side of my left knee. It was noticable during the run but not bad enough to raise concern. However after the run the pain was worse and stayed for a while. Pain goes away and comes back sometimes after sitting and then standing up to walk. There is no swelling or any visual sighns. I can run ok but I have decided to rest as much as I can stand until symptoms go away. I have iced it a few times and I suspect ITBS but not completely sure. Might try a few slow miles at the weekend to see what its like. If things do not improve by the new year I will try a physio. Any advice in the mean time would be great.  


  • At present I have a problem with floaters across my eyes will this effect my running.I have been to see eye specialist and due to go back in 2 wks time but feel impatient and want to go running but am a little scared before taking advice . 
  • Hi,

    I'm currently training for my first marathon in April, and I think I have a muscular injury in my calf, it is painful after runs, and the morning after runs in particular, but not too bad during running. I tried resting it for 2-3 weeks, after which it felt fine, I started training slowly again, and the injury re-surfaced, which has put me quite far back in my trainnig plan, so I don't want to take any more time off running if possible.

    I've just purchased some Kinesio tape. The pain is in the muscle on the outer side of my shin on both legs, and down the center of my calf muscle at the back of my leg. The pain is more a continuous ache which gets greater after runs, as supposed to stabbing pains.

    I wanted your opinion on what to do, whether to continue my training, and what are the best ways to heal it fast?

    Many thanks,


  • Hi,

    I have recently started running after baby no. 2, no great distance c8-9k before my issue arose. It started with left hip pain after I finished the run and now I'm feeling it when I get to about 2k.  I'm currently only running on a treadmill.  It is painful from then until about 1 day later. I recently went skiing and it didnt affect me.  Could it be skeletal rather than muscular?  Or can you recommend any strengthening exercises or running techniques to help narrow it down or resolve it? any help would be great as I dont want to stop running!, thanks, nichola

  • I've been running for about a year now. I trained for a half marathon last September with no mishaps, but around Christmas I started getting pain down the inside of my calves. This got so bad that I was not able to run and it even hurt to walk. I had about 6 weeks off then started running again. After a few weeks the pain came back. I went to a physio, had my gait analysed, got insoles, had about 4 weeks off then tried running again and after about 5 runs the pain came back. The pain is an ache on the inside of my calves and ankles. It also feels like it is, sort of, under my shins if that makes sense. I’m not running particularly long distances, just 5 miles or so. I really don't want to give up running...

  • Hi,

    I have been training hard for a 10k, my pace increasing week on week and I am following a training plan where I run 5-6 times per week (Brain Training plan). In recent days I have started to have niggle in my right hip (never had this before), it's on the side, feels like it is within the joint. Should I still continue with my training? With only 3 weeks until the race my training is getting more and more intense. What should I be doing?


  • Hi

    I have lump on back of my heel as couple of years,it comes and goes,very stiff in the morning and can b quite painful from time to time,i find it very hard to run uphill with it,i ice it up most evening,and take anti inflamatories,any idea what it could be?


  • Firstly check with Doctor, most of the time nothing to worry about. Somdtimes you might have slight muscle issue.  When I did 20 runs in 80-90s found a muscle was out of line which did not course problems in training.  But when running coursed joints to pull apart so had to by trainers that corrected running stance   

  • My partner hurt her little toe about 5 weeks ago. We think she has broken it, so have it strapped up as was advised by our local minor injuries unit. She is a fitness fanatic and has a VLM place for 2014. She can still run on it, but it remains painful, as you would expect, but what she doesn't know is what, if any on going damage she will do if she continues to run on it, given that she will put up with the pain if it will still heal. The obvious advice would be to rest it, but, what we don't know are what are the consequences if she tries to run through it. Will it never heal? Will it just take longer to heal or could she incur permanent damage or even trigger other issues. Could you help please. 

  • Hi - after taking up running 2 years ago and going on to complete several half marathons and marathons, i find myself with a stress fracture of the metatarsal in my right foot, done whilst running on the road...... having had a good run of it (not really had any time off and run at least 3 times a week) I now face time on the sidelines.. upto 12 weeks image

    any ideas on keeping my cardio levels up and weight off  (no arm bike) whilst I wear my space boot (luckily I am not in plaster cast)



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