Grizzly 2013

Does anyone have a place for the 2013 Grizzly they no longer need? One member of our team wasn't quite quick enough to get one and is gutted. Would obviously be happy to transfer the entry fee.


  • I have a place that I am no longer using as I have a club place at VLM so am concentrating on that.

    Let me know if you want it

    Cheers, Tim

  • hi bt1975 if thinker doesn't want your place i would gladly have it,please keep me informed 

    many thanks



  • Hi Sibbo

     I still have the place at the Grizzly going spare if you want it.

    Obviously Thinker hasn't responded to his original thread request and it would be a shame to let it go to waste, ( i felt obliged to give him some time to respond before getting back to you, I hope you don't mind).

     Not sure how you go about transferring the entry but I think its just a case of filling out a form on the Axe Valley Runners website.

     Let me know.



  • Tim,

    If you still have the place I would love to take it off you! Obviously I would pay you the fee. I was about 20 minutes late when the website went live! I'd be a very happy chap if you could help?



  • Place gone now.

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