Are we obsessed with our body image?



  • Interesting article TallGal, I guess alot of people think their lives will be better if they were thinner. I've been fat, I've been thin, I've been in the middle and its hasn't made that much difference apart from it being very difficult to find nice clothes if you are fat.

    But most people always praise you if you look as though you have lost weight and admire this fact.
  • I suppose.

    But you don't live your life obsessed by thiness, do you? I'm very curious as to what will push a person to anorexia and bulimia.
  • anorexia and bulimia are two psychological problems I really don't know enough about to comment but I think they tend to be perfectionists.
  • So you don't think society's 'enforcement' on women to be a size 0 is to blame?
  • i think the pressure on women in the public eye to look a certain way does put some pressure on other women to look the same - i think it is worst when teenagers and younger become pressured into looking a certain way because they are missing out on so much by trying to squeeze themsleves into the identikit 'boxes' that are given as image role models

    im always interested to watch tv progs that use presenters like news - the women are often very attractive and look similar - whereas there are plenty of overweight and unattractive men reading the news etc -but women who are adjudged to be overweight or unnatractive get a lot of negative comments
  • anorexia and bulimia are different although they can start with a desire to change size and shape but are definitely serious psychological problems
  • Bulimia is nothing to do with size presures
    its a personality disorder thats a bit differet
    im drinking and spending to much
  • I agree with Bune there are alot of very thin women on TV which gives the idea this is normal.
  • So right about the old, overweight men!!!

    I'm yet to see an over-60 woman, looking every bit her age as a newscaster, that will be the day!!!

    Well, I want to lose weight, but anorexia???
    Could never happen to me.
  • youve probably got too strong a personality to fall into anorexia TG - i think anorexics have a lot of difficult issues going on that they can only manage thru an eating disorder

    having been borderline bulimic -i think self image can come into it - i ate to mange feelings - binges were a way of pushing away anxiety - and vomiting was a way of making sure that i didnt gain any more weight

    plug and purge
  • oh dear!!!

    What do you think about this one then? Apparently, men find larger women attractive. This is news to me.

    Big Lassws
  • tall
    thats old news!

    doesnt help at all though does it

  • one theory about why models tend to be thin is that most of the top designers are gay men who's designs would be more suited to young men's shape than womens and as the fashion industry leads (along with music, film and media) trends on the high street follow
  • one thing that really P155es me off is womens sports wear - the largest size most brands do tend s to be a 16 - but a skinny 16 -

    dont they think that bigger built women do sport at all - womens running gear is just as bad - not every woman who runs is built like Paula - youd think that an industry that is aimed at peeps who exercise to lose weight and get fitter would take into account the real sizes of the customers
  • Tell me about it. I had to make do with men's tracksuits for running till I lost a stone.
  • i still wear mens stuff o top

  • Even then, all the size 16 stuff happened to be labelled XL!!! I thought, 'damn, how thin does a gal have to be get a L?'
  • ive been XL for 10 years
  • And you do marathons more than any XL I know!!!
  • badly though
    this is clear
  • Benz, you finished on the same day!!! Plus you do more events than I would even dream of, don't put yourself down.

  • I'd just like to chip in that it's not just women that suffer from eating disorders and gyms are full of men not happy with their body image. Being fat is not just something which affects women it's just that men present the problem differently. Women's magazines have pages devoted to it but magazines for men which deal with it dress it up as "fitness" advice. All those "Men's Health" etc with six-pack stomachs all over the shop. They never have big articles on the fact that if you can see that level of definition then you are undernourished and have an unhealthy level of bodyfat. Women with six-packs are in an even poorer health situation. Athletes have the bodies they do because they need to cart them round at high speed over long distances. They are uber fit but also uber unhealthy.
  • Athletes are uber unhealthy? I've been an ahtlete all this time then!!!

    But tell me, Didge, if there were three women, all Elle McPhearson lookalikes facially, but one was very slim, one was slightly big and one was a real big lass, who would you go for?
  • Let me mention that all three happen to have the comedic wit of Dawn French and are nuclear physicists.
  • I agree with so much. The ideal of acceptable female beauty has changed immeasureably. Marilyn Monroe was size 16 and I believe Jane Mansfield was too. Would they even be considered WOMEN nowadays?

    There is a difference in the way men and women think. Men look at themselves in the mirror when they're 17. They stay looking that way for the rest of their lives; or they think they do.
    Women are never happy with their shapes. I have been size 10 and size 16 - I was a fat 10 and I'm a fat 16. Added to that, I'm 43. Now. I know beautiful size 16 43 year old women. I know women I envy who look better now than they did 15 years ago. I don't know any women who THINK they look better, or even as good, as they did 15 years ago.

    I am not a fan of Barbara Cartland, but one piece of advice she gave was that, since slim older women wrinkle, it is best to remain plump and greet gentleman callers sitting down.

    I am afraid I would love to be a size 10 again. Even with wrinkles
  • Same here, but at my height, size 10 is anorexic. So I'm going to be sensible and aim to stay between 12 and 16.
  • To echo Dodge, I think you can be healthy but not fit and vice versa or even both
    or not as the case might be:

    Healthy can be measured by:
    Reasonable weight and happy with it
    Reasonable fat content and again happy with it
    healthy blood cells and blood flow (measured with live blood analysis)
    Drinking loads of water
    Various other chemical measures which I can't think of, off the top of me head

    Being fit might mean:
    Ability to move your body over a distance very quickly using a mechanical device if required.
    You may not have a 'healthy' weight or fat content.
    Blood flow and blood cells should be good though
    Not sure about the other chemical levels.
  • I've noticed that RW seems to have slim attractive young ladies on the cover more often than it has any other sort of model.
  • hmmmmmm
    speed again

    no mention of endurance
    thoght that may not be "healthy"
  • Ditto attractive men on the cover.

    Not quite as bad on TV, but in films - again, Keanu, Brad etc.
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