Training for a marathon off the back of a marathoN

Hi all ,I will keep it brief ,I am running Edinburgh in the spring as my 3rd marathon but with it being a late marathon it is only 20 weeks before the Frankfurt marathon .with this in mind I don't want a plan that starts off nice and steady and builds up as I will have a good endurance base ,should I focus on different areas such as core work or just stick to a regular plan that takes me to sub 3


  • How much recovery time do you genuinely need to recover from Edinburgh? How well have you recovered previously? pfitzinger and Douglas "Advanced Marathoning" is a good read, and may help to answer your questions. They include 4 to 5 week post race plans that you could look at, and may help to ensure you recover completely before hitting the next training cycle
  • thanks for the info ,i will certainly need 3-4 weeks recovery with no running for about 2 weeks immediately after ,i will look at the advanced marothoning book

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