Plantar Fascatis?

Hi all, Just wondering if anyone can help. Was out running recently and got abiut halfway through my normal route when I had to stop with really bad pain in my heel. Hobbled home thinking it would be alright the next day. That was eight weeks ago and its still bad! Tried the doc who reckoned it was just inflamed and take some paracetamol and rest. Thats not working though. Pain is in the back and base of my heel. Worse in the morning and when getting up from sitting at desk etc. Is it plantar fasciatis? I thought that was more in undersole. If not does anyone know what it is and more importantly how I can fix it? I just wany to get running again - missing my winter training! Thanks loads Dave


  • had a bout last year, I took some tablets that did nothing so resorted to stretching and using a spikey massage ball, you roll it along under your problem foot, and put pressure on it, it worked for me

  • David I am plagued by a very similar thing at the moment and have tried to research

    I tend to agree with you that the PF usually presents itself under the sole and mine does not feel particularly tight, my normal problems are achilles related and I am inclined to think that this may be the very bottom of the achilles at an insertion point

    The above said, most things are connected and I would be inclined to stretch both the plantar, the achilles and the calf taking care not to overload the achilles

    I have tried rest and anti inflams and am now on the voltarol gel which seems to help

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